1. RB says

    I wonder if anyone will admit that it was the economic plan of President Bill Clinton that deregulated the banking industry and urged banks to write the mortgages to people that should never had one! His economic policy began the “mortgage crisis” and now Hillary wants to pick up the pieces at 3am by not only rolling back the tax cuts, but increasing taxes DOUBLE the amount of the roll back.

    Remember, Bush’s tax cuts affected every American regardless of financial level so when the tax cuts are ended, EVERY AMERICAN will face tax increases! And with the help of Hillary, will pay double. I suppose it took a Clinton to create our mess and it will take a Clinton to worsen it.

    Bottom line, banking deregulation created the mortgage crisis, banks got greedy and wrote loans to peolple that should never have had one and we should NOT be required to bail them out! No one should ever get an interest only loan for $500,000 and not expect the payment to increase in three years! These loans were designed for investors, NOT home owners.

    Where is the individual’s responsibility? Why do we think that the government should bail anyone out? Buy what you can afford, period!!!

  2. realitythink says

    Low production value and retread of old commercial except the reediting of the girl because the original one (who is grown up now) not only supports Obama but has become a precinct captain for his campaign.

    Can we say desperate? Hillary is out of money and ideas.

    It’s sad and pathetic because now she and Bill are hurting the Democratic party and ruining their own reputations.

    And who the hell is going to call the President about the economy at 3AM? It’s a stupid premise.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    I hear ya’, THE QUEEN. It’s 3a.m in Philly, and after finishing off almost a fifth of Old GrandDad, I am Margo Channing watching All About Eve.

    The Hillary Clinton Campaign is in its final days. She’ll continue to be a great senator.

  4. JJ says

    Ms. Thing needs to get her Ambien prescription refilled or try masturbating or something. Up at 3am, fully dressed in a suit, make up and jewelry. If she’s going to be president, she should really get a handle on her sleep disorder.

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    “What a story! Everything but the bloodhounds snappin’ at her rear end.”

    And, more appropriately:

    “Funny business, a woman’s career, the things you drop on the way up the ladder so you can move faster. You forget you’ll need them again when you get back to being a woman. It’s one career all females have in common – being a woman. Sooner or later we’ve got to work at it no matter how many other careers we’ve had or wanted. And in the last analysis nothing is any good unless you can look up just before dinner or turn around in bed and there he is. Without that you’re not a woman. You’re something with a French provincial office or a book full of clippings but you’re not a woman. Slow curtain, the end.”

    You girls. HAHAHAHAHA!

    It’s not 3AM, but I sure am thirsty…for blood. Time for a new ad company and campaign manager, Hillary. That 3AM bit was funny back when it was a book cover in the late 70s. Or was it a movie poster? I can’t remember really, but I DO KNOW it’s that friggin’ old and hardly clever. Pathetic.

  6. Sebastian says

    3 AM and she is up of course, waiting for her man to get home from a night out at the strip club or where it is that straight men go looking for women.

  7. Derrick from Philly says


    FIZZIE, I believe you’ve actually memorized the lines from the movie, or atleast Margo’s lines. And you never did answer SEBASTIAN’s question from over a month ago, “what’s the meaning of you posting name.?”

    I could never disrespect Hillary Clinton. She’s brilliant & tough, but, again, the party has spoken. Obama’s even gaining here in Pennsylvania. She can stay in until July, but the party leaders have made it clear: Barack Obama will be the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in 2008. Aint as great as winning the Sarah Siddens’ Award, but we can always place that award where John McCain’s heart ought ot be.

  8. rudy says

    I could never understand why gay men are supporting HRC. She appeals to (and her target demographic) is: older, white (and initially Hispanic), low income women with low levels of education who are predominantly practicing Roman Catholic. What do gay men share in common with that grouping? I find it well nigh impossible to draw that Venn diagram.

    Moreover, her claim to “experience” is based almost exclusively upon her marriage to a former governor and President who was impeached (but not convicted) and subsequently disbarred from practising his legal profession. That alone should be offensive to those who have prevailed against gender or sexual orientation biases and have earned their career achievements on their own merits.

    In contrast, HRC has mismanaged those activities for which she has been solely or primarily responsible: her marriage, health care reform, and the current campaign. It is all too clear from parsing her record that when a decision comes down to whether it would benefit herself or some constituent group–including her own political party–she always chooses herself over anything or anyone else. She also has trouble with truth; it appears she too took Mama Clinton’s advice to Bill to heart: “The truth is whatever you want it to be.” Can we endure a replay of situations such as miraculously re-appearing law firm records (with notable omissions) in HRC’s private quarters or commodity futures profits based on “reading the Wall Street Journal” when the WSJ did not even cover the commodities market regularly at that time?

    It mystifies me. It is not as if she is a charming or caring person (cf. Bill), that is, a natural politician. The best her supporters suggest in her defence is that she is “tough” or will never admit a mistake or defeat, unless forced to by overwhelming evidence, e.g., the blue dress, the video tape(s), and the scheduling logs.

    I can understand someone voting for HRC were she to become the nominee (all but impossible at this point in the campaign without destroying the party) because the selection of replacement justices for the Supremes is of paramount importance. How can a gay man, however, select her as his first choice?

    She talks the talk but she has never walked the walk for or with us. Why are gays or our issues not mentioned in either her or Bill’s exhaustive memoirs? She is also such a polarizing figure (whose negatives have gone UP from the consistent baseline of 40% as she has campaigned) that even were she to be elected, she would not be able to get any legislation passed. All the Repubs and half the Dems would vote against anything she proposed or supported simply because it would be she who would be the proponent. The nation would be faced with four years of repeated health care reform style debacles.

    That alone should persuade any voter who supports her positions to vote for Obama because their agenda differ very little, yet he is more likely to be able to carry some proposals into policy and law.

  9. BrokebackBob says

    It’s 3am and the phone is ringing in the
    White House and Obama STILL doesn’t have
    any concrete plans to fix the damage the
    worst presidency in U.S. history has
    done, but by golly he’s got hope and not
    a nanobyte of experience in the zoo that
    is Washington. Love her or hate her, Hilary’s
    got -everybody’s- number in Washington, so
    look out previous administration, you’re
    toast. Obama, God love him, would be torn
    to shreds by all those white-bread meat-eaters; they’ll break their dental work on Hilary. Obama for vice president,
    much much better and even more history-making. Those two together would rock! McCain unfortunately is damaged goods; no one can survive the kind of torture he was subjected to and be fit for the U.S. presidency. Terrible, but true.

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