1. MikeinSanJose says

    Chris Crocker…? Still?!?

    >Yawn!< Wake me up in 15 minutes – when he’s gone. .

  2. John says

    Really great job on the video, it’s funny to see all the people who made some sort of impression on us over the year, just by posting a video on youtube. Fun to watch.

  3. peterparker says

    I knew almost every single internet reference they made (except the black guy with the ninjas) which proves that I spend waaaaaaay too much time online.

  4. AntBee says

    The Black guy with the Ninjas was famous for doing a nunchuck demo with a backflip, landing on his belly, winding himself, tried to stand up, and fell the f*ck out. Funny as hell!

    Overall the video was really fun, and what’s his name looks cute with longer hair and a mustache.

  5. Russell says

    I agree about Leslie Hall. The midwest diva and keeper of gem sweaters would have been a fun addition to that video.