1. Mark from Chicago says

    For a majority of guys, the originals have the hotter guys but a minority of us, James is the preferred hottie!!!! I would love to see more of James any day

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    are you actually saying that you would prefer the midnight company of James (above) rather than the Italian dancer kid in the thread just below this one? Well, Mark, you must truly believe that depth of character and inner beauty are more important attributes than physical male beauty. Unless, you actually believe that James is sexually beautiful! Oh, my Lord.

    Chicago folks must be different–y’all see beauty in the most unusual places…must be the Richard Daley effect.

  3. Sloan says

    By the way, James Corden is the guy who kissed Daniel Radcliffe at that awards show a few months ago. Also, Derrick, it’s not just a lot of gay dudes who find James Corden hot (that Italian stripper-dancer does nothing for me). The British tabloids are linking him romantically to Lily Allen, although it’s more likely that they’re just BFFs.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    let’s trade locations. You take Philly with our cheese steak eaters. I’ll take Southern Cal with all your handsome YOUNG studs trying to get into the movies.

    If I’m going to fantasize, honey, I’m going to go for the gusto! Arrivederci!

  5. Paul R says

    God, I remember just staring at that Herb Ritts photo endlessly in high school.

    Speaking of unattainable bodies, has anyone seen the cover of this month’s Genre (which I don’t subscribe to, but they keep sending to me anyway because of my gay zip code)? The guy has a ridiculously perfect body, to the point that I suspect Photoshop, but his face has this bizarre sneer that is disturbing and very unattractive.

    So I turned the magazine upside down and for the first time saw that Absolut ad with a ruler where every inch marking is “8” and the text says, “In an Absolut World…” Very clever gay ad, I thought.

  6. Landon Bryce says


    You don’t have to be attracted to James, but you shock and dismay that anyone finds us fat people attractive is disappointing. And somewhat bigoted.

  7. Chad says

    OMG, those photos are disgusting. As someone who works out almost daily, is in great shape and prefer my men the same way, I find those pictures quite gross. I can’t believe anyone gets turned on by them, but then again, there are people who have sex with dead bodies, so I’ll believe anything.

    I know there are people who actually can’t help being fat, but today, with as many drugs as there are, psychological help, surgeries, etc., there really isn’t any excuse not to look good. C’mon, who doesn’t want to wear Dior Homme? And you certainly can’t if you’re a tub of lard! Shallow? maybe, but I happen to believe you CAN have it all.

  8. Derrick from Philly says


    The fact that you find this thread and my remarks serious is disappointing. And somewhat silly.

    Do you believe the creators of the photos with James (whatever) were really making some serious statement about how shallow many of us can be about ideals of physical beauty? It’s possible, but unlikely. He’s a comedian, aint he? The photos were made to make people laugh.

    And I wasn’t shocked or dismayed that some of you found James attractive. This “bigot” doesn’t take such shit seriously.

    Wonder did y’all speak up for Kathy Bates in her nude scene stepping into the jacuzzi with Jack Nicholson? No.

  9. Landon Bryce says


    How is the following not an expression of shock and dismay:

    “Unless, you actually believe that James is sexually beautiful! Oh, my Lord.”

    I have certainly spoken to people who have called Bates “disgusting” in my presence. I don’t find any kind of bigotry cute and funny. Not racism, not homophobia, not misogyny, not anti-fat bigotry.

    Saying that fat people can only get laid by hiring prostitutes is a nasty, bigoted remark, and certainly inappropriate in someone who is so concerned about the judgments other people make based on the way people look. It’s not as nasty as calling us “beached whales” or thanking God that we are usually clothed, but it certainly displays a type of bias which is much more common and much more damaging in the gay community than racism.

  10. anon says

    These photos are for comedic effect, so some of these comments are a bit silly. Derrick, you really opened a can of worms.

    Now, from the world of irony, my very heavy ex was only interested in gym bunnies. It was his particularly mountain to climb.

  11. Derrick from Philly says


    “shock and dismay” NO! Tongue in cheek. Fat people gotta’ right to love and be loved too.

    You equate chubby prejudice in the gay community to racism…said it may be a greater problem. Well, then, just like racism that prejudice against fat in the gay world aint going no where.

    From the statues of Ancient Greece to the wooden figurines from African cultures to contemporary photo images of David Beckham and Mario Lopez, our cultures: Western, African, most Asian (that I know of) have admired masculine beauty that is youthful and muscular.

    There are many of us who do not see great beauty in the mirror. Hell, you sure aint gonna’ see me on no damn beach in a swimsuit any time soon–probably never again, because I’m realistic about what folks think is pretty. The visual artists who created those photos, and the comic artist who posed for them, knew exactly what the public’s reaction would be: laughter.

    This does not mean that there aren’t people who appreciate heavy men or very thin men. Love whoever the hell you want to.

    It is callous, stupid and cruel to deliberately hurt heavy folks’ feelings, but WHY, oh WHY would one want to subject one’s self to such ridicule by posing half naked when you know you got enough waistline to fit 3 men?

    Some people work very hard to get the kind of bodies we see on Beckham, Lopez, Reggie Bush, Marcus Patrick, Channing Tatum, etc. THey work hard to achieve what they look like, and their accomplishment gives pleasure to many of us. They are walking works of art.

    Now, I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings, and I don’t want mine hurt. That’s why if I don’t loose some of this flab around my middle, I will never have the GUTS to be seen anywhere without clothes– for any reason! As Mammy said to Miss Scarlett, “…it aint fittin’…it just aint fittin’.”

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    And another thing: my not-as-clever-as-I-thought comment about “prostitutes” was prompted by the second photograph–the one with James holding the tires. Do you really think that person in that photo is making themselves look attractive to anyone for a possible caring relationship? Fuck no! Absolute “john” material– the kind looking for discount prices. Hell, they made James look like the the kinda’ junkyard bastards who say, ” I aint never votin’ for Obama!”

  13. says

    The comments above from Derrick and Chad place a huge spotlight on the ignorant, dysmorphic, self-hating body issues the “gay community” has become synonymous with. My favorite part is Chad’s justification: everyone wants to be skinny so they can wear Dior! Wait, and Dior doesn’t make clothes above little boy sizes because…

    Andy, if you’re reading this, take note– you have the opportunity to change attitudes in the pictures that you post. We don’t have to be trapped in a feedback loop of body-fascist homogeneity.

  14. Landon Bryce says


    Your comments were cruel and hurtful, whether you intended them to be or not. And you keep it up! Now fat people are not only unattractive, but racists who would never vote for Obama. Note that you praise
    Obama for being skinny with depressing regularity as well.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “…dysmorphic”? Speak Anglish, man! Sounds like something out of “Aliens”.

    Well, I guess Michelangelo was ignorant, DISMORPHIC, and self-hating too…well, he was a homo though.

    “body facists” WTF? Well, we may be facists, but we aint gonna’ start throwin’ hefty guys into no concentration camps.

    Derrick and Chad….oh, please. Derrick and Chad and 90% of the population of the Earth.

  16. Labia Minora-Majora says


    I think it’s funny that you do this to get a response from these guys…and it works! Morons huh?? It’s easier work than wagging a dick thru a gloryhole. hehe

    Keep up the good work!

    Um yeah…what Derrick said!!!

  17. says

    100 years ago, “90% of the Earth” would have said the same simple-minded things about homosexuality: it’s unnatural, unhealthy, and reviling. “Gee, why would anyone want to have sex with a man?! Since the dawn of time, we’ve always celebrated the beauty of the female figure!”

    By the way, I’m really impressed by your spelling skills. If only your superior intellect allowed you to look at things in a less close-minded way.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    I can’t sign off feeling this way. Look, obviously, I still have a lot to learn about other groups of folks who feel oppressed and mistreated–groups that aren’t normally viewed as oppressed.

    I apologize to anyone who was PERSONALLY offended by my comments. I just feel that we need to keep a realistic view about what popular culture, and even many serious artists consider “male physical beauty”. Neither me nor most people in this world can fulfull those expectations–but some can, and they are a pleasure to behold.

    I did not know this thread would get serious.

    Well, it’s just what Mr Williams said through his character Miss Dubois, “…physical beauty is a transitory possession…”

    Yeeeeah, girl, that’s why you better enjoy it while you can.

  19. crispy says

    Weak analogy, Graham.

    Homosexuality has been around for thousands and thousands of years, probably since the dawn of man. Science has nearly proven that a genetic predisposition exists and people are born gay.

    Fat people, on the other hand, are a relatively new occurrence thanks to the advent of cars, potato chips, and Xbox. No one is born fat. And science has routinely proven that fat is just not bad for you, it will kill you.

  20. says

    How silly of me, I completely forgot that fat people never existed until the invention of the automobile.

    Throughout history, fat has often been considered a desirable trait, associated with wealth, strength, and fertility. Quoting Wikipedia on attitudes towards obesity in early modern European society: “it came to serve more as a visible signifier of ‘lust for life’, appetite, and immersion in the realm of the erotic.”

    But that’s probably just because of too much Xbox exposure.

    I don’t think it is a weak analogy. I think it’s ironic to see the commenters in this post get so riled up about the concept of fat people being attractive, trying to discredit the very notion with the same sort of anecdotal rethoric as the Christian Right will use against homosexuality, claiming common sense, majority opinion, etc.

    But I understand where that comes from, and I don’t put the blame wholly on those who are high-fiving each other in these comments, proud that they’ve driven the point home that fat people aren’t attractive (as if it’s an objective fact). No, the blame lies on a culture that promotes the worship of skinny gym bunny musclequeens. How can people like Derrick feel anything but threatened when they see something like these James Corden photos– they’re completely contradictory to the notion of what can fall within the realm of physical attraction. If I had devoted my life to working out and trying to look like David Beckham, I’d be angry too.

  21. Landon Bryce says


    “Fat” is one of the older words in the English language, going back at least a thousand years to Old English and likely before. “Homosexual” was coined in about 1890. I think that speaks to the ludicrousness of your argument.

    What has changed is the prevalence of and the associations with obesity. Beauty is largely about status: when food supplies were low and only the powerful could be fat, it was seen as a sign of beauty. In the 20th century, as food supplies grew and it became more difficult to be thin, that became the favored look. The under 10% body fat look was not seen as beautiful until the 1960s: Marilyn Monroe would be a plus size model today. The idea that fat men are unattractive to the point of being grotesque is even more recent.

    However, I do not mean to say that it’s good to be fat. One of the reasons why fat is seen as unattractive now is that we know more about the health risks associated with obesity. I do not consider obesity to be an innate trait. I regard my own obesity as my own fault and the result of failures in my own character.

    That does not mean that it’s okay to be cruel to fat people, to call us disgusting, or to express disbelief that someone else might be attracted to us.

  22. NubianGoddez says

    He’s sexy as hell, in fact my man looks just like him only taller and blacker wayyyyyyyy blacker. I like a man with some meat on his bones. I’m loving that shot where he posed like Beckham classic!!! hell yeah I would tap that ass.

  23. says

    This thread is the perfect example of how oppressed people need to find another group to put down to make themselves feel better for whatever oppression they’ve experienced themselves. A large portion of the gay community has always chosen others’ looks to put down or mock. If any person expects to be treated with respect and acceptance, perhaps you should give out what you expect to get from others. If not, you’re do different than the fundy who hates gay people. The beauty of the human race is its diversity in races, culture, looks, hair color, body types, gender, age, etc, etc. We aren’t made from a single cookie cutter and we all have our own different tastes and aesthetics. Thank god for that.

  24. Robert says

    As someone who half a life ago, in high school, was bulimic and borderline anorexic, and who had trouble enjoying sex for years because I thought I was fat (I wasn’t), this coversation is very disturbing.

    Can we all just accept that fact that fat people are attractive to some people, that models and Beckham-types are attractive to more people, and that individual preferences are just that? It’s no different that preferences for twinks or bears, certain races or others, or even certain hair colors. (I like blonds—but I don’t expect everyone to.)

    I’ve come to terms with my body type, don’t consider obesity a moral failing, and try to stay in reasonable shape without being obsessed (I would never have a scale in my house). I think Derrick may have misspoken, because I know he has a good heart. I think Chad needs to reevaluate what’s important in life. And I think that overweight people should either accept themselves or go on a diet, if only for health reasons—whatever works better for them. But those are all personal decisions. Get it? Personal. “Live and let live” shouldn’t be a difficult concept for the LGBT community.

  25. pearly says

    “I know there are people who actually can’t help being fat, but today, with as many drugs as there are, psychological help, surgeries, etc., there really isn’t any excuse not to look good. C’mon, who doesn’t want to wear Dior Homme? And you certainly can’t if you’re a tub of lard! Shallow? maybe, but I happen to believe you CAN have it all.”

    YOU are a smug brainwashed twat. Go eat a burger and stfu.

  26. says

    “And you certainly can’t if you’re a tub of lard! Shallow? maybe, but I happen to believe you CAN have it all.”

    But you don’t have it all. You have absolutely no character and lack any sense of decency. While you may be happy with your life at the moment, lacking these two qualities will drive people away from you as you get older. Oh, and you will get older…faster than you can even imagine. You’ll be an old and lonely man wondering what happened to all the “beautiful” people who were once around you. They would have gotten older too, but when the looks go and you still have inner beauty…you will never be alone.

  27. Steven says

    Okay – soooo I’m really shallow here. I’m curious if Mr. Corden really has the goods in his jockstrap or has that been stuffed or retouched also?

    On a personal level — the man is hot. You can see it in his face. Ciao.

  28. Chad says

    WTF? I stand by what I said. I’m hot. I get lots of attention, but I still have to work out, and yes, I can still wear boy’s sizes (hence my love of Dior Homme).

    “You have absolutely no character and lack any sense of decency. While you may be happy with your life at the moment” — yes, I AM happy with my life right now, mainly because I’ve worked HARD to overcome some very difficult obstacles. And YES, I’ve gone to bed with fat men before (when I was a paid whore), and was disgusted. Maybe that’s my hangup. “Decency?” – maybe not, but I’m still working on it.

  29. MNCrash says

    This, this thread right proves to me that the gay community is no better than the Christian “right” in its condemnation of people who do not have the “perfect” body, the “perfect” job, and those people who actually have lives to live, and can not spend 12 hours a week at the gym. I am so f-ing sick and tired of all the f-ing bullsh!t that all you venom spewing body nazi assholes keep sending into the world. If you are not personally attracted to a chubby guy, then shut the fucking hell up. Do not tell a guy that is fat that “all it takes is will power” because you have no fucking clue what the hell you are talking about. There is more th people being fat than just lazyness. There is genetics, depression and whole slew of enviromental factors that are just now being explored. So, while yes, a nice tight body is prety to look at, it will fade, and just like some others have posted about, looks do fade, and if your inner self is ugly, but your outerself is prety, than you will be ugly.
    Sorry, as a chubby guy, I am so sick of reading the venom that is spewed by some of the neo-facist body nazi’s in/on this site.

  30. Non says

    Individuals who think that fat people are attractive are actually exhibiting matching behaviours — in other words, they match themselves to who they think they can get and or are reflections of their own self worth.

    Are studs ever in to fatties? No.

    fatties are in to fatties.

  31. the queen says

    you are so wrong NON, i’m a big beautiful woman myself and have had many a stud…. chubby chasers come in all shapes and sizes so i know that “love has many faces” …. the title of a a fabulous lana turner movie to be shown on tcm tues the 27th at 3 p.m. pst… don’t miss it…

  32. sam in Chicago says

    Non — I second The Queen. I’ve dated a very hot, very fit doctor and his only goal was to make me larger. He’s what they call an “Encourager”. There are NO sterotypes. One example that comes to mind is the motorcycle riders. These very butch, very well-built studs mostly have these very overweight woman riding on the back of their cycles. To each their own.

  33. Derrrick from Philly says

    Boy, y’all sure know how to get “Liberal Guilt” workin’ on a Liberal “queen”, don’t yall.

    I thought about this THREAD all night Friday, and most of the day yesterday. No amount of Bourbon could get this discussion off my mind. I opened my big mouth and got caught in a trap of being portrayed as closed minded, cruel, shallow and dismorphic (I still haven’t looked up the definition of “dismorphic”….why bother?)

    In the gay world, anybody can be considered beautiful TO SOMEBODY….DAMMIT!


    Charles Barkley, heavy and SEXY!…and gay-friendly.

    George Foreman, former Heavyweight Champion of the World, heavy and SEXY!

    Edmond O’Brien, famous Hollywood actor, heavy and SEXY!

    Jackie Gleason, great comedian and show biz personality, heavy and SEXY (with his fabulous Italian suits).

    AL GORE, heavy and SEXY!

    Raymond Burr, heavy and SEXY!

    LL COOL J: before he got buff, he was heavy and SEXY!

    AL SHARPTON & JESSE JACKSON, they are both now HEAVY and SEXY!


    The second photograph in this thread is NOT meant to make a statement about popular culture’s prejudice against HEAVY people. It is meant to be AMUSING, and that’s what I was commenting about on this thread.

    At my age, I’ll be grateful for ANY man who shows me some attention–EVEN A FUCKING REPUBLICIAN! (with some money and a car). All I ask is that if a BIG MAN gets me, that he MUST have a sturdy bed…’cause when he gets to humpin’– I don’t want the bed to break apart. Hell, he may hurt my tender stuff. I’m not as durable as my sister, THE QUEEN, on the West Coast.

    Y’ll have a great holiday weekend! REMEMBER THE TROOPS!…and curse the two idots in the White House who put them in Harm’s Way.

  34. says

    Having known shitloads of ‘hot men’ in my time, personality is *everything*, Chad, and you can’t buy that. It comes from who you are, how open you are and your life experience. ‘Dior Homme’ and other labels don’t give you anything. You will learn. Take it from your elders.

  35. Derrick from Philly says


    From the gitgo, I regarded you and your opinions as important, and sincere, and genuine. I appreciate every posting you make to ANDY’S blog….and even though we disagreed on my skinny Barack Obama.

    Take care,

  36. Landon Bryce says


    Thanks. I have great respect and affection for you- sorry for being a jerk.


    I’m really sad that circumstances in your life forced you to have sex with people you found disgusting. That’s one of the reasons I am not sure that legalizing prostitution is a great idea. It’s too easy for people to suffer sexual abuse that goes beyond what they would rationally consent to. If your negative reaction to fat men goes even deeper than what you express here, that could suggest that you may have been damaged by your experiences as a prostitute. Probably not- you’re probably just sort of an asshole- but if you ever find yourself in therapy, bring it up.

  37. Gustavo Chavez says

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