Tom Ford for Hong Kong’s Prestige


A commenter in the earlier Marc Jacobs post snarked, where is the obligatory Tom Ford post? Since I don’t aim to disappoint, here you go. Ford shows off one of his holes for the latest issue of Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine. Hey, at least it’s not this look again.

And here’s the full interview to go along with it, along with one of the questions.

FordI’ve heard that you’re a hygiene fanatic who takes baths three times a day.

I take baths, yes, but it’s really nothing to do with hygiene. Sometimes at my ranch, I won’t bathe for three or four days. I take baths because when I’m in the city and working, I find it relaxing when I get up in the morning and need to wake up slowly. I’m not a great morning person, so I lie in a hot bathtub and just kind of come to life. Then I take a bath before I go out to dinner, as I’m exhausted by the day and I feel like I need to lie in that bathtub, so I can put on a crisp shirt and go out to dinner and then when I come home I want to lie in the bath and wash all the cigarette smoke off myself from wherever I’ve just been . . . and just relax enough so I can go to sleep . . . because I don’t sleep very well. So it isn’t a cleanliness thing. In fact, I think Americans are often too clean. And sometimes I don’t use soap when I take these baths. The goal isn’t to soap myself up and scrub everything off. It’s just to sort of lie in the hot water. It’s relaxation.


  1. ggreen says

    YAWN: what a world only Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs exist in. TowleRoad’s become a sophist paradise.

  2. kujhawker says

    Mr Owl, how many pics does it take to get to the center of Tom Ford’s media whore desires?

    I know it is damn more than three.

  3. says

    Andy, you never disappoint, that’s why I keep checking this page several times a day, love the updates on everything, except fatuous fashion bozos, of whom no one is more fatuous than the excruciating Tom Ford.

    Even upside down and close up, he’s a BORE.

  4. Dan says

    Douche: (doosh)


    1. A stream of water, often containing medicinal or cleansing agents, that is applied to a body part or cavity for hygienic or therapeutic purposes.
    2. An instrument for applying a douche.
    3. Tom Ford.

  5. echovic says

    Tired and stupid. The man is in his 50’s – its silly to try and be a pin-up at that age. I’m 36, perfectly good looking and fit and I would NEVER consider that sort of vanity – and I was a model till my late 20’s…

    Tom Ford needs to come up with a new marketing angle – the whole sex sells things is totally 90s and pre-internet porn makes him dated and boring. Those perfume bottle in crotch ads are just revolting, and this magazine cover is just dull and vain.

  6. John In Manhattan says

    Ford is an attractive openly gay man that makes nice clothes. Why the vitriol?

    Take Anderson Cooper’s cock out of your collective mouths and come up for air.

  7. says

    When did this CRAP become NEWS or interesting? Who the hell does Ford (or anybody else) think he is that anybody gives a shit about his personal hygiene regiment?!?

    Is he that sad and desperate for attention that he’ll talk about any asinine thing that these moronic English major that now call themselves journalists?

    Am I the only one that’s sick and tired of ready this kind of stuff from insecure, sad gay men dealing with their mid-life crises by giving interviews about their ass hairs to prove how young and “relevant” they are? It just makes me sad for this country and especially for the gay community…

  8. says

    somehow i doubt insecurity is Ford’s diagnosis.

    If only it had more product mentions, that paragraph about bathing could’ve been lifted from Patrick Bateman.

  9. says

    What’s up with all the bitches?
    Must got a hair up their arse.
    So I’m interested in Tom Ford because he has accomplished much in his life. Never heard of any of you. Besides, we don’t all have to think alike. It’s only one post…move on.

  10. Arunz says

    Sometimes I really love Tom Ford. I truly enjoy some of his refreshingly frank comments, and obv. he’s earned his status as a fashion god.

    Other times, I wonder if he’s an undiagnosed alcoholic with way too much time of his hands to talk to magazines, about his bathing habits or other inane trivia. He really seems, sometimes, like the most superficial gay on the face of the Earth.

    I truly pray he doesn’t have kids, as threatened. I can’t see him gettting over his immense vanity and self-absorbption. Just because he CAN doesn’t mean he SHOULD.

    He seems about an inch deep. Whatever happened to that fabulous career as a movie director he always talked about?

    Frankly, he’s lived the fabulous life to the fullest yet seems miserable, and kind of pathetic.

  11. Chad says

    Hate him, and his stuff is total shit. You can buy much better stuff. Better designed, better quality, and at better prices. He is awful. I’m sick of hearing about him. I wish he’d leave the country (or drop dead).

  12. Tom says

    Witchy, bitchy, hateful comments…

    Chad even wished he’d even drop dead…

    Can we ban these haters?

  13. James P says

    I’ve always thought of him as the male version of the Duchess of York: boring, utterly self absorbed, and monstrously vulgar. With advertising that’s so beyond crass, it’s rancid.

  14. Andalusian Dog says

    Tom Ford is a HOT, HOT man. Please do not listen to these other clearly insane (and probably straight) men, Andy. 40, 50, 100, I don’t care how old or how weird or how inane he is. Please continue to post nearly nude photographs of this man as often as possible.

    My one suggestion: if you wish, please discontinue reprinting what he says in interviews. When I read them, I can feel my brains turning into scrambled eggs. Or at least print a disclaimer to the effect of: “WARNING: YOUR BRAINS WILL TURN INTO SCRAMBLED EGGS IF YOU READ THIS.” Thanks.