Gael Garcia Bernal Worshiped in Paris


A new art exhibition called “Saint Gael” by founding ACT UP member and artist Vincent Gagliostro opened in Paris yesterday at the Miss China Beauty Gallery.

Gael_2Said Gagliostro in a statement: “SAINT GAEL (RE-USED) statement: 1. (with a predatory gleam in his eye): ‘heaven’s mouth’ – I thought, tearing his image from the magazine. The most beautiful mouth I had ever seen – Gael Garcia Bernal – a new subject. Further retrieving images from numerous official and unofficial websites, it seemed I was moving from my original focus on his beauty to an encounter with my surpressed voyeuristic nature. Predatory nature. Musical nature. Music, because what I seemed to be on to was a kind of ‘sampling’ much like a DJ/record producer does when creating a work. Studying his (GGB) film ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, I started re-sequencing the images, removing bits here, adding bits there. For example, in one sequence Gael is fucking the girl companion of the roadtrip. By cropping her out of the movement and re-using the images I could bring my subject closer to my world of sex, desire and politics–three ideas inseparable in my fag world. This project has led me to explore my nature and find perhaps a new willingness to turn the cameras on me and my culture, gay men.”

More at East Village Boys and on the artist’s website.


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  1. Fizzikruntnt says

    Well, I hate for the first thing out of my keyboard in the morning to be negative so I WILL say that the repetition dots forming a superimposed image are quasi design notable, this whole “I tore a page out of a magazine” business is pure crap.

    This is total garbage using the artistry and imagery of other artists to form some sort of collage/montage and is so ridiculously teenage wall decorating that it’s absurd to think that any gallery jury in right mind would entertain this kind of juvenile amateurism. Even in an attempt to see some redeeming quality within the video montage, I felt a definitively critical disgust with the poor workmanship, lack of any remote focus other than the subject, interspersed with movie clips of Janet Leigh.


  2. FizziekruntNT says

    Pardon my previous lack of proofreading.

    After reviewing the first link, which provides a slightly different perspective in regard to the artist’s vision, the verdict remains the same.


    The “artist as voyeur” declaration doesn’t fly and only serves as an excuse for an underdeveloped concept that should have met its demise on the cutting room floor.

  3. nic says

    whatevs. gael is sex incarnate. i can’t think of any other man that more embodies beauty, brains, and social consciousness wrapped in a subtle package.

    i can understand the artist’s attraction. but thanks for the “art criticism 101″ lesson, FIZZIE.

  4. meh says

    a little to femmy looking for my taste, but I do admire his social activism. Have at him guys.