1. virgoboy says

    My God!! That picture taken of the Phoenix by the MRO is just… WOW! We have NEVER had a picture like that taken before, ever!! Man, i’ll bet the folks at NASA were wetting themselves when they saw it! Truly amazing, thanks Andy!

  2. anon says

    Another amazing shot from NASA! There is a higher contrast version on the lander site.

    Not sure what the 35 million miles is all about, the two planets are much further apart right now and rarely get that close. Current distance to Mars is 172 million miles.

  3. john says

    I am so happy we have smart people in the world, people who can figure all this stuff out. I can’t even figure out our new toaster oven and these guys figured out how to build a rover, send it to Mars, have it land and start recording stuff…my brain hurts just thinking about whats involved. Again, thank god we have smart people.

  4. humanist says

    i love mars stuff. it’s so wild to think of these complicated machines navigating their own set-down, unfolding their robot arms and getting to work in these extreme environments without a human being within 100 million miles.

    @Anon: the 35 million miles figure is because the image was taken from a mars-orbiting satellite, not an earth-orbiting one.

  5. anon says

    John: technically, it’s a lander, not a rover. It’s not going to roam the surface.

    Humanist: The picture was taken from 185 miles up, not 35 million miles away. Still an extremely impressive feat. 35 million miles is the closest the two planets (earth and Mars) ever get.

  6. john says

    Almost 500 million dollars spent to get the Orbiter to Mars…. Is it a priority? Spending on, say, satellite technology would be more useful,I think……

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