1. Michael says

    This is a hoot. I only wish it included some obviously gay pairings, as well as someone waking up from a threesome. And I wish I had had a crowd accompanying me on the walks of shame I’ve taken.
    It was filmed at one of the most charming and photogenic intersections of NY’s West Village, where so much movie, tv and ad production takes place: where right-angled Commerce Street intersects with Barrow Street, between Bedford and Hudson Streets. The hot-dog stand is right at the corner, and the walk of shame is moving eastward on Barrow toward Beford — within a short walking distance of the Perry Street block which provide the exterior shots of Carrie’s street and townhouse stoop. Even closer is the Bedford Street intersection that provided the exterior shot of the apartment building on Friends.

  2. Wes says

    I like the “cannot find your shoe and your hair smells like a bar” girl the best.

    I’ve been seeing this on TV a lot lately, actually.

  3. Chad says

    LOVE it! Hilarious. I’ve taken that walk so many times I can’t even remember, lost so many clothes, gone to work in the same outfit the next day, been lost cause I didn’t know where I was, yadda yadda.

    This commercial was written for me, sad to say (yeah, that I’m a cute slut with substance abuse issues). I’m bookmarking that one!

  4. Chris in MN says

    While there were no obviously gay pairings, there was at least one apparently gay guy. The striped tight pants, tight black scoop neck shirt, earrings and I’m thinking a dog collar or something around his neck.

  5. Patrick W. says

    I don’t think the guy in the collar and striped pants is supposed to be gay based on the lyrics he has…”…went to a theme party…”

    Looks like the theme was androgynous punk rocker. 😉

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