1. sergio says

    honestly though, not saying violence is ever an answer but its so upsetting when someone tries to tell you what your sexual orientation is when you havent even figured it out yourself like irene did with stephen. she seemed way homophobic to me which is rarely addressed.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Whose real world? These people are ill. And who the hell was Irene? Was she evil to the gay guy(the Christian)? Well, the gay may have been punk enough to slap her, but that straight bastard would have raped and strangled her. Most straight men are such hyper-masculine, misogynistic, homophobic, violent jerks…well, some gays are too, I guess. Not me, I’d never slap a woman, but I’ll kill another queen.

  3. Buster says

    Andy. Oh, Andy. Really? You really did watch this show? Or even a clip from it? And you’re admitting it?

    Every little bit of ‘drama’ that has happened on any of these shows since about 1993 has been manufactured as part of the ongoing competition among the participants to keep their faces on air and to get invited back for various iterations of what has become a soap opera for morons.

    (Which is not to say I don’t tune in ocassionally. But admit it? Never.)

  4. says

    I remember watching this and thinking…he seriously just tossed her teddy bear in the water then slapped her?

    He was just pissed that she called him on something that was on national TV. He treated her like crap (from what they showed…makes for good TV) but his actions were not justified.

    I guess in the end, Irene was right…he was gay.

  5. LA DIVAFINA says

    I remember Stephen when we were teenagers in San Diego. He was out then, he was even the PRESIDENT of the Gay Youth Alliance. He marched in numerous Pride Parades. Then he went to Berkley and got on TV, said he was straight and slapped a silly girl. Now he’s gay again?

    I don’t get it..

  6. Griff says

    At the time being a closet case myself, I can tell you that was my absolute worst nightmare- for someone to expose something you feel such deep shame about, and at the same time using such a mocking tone, and with such distain…

    not only that, being outed on national tv? HORRIFIC.

  7. moto says

    i’m pretty sure stephen was very aware of his sexual orientation when his show was on. i’m from seattle and have a friend who used to kick it with stephen (and even hooked up with him) while he was filming the show here.

    he was delliberately acting “straight” on the show, and that’s the reason why irene called him out in that scene.

  8. Banjiboi says

    Memo to Stephen:

    Hon, I’m always nervous when someone confronts you – especially when it’s another guy. Yeah, you slapped Irene, which I kinda liked in the way that I’m glad it was YOU and not ME who slapped her.

    Anyhoo, it truly disturbs me that those macho dickheads think they could spew homophobic rants coupled with vague threats of violence, only to hear you say, “I’ll sue you”. Yeah that’s fine and all, but we’re talking about Z-list reality “stars”. Perhaps you meant you’ll sue MTV. Okay, now THAT might be all good for a few shillings, but really. Next time you’re compelled to show up at one of these reunion shows, do so only after you have taken up some serious kick boxing and perhaps some Tae Kwon Do. And then call their pseudo-macho bluff.

    Now that would be good TV.

  9. says

    im not surprised…homeboy was ‘HOW YOU DOIN?’ from day one.

    I was never convinced he was straight and had heard from many friends who were out there at the time of the show’s taping that he was hooking up with guys left and right….

    as for Nathan, i always thought he was suspect really. He was trying way to hard to be masculine on the show, and he and david were quite boring. the girls were more interesting that season as it was…

    and nathan looks HAGGARD…like, maybe somebody’s been dipping into the surgeon’s office al ittle too much? spending too much time with Ms. “TINA”? he looked rough–at 30.

    David–wow, wasn’t hot then and looked worse later.

    and, is it just me, but isn’t CT from Real World Paris itching to come out? another person who was always suspect. take that back..he’s dumb as hell….the gays dont want him! :)

    I watched the show and casually watched over the years due to was entertaining to watch a bunch of Z list starts fight for attention.

    but, it was more telling that those who stayed away (Pam and Judd, Mohammed, etc.) probably showed more class.

    But Eric Nies with a beard: HOT…i was waiting for him to strip down to nothing. but, he’s a life coach now? interesting…id still do him bent over the kitchen table all night.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    Amen, BANJIBOI. There was something bothering me about the straight guys macho posturing and Stephen’s response (if you want to call it a response).

    If you’re bad enough to slap women, then you better be bad enough to take on a macho straight prick. Although, there are far more straight guys who don’t adhere to that policy than gay guys.

  11. peterparker says

    I thought Nathan looked good…it was David who hasn’t aged so well…and Stephen, well, Stephen appears to still be an idiot…I loved how his boyfriend kept threatening to ‘pepper sauce’ the others. Classy.

  12. Another Matt says


    Yes, Nathan looks haggard and meth-faced, and very feminine. I always thought he was gay.

    David is somewhat attractive, but no taller than 5’6 in person.

    I know for a fact that CT is NOT gay.

    Stephen? Was a tool then, is a tool now.

  13. says

    Another Matt:

    I know CT isn’t gay but his idiotic hypermasculinity is just too fucking much. like really, tone it DOWN..A LOT.

    then again, you realize that’s all he has since he’s a complete dunderfuck with a limited vocabulary..

    yea david IS SHORT…i mean all of those guys are short…have you noticed that there hasn’t been too many real world guys OVER 5’11?

    nathan: totally meth faced, very fem-fresh, haggard, and looks like he needed a nice thick cock in his mouth…

    when he was younger, i would have given him some just to shut up him. now….im sorry bob barker looks BETTER than nathan…

    and stephen: DEFINITELY a TOOL. and his man looked like a greasy crackhead on the corner who robbed a low budget Men’s Warehouse store for the lone faux khaki suit…just bad all around.

    but pam and judd looked GREAT together and are totally still together all these years..judd’s comic is fantastic too!

  14. says

    In casting, Stephen was open about being gay, and that’s probably one of the reasons Bunim/Murray decided to put him on the show…because he was black and gay (and Jewish, but that was never a topic on the show either). All of the sudden, the cameras roll, and he’s like “well, I made the show, so now I can hide all that other stuff.” He’s still an asshat.

  15. Fredo777 says

    Cyndi, speak for yourself. I would never be so casual about someone being shot in the head, even if I disliked the person. I mean, seriously…

  16. Bill says

    Stephen is a douche. It doesn’t matter if he was “in the closet.” His behavior speaks for itself. People shouldn’t treat others the way he has. BTW. Hilarious, that Irene was right!!!! I’m sure she gets some satisfaction from that. It’s great that she didn’t go to that “egomaniac-fest.” Everyone at that party seemed like a tool.

  17. theo says

    Irene is a personal hero of mine. Stephen is/was a total bitch and hypocrite and SOOOO deserved to be outed.

    And don’t forget his arrests for prostitution and grand theft auto. He stole a Camry. Complete douchebag.

    And David set my loins ablaze during that season. That cheshire grin, those eyes and his accent? Sign me up.

  18. Whatever says

    I don’t condone what that asshole Stephen did because he was wrong, you simply don’t put your hands on a woman under any circumstances but I’m confused about all the animosity and anger David and Nathan have toward Stephen now ten years later. David and Nathan didn’t seem angry about the incident back then, after all they kept Stephen in the house and still talked to him! Why be mad about it ten years later? Although Stephen was wrong, Irene was too. Its not like she was some sweet and innocent angel herself. She started the whole thing. Its not really so much of the fact that Irene called him gay but its the sneaky and underhanded way she went about it. She asked to speak to him outside as though she had good intentions when she knew her intentions were cruel then outed him and laughed about it. It was almost as if she was trying to make this out of a comedy sketch or something. I guess she wanted to go out with a bang and she did literally. She was mental instiution crazy and should have never been on the show. David even said they both were wrong during the Real World Reunion in 2000 now hes trying to act as though she did no wrong, what a faker. I always figured Stephen was gay too but it wasn’t Irene’s place to out him, as he was still in the closet back then. That idiot CT needs shut the fuck up and get a life and a real job (how many rr/rw challeges is he gonna do) he has no place to confront anyone. He’s violent idiot himself and physically placed his hand on Adam during the RR Paris as well as the last challenge. I think he’s capable of putting his hands on a woman as well. Nathan looks a old, aging, hot ass mess like he could be somebody’s grandfather. There is no reason for a person in their thirties to look that tore up unless hes sick or something, maybe he is.

  19. chuy says

    Real World is so trashy and disgusting. I blame MTV for so much of our youth’s fucked up mentality. The only good Real World was the first one in NY and the SF one. The only good gay to come out of this series has been Pedro.

  20. Hephaestion says

    I’m just glad CT is no longer in Paris. Imagine what the French thought of Americans after meeting THAT lump of raging stupidity.
    I disagree with the comment that Pedro Zamora was the ONLY good gay on the Real World. Chris from Chicago was wonderful. Dan from Miami has turned into a great writer. The Irish gay guy in Paris was nice though MTV almost never showed him. And Danny from New Orleans was terrific. He became America’s Gay Sweetheart.

  21. John says

    The show has gone completely downhill. I haven’t kept up with the new seasons. But I do remember the older ones (Chicago and before) —

    I have to agree with the praise for Pedro putting a “face” on homosexuality and AIDS with dignity and courage. At the time (early 90s), it was very important for young people to see that.

    Chris was a neutered wuss. Tonya and Theo called him a sinner and faggot right to his face. And he just stared at them like a deer in headlights, and then ran off to Aneesa for help (who apparently took on the role of ‘Great Lesbian Protector’ that season). Chris, dude, you’re German (not French). Fight back already.

    I don’t know what to think about Dan. Just from the video, sometimes he seems like an OK person to hang around with. At other times though, he was an obnoxious bitch.

    Danny was drunk most of the time. He also cheated on his BF during the season. And he got his jizz all over the diary room. Nothing a little Lysol can’t cure, but it’s not exactly a Pedro moment there.

  22. steven says

    Mr.Stephen,he is honest.I saw his profile on website “LOVINGRICH COM” ,seeking for a BOYFRIEND.At that time i was confused , and i am clear now.

  23. Tyler Anthony says

    The last good Real World was Las Vegas

    But after the creators[Mary-Ellis Bunim & Jonathan Murray] of the Real World stopped producing, it went down hill and was all about finding pretty people to to have sex and get drunk.

    The first one NYC was the ultimate. That was the real world, real people with lives and careers and struggles.

    NYC LA San Francisco Miami (I couldn’t get into the one in London)Seatle Boston (Hawaii I hated)

    I think Irene asked for it. I don’t believe that people should be able to say whatever they want rudly and it’s ok. Word are powerful and the way Irene did it was humiliating. Even Stevens roomates who acted all self righteously laughed when they saw the video tape when Irene said what she said.

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