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    Well, doesn’t look too spontaneous, and he obviously has an appreciative audience.

    At the end he pulls down the miniskirt and says “ustala!” — which means “I’m tired” in the feminine, which evokes laughter from the girls.

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    LOL yes — straight boys don’t use the feminine, EVER. Plus it’s sort of a quote from a famous song by Alla Pugacheva, the Russian Streisand/Midler/Cher who is still going strong and still the drag queen favorite.

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    As Kevin says, looks like a staged performance with an in-the-know audience, tho one wonders why, where, and when?!

    From my recent excursion to a gay bar in Moscow where drag queens were performing, I can confirm that they are big and they are fierce. One could have picked me up and thrown me back to the States without breaking a sweat.

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