1. Nathan says

    i disagree with his stance on gay marriage, but…um, what does that have to do with him hanging out in west hollywood? not supporting gay marriage has nothing to do with not wanting to be around gay people. The ‘reporter’ couldn’t make an argument to save her life.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Is it “normal” for Zsa Zsa to have eight husbands.

    There are a lot of Germanic sounding accents taking over the place lately. I wish Dietrich were still alive.

  3. crispy says

    Isn’t he the same guy who claimed to have fathered Anna Nicole Smith’s baby? Somebody’s coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “was still alive” And Zsa Zsa had nine husbands (googled her). She was also Jewish by ancestry. Another Jewish movie sex symbol…you never know. But then why is she married to that Hun sounding anti-gay Nazi?

  5. voet says

    I for one do not aspire to be normal. I prefer to be outstanding!

    Out and still standing in Michigan

  6. says

    Hey Nathan…they are commenting on the fact that he’s a well know Weho troll. When he was still allowed in the 24 Hour Sport across the street from the gay starbucks, I would see him lurking in the wet area when I started my workout and he’d still be there when I was done. So this anti-gay perspective is coming from a less than subtle closet case!

  7. says

    Well if celibate men in pointy hats praying in Latin can set the standard for “natural” …

    @Voet, Love that comment.

  8. FizziekruntNT says

    Since when is Zsa Zsa’s dinosaur husband of any interest to gay marriage advocates? The reporter was obviously making a nonsensical stink with a non-entity and unless Prince Frederic is making and influencing Federal affairs and the policies of the U. S. Government, then no matter how well or ill-intentioned the “reporter” was, that kind of badgering is going to bite her in the ass some day.

    I don’t hear anyone crying “VICTIM! VICTIME!” because an old man doesn’t think gay marriage is “normal” and if the prince wants to smoke a high-priced turd at the WeHo Starbucks, who gives a fuck? He’s paying money to feed the Starbucks monster just like everyone else. Sister needs to spend her time more wisely and go shake a long crooked finger in D.C. at the pricks that sign institutionlized discriminatory practices into law. Prince Who?

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    You’re right, FIZZIEKRUNTNT. Let Zsa Zsa and her old old man Viagra it up! I’m still thrilled that the Gabor girls were Jewish…in the tradition of Theda Bara and Mae West and Harvey Firestein.

  10. dw314 says

    c’mon ladies, the guys always good for a laugh! he’s married to zsa zsa (read her book it’s a rollicking good time!),he claimed to have bedded anna nicole (great injecting himself into a scandal),he was found handcuffed naked in his rolls!(c’mon thats good!), he is always dressed amazingly well (saw an interview with him in a blazer, pressed shorts and fab loafers), and he’s never afraid to stir up some shit. wish more celebs were like him! god i miss sean young.

  11. says

    The Fake Prince (as Zsa’s daughter Francesca invariably — and accurately — calls him) is a favorite target of Harvey Levin and his gang of boys.

    And if you know anything at all about Harvey, needling Zsa Zsa’s “walker” about matters gay is most certainly understandable.

  12. Uno Raamat says

    Leave the guy alone. (The clip is reminiscent of Michael Moore ambushing Charleton Heston.) Who cares what he thinks is “normal”? There are bigger fish to fry, namely a certain older gentleman who has a fetish for white silk frocks and red Prada slippers.

  13. Sebastian says

    Gay Starbucks in West Ho? I never once have thought of it as a “gay” one, just as run of the mill as all the rest of them out there. LOL, too funny, that area has many non-gay residents who live there and thousands drive down that street every hour, and, its quite easy to stop in and grab a coffee and read a gay publication, hardly makes you gay, until its twisted to make being gay something wrong, by someone who is here mooching off of a old, senile woman while wearing a fake crown/tiarra, bleech.

  14. Christopher says

    “I’m still thrilled that the Gabor girls were Jewish…”

    Um, no, they are Catholic. Check your facts.

  15. Derrick from Philly says


    I wouldn’t have written it if I hadn’t checked my facts. Look up Jolie Gabor’s ancestry.
    Their mother, Jolie, was descended from Hungarian Jews. In the Jewish religion and culture, if your mother is Jewish then you are Jewish, and there aint a damn thing the Pope can do about it. And that means daughter Francesca is Jewish–whether she likes it or not. I like most Jewish people I’ve met, so I like discovering new Jews.

  16. Derrick from Philly says


    To be a little more serious, I have a fascination with famous figures “passing” for something that is more socially acceptable in the society they live. Famous people who “pass” for Christian when they have a Jewish matrilineal line, or white folks who know they have black ancestors. This stuff interests me. I was told today that Elvis Presley’s great-grandmother was Jewish. I was stunned, and then pleased.

    Famous people shouldn’t have to hide the fact that they have black or Jewish ancestry…should then, now?

  17. EuroBoy says

    That’s interesting – I spotted him a few years ago at the gay bar Pulse in Frankfurt, Germany with 2 or 3 hot twinks.

  18. TJ says

    This disgusting old fucks hangs out in the steam room at crunch ALL the time he is always in there will all that jewelry in ogling the other naked guys and makes it more than obvious …..everytime he comes in people walk out and he just follows them into the sauna doesnt he get a clue????

  19. Martin says

    He is not real nobility. He is “adopted” and paid for the title and since then he more important than ever…

  20. Vi Agara says

    THe only thing I found uncomfortable is that TMZ makes gay sound like an affliction in the way they address it to this old fart. Who really cares and why that he is interested in men? Most men, its been proven, are sexually attracted to other men. A lot of those are against gay marriage. Usually those that are older and grew up in different times. I believe the culture as a whole needs to accept its homosexuality. The omnipresent homosexuality that exists in the majority of the population needs to be dealt with now. Everyone needs to come to terms with it now. This is the only way for this insidious cultural mental illness based upon the repression of homoerotic needs and feelings to be cured. We are in the homosexual Victorian age and I call for it to end.

  21. jeff says

    I see him at the Gay Starbucks all the time–and yes, it is a gay starbucks, it is at the epicenter of the gayest part of the gayest city in the country: West Hollywood.
    He sits outside and poisons the air with his putrid cigars and ogles the boys. He is a big ole closeted queen and a fucking hypocrite. He could smoke cigars at any coffee house with outdoor seating in LA–there are hundreds of them–and yet he just HAS to stake out his spot at the one place that has more gay, (I mean “abnormal”) patrons then any other cafe in L.A. He SHOULD be questioned about why it is somehow ok for him to have gay sex but be against gay marriage. I am glad the reporter did that. Good for her.

  22. anonymous says

    After he finished his lunch at the Ivy’s, he goes to the Gay Starbucks in West Hollywood, CA. in the afternoon everyday. He like to sit outside and smoke his cigar. Then he goes the grocery store, Bristol Farms and shop there. He goes home to his wife in Bel Air, CA. That what he does just about everyday.

  23. Josh says

    It is hypocritical that he, of all people, would say that it’s not normal. He hangs out at the starbucks across from 24 hour fitness-and hits on random guys and then goes over to 24 hour fitness and he just lurks around hitting on guys-I have been in the sauna with him and he is creepy and he has hit on myself and on my old roomate-who is a man-and yes he smokes cigars at starbucks and arrives in his rolls royce.

  24. Brad says

    Nobody would care about what he said, but many of us in the area have had interactions with him-and he always hits on the youngest guys-and its obvious that its a sexual thing. That’s why the not normal comment comes across as so hypocritical. The starbucks and the 24 hour fitness across the street are well known gay pick up spots-just ask the employees. I would see him there almost daily doing the same things and hitting on the same kinds of guys-and he wasn’t subtle.