Does Gaming Turn You On?


Maybe not after you get a gander of this.

Check out this bizarro ad for the Playstation 3 created in Vienna, Austria for the European market.

I can’t say it’s what anyone wants to see down there but if the ad is real (and there’s debate on gaming and gadget sites as to whether it is or not) no doubt it will push a few buttons.

And, it’s probably NSFW…

Check it out here


  1. chad says

    Great body – too bad they didnt let us see the unphotoshopped version. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot guys showing skin in any kind of advertising, but I don’t really understand the message of this one. I mean I get it that his dick is a thumb and all, but, huh?

  2. Chadd says

    DRH: if it was for the Asian market the pubes would be straight (trust me, I’ve been stabbed in the eye enough times to know that Asian men have straight pubes).

    BTW, you’re going right to hell for that one.

  3. says

    I think it might be symbolic in that the more time you spend in your parents’ basement on your Playstation 3, the more chance that the single most-important appendage in your life is not going to be your dick anymore.

  4. imladris says

    Re: racist comments here.

    And you clamor for equality when you, yourself, are full of prejudice and totally ignorant.

    Hell no, gay marriage my ass…

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    I get it, but


    And D.R.H…that stereotype is the lamest in the book…and totally wrong.

    And I’m not even a rice queen! I do enjoy some glass noodles from time to time…mmmmmm. pho!

    GODDAMMIT! Now I’m hungry again!

  6. TGB says

    1. DRH – Myth and stereotype? get over it mister!!

    2. The message behind it: A guy who loves playing playstation so much that even his penis is as good as his thumb.

  7. Human628 says

    I think it’s a beautiful dick that I would welcome anytime! So what if it curves up at the end? Don’t understand the whole dumb thumb idea!

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