Steve Guttenberg and Jonathan Roberts Have a Man-on-Man Tango

There was also this bit from Adam Carolla, who thought his partner Julianne Hough’s “Sandy Duncan wig” and “Friar’s frock” were a bit too gay:

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  1. Brad says

    Actually, this is the way tango really should be done. Few people are aware that the tango really started as a dance between two MEN in the late 19th century in Buenos Aires. While waiting for prostitutes in brothels, men came up with this dance for one another, which only included women later.

    If you go to Buenos Aires today, on the street of Calle Florida in the city center, you’ll still see street performers doing the tango with two men.

    Here is a fun history I pulled up on this dance:

  2. Jeff says

    Thanks for the fun reading, Brad. I do love seeing two men dancing a tango.

    Here is a video of Cirque Du Soleil’s take on a male/male tango, from their show Zumanity:

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