1. Deschanel says

    I appreciate what the guy’s trying to do, and the logistical difficulties of making the photographs. It’s not easy.

    But in the end, to me it’s : so what? Innumerable anonymous naked bodies doesn’t inspire me, there’s no beauty in the pictures. It reminds me more of terrible images of WW2, bodies stacked like firewood. There’s something dehumanizing and impersonal in his pictures, I think the media-stunt aspect is most important to this photographer.

    The pictures only make me think , what a gawky bunch of hairless apes humans are, pale and sunburned, in these very shallow and boring photos. Just MHO.

  2. Arundel says

    “Tunick said he hoped to capture “the spirit of sports, the grand sweeping waves of stadium architecture and the abstract relation of the human form to modern structures.”

    Well he certainly fails at this. Sports (especially sexy ones like soccer) thrive on personality, vitality, individuality. Which are the opposite of his cold, inert photos. The people seem way more dead than alive in them. Fancy rubbish talk, really. He gets press for his mass nudity stagings, that seems to be the main point.

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