George W. Bush Chest Bumps a Cadet


President and former frat boy George W. Bush gave the commencement address yesterday at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs yesterday, and took some time out to chest bump cadet Theodore Shiveley, from Plano, Texas.

Oliver Stone’s script is beginning to seem more factual all the time.


On another note, that’s one handsome cadet.


  1. resurrect says

    they’re back, Back, BACK! ladies & gents, it’s the Backstreet Boys – this time bringing you the father and son version.

    love the shot and can’t wait to see it all over campaign ads this fall for how we let an idiot and a chump run our country for 8 (!) years.

    as for the cadet – meh. at some point gay men will get past the “cute” criteria as an indicator of merit.

  2. westcoastkid says

    Yeah . . . yeah.

    If Bush isn’t embarrassed when he looks back on this stunt I’m embarrassed for him. Let’s hope this “moment” doesn’t hit the wires for overseas consumption. There is no fool like an old (Republican) fool.

  3. westcoastkid says

    . . . later the two went to Hooters and had beers while they made passes at the serving girls with the big boobs. It’s called male bonding and it’s what makes me proud to be gay.

  4. JT says

    Many of the cadets did silly or memorable things with the Little Dictator. The fellow chest-bumping Bush is from Texas, so that all makes sense. The guy flexing with with Bush is another fellow. See the Dallas Morning News online for some more details.

  5. Zeke says

    Good Lord, I can’t wait to have a president that doesn’t embarrass the whole country every time he steps his tap dancing, Merkel fondling, chest bumping, frat boy foot out of the White House!

    ANYONE would be an improvement!

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    The cadet appears to have nice buns. It seems over the last 30 years white guys’ buns have gotten bubblier and more pertruding…must be fast food. Damn, the Latinos have overtaken us in population size, and the white guys are overtaking us in bubble size….damn.

  7. says

    I agree with Zeke; it’d be nice to have a president who doesn’t embarrass us on a regular basis. I don’t think anyone would be better than Bush, but luckily he’s so far down the list that it won’t be hard to find someone better.

  8. says

    What gets me is that the Republicans made such a big deal about Bill Clinton getting blow jobs in the White House. They even impeached him! But they don’t seem to be upset that Bush’s frat boy antics are doing real harm the reputation and perception of the USA around the world. You’re President, Mr. Bush, not the court jester!

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    As hurl-your-breakfast absurd this pic is [on MANY levels], Bush fils could have done this every day of his STOLEN Presidency if he had not sent/were not still sending Americans to needlessly die in Iraq; not murdered tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis; not put our greatgrandchildren into bankruptcy to pay for those killing fields; not shat on the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution in the process; not returned to his embarrassing cheer leader days to endorse raping that same Constitution by scissoring gays out of it; not exploited hatred of gays, as he did in his run for TexASS governor, to get him and his fellow thugs elected; not appointed two Troglodytes to the US Supreme Court; not pissed away millions of dollars—and thereby costing countless lives—upon Abstinence-Only AIDS NONeducation; not castrated the Environmental Protection Agency; not fill-in-the-blank.

    Yes, others around the world, like many of us at home, laugh at such images—but we’re crying on the inside.

  10. Craig says

    Guys….please get a life and stop this bashing.

    Did you hear Obama say that he visited all 58 states??? Talk about stupid.

    But, I don’t see you guys discussing that one!

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    Just when you think it safe to walk barefoot into the kitchen another gay Repug cockroach like Craig crawls out of the woodwork.

  12. Craig says


    I notice you did not respond to my question. You must enjoy making personal attacks.

    Obama also claimed that his uncle helped to liberate Auschwitz during World War 2. This was a lie. The Soviet Army liberated that camp. The Obama team had to quickly change the story so that it was another camp and it was his Great Uncle.

    This was also not covered….why?

    Is this is the man who will lead our country, then shouldn’t he have to explain himself when he gets it wrong?

    This is why Hillary (who runs circles around this guy) is so frustrated. He keeps getting a pass.

    Let me through this question out there:

    Name one thing that Obama has accomplished in his career that makes him fit to be President.

    Just one.


  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “…one thing that Obama has accomplished in his career…”

    He got 8 more states to join the frickin’ union! You said that yourself, Craig. Duh!

  14. Michael Bedwell says

    Craig chile, have you been in a COMA? When there was still a chance that Sen. Clinton might get the nomination, I wrote tirelessly of Obama’s shortcomings.

    It is not they are no longer a matter of record but that everything is relative. Your attempts to defend the Bush Reich [and by inference Sen. McSlime] by attacking Obama are both ludicrous in form and frightening in its willful ignorance.

    Bush takes daily laps in the White House pool filled symbolically with the blood of THOUSANDS. Obama sees war as a last resort not THE FIRST. If you think Bush is so good, so truthful, so right, please send us all a postcard when you arrive in Iraq having voluteered your body where your mouth is.

  15. crispy says

    Let’s see… he’s over 35 years old, a natural born citizen of the US, and a permanent resident for the last 14 years.

    He qualifies!

  16. Craig says

    OK, you just proved my point.

    You could not name ONE thing that this man has accomplished in his career that would make him fit to be President.


  17. Jimmyboyo says


    His uncle helped liberate


    He said Auschwitz and quickly clarified. An easy mistake since

    Auschwitz- BIRKENAU

    Auschwitz- BIRKENAU is the actual formal name

    birkenau/ buchenwald

    A very easily understood gaffe.

    Also records have been shown that YES his uncle was one of the US soldiers who helped liberate Buchenwald a work murder camp

    Buchenwald in fact was shown at the Nuremberg trials to have been the place where nazi scientists performed extremely sadistic “experiments” that mementos were created from Jewish skin = book covers, lamp shades. etc

    Please do the minimum amount of research before posting


    Now lets talk about 5 crashes barely passed the academy born with a silver spoon in mouth mccain. NOT a hero. As the son of a High ranking Admiral he was never ever tortured. He was a high profile prisoner treated very well unlike our poor soldiers from less afluent families who had no strategic value except in their torture and or death.

  18. Jimmyboyo says

    craig a repub trying to turn dem against dem by supposedly siding with clinton

    You failed by first posting

    “Guys….please get a life and stop this bashing.”

    No Clinton supporter would feel sympathy at bush being bashed.

    Thus your later attack against Obama under the guise of trying to sound like a Clinton supporter is transparent. Clinton supporters are NOT fans of Bush.

    The repub brand is so DOA that they must try to stir up dem against dem. So sad

  19. Zeke says

    CRAIG, what do you call your great uncle? I call all of mine “uncle” not “great uncle”.

    You sound desperate CRAIG. It must suck to be a Bush loving Republican right about now.

  20. nic says


    the reason no one takes you up on your empty challenge is that if you presuppose that dubya is president due to some undetectable reason, you must first state that reason. you and your president have set the bar so low that any person who managed to graduate from a university without a family fortune and without the benefit of a “legacy” is automatically qualified.

    if that’s the case, that makes barack and hillary and hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of americans more than qualified.

    you and your sort make me ill. you think that when you assert such simple-minded propositions that you are being witty. in truth, your smug self-assurance betrays an utter lack of insight and gravity in your “argument.” the onus is on you, piss-ant. why was the shrub qualified?

  21. atheist says

    Yep, I feel for you guys with this schmuck of a leader and his increasingly bizarre couch-jumping antics.. He seems finally to have lost the plot..

  22. David T says

    Craig, Obama not only got into Harvard, he was President of the Law Review, which means he he had great grades (for affirmative action bashers). He was the first African American to serve as President of the Law Review. Anyone who’s been through law school knows how tough it is to graduate. Many flunk out. He was also a constitutional law professor. This, alone, gives him a good starting point, as far as credentials go. Go to his website for programs he helped enact, committees he’s served on, etc…I’m not going to do your work for you.

    Oh, and I voted for Clinton, but for reasons other than the lack of accomplishments with which you are so concerned. And remember, Clinton supporters are not going to vote for McCain. So don’t even try it.

  23. Tom says

    For the record, not a repug.

    Clinton still does have a shot at the nomination. Obama can’t win the contest outright. He failed to rally the majority of voters to his side, unlike McCain or any other Democartic nominee in years past. He cannot even claim the popular vote and would rather disenfranchise some voters if it made him more appealing to the superdelages. Barack Obama will be the first Dem nominee who basically gets the nomination handed to him. Not a good sign for the fall. If Obama was as popular and promising as people say, he would have won the nomination without outside help. But he didn’t. He and his campaign staff have alienated so many voters and the “chickens will come home to roost” in November. Very sad! I had hoped for a clean sweep this fall.

  24. Jimmyboyo says


    Problem. The Clinton campaign math on the popular vote comes with a lot of caveats. That is per Anderson Cooper at CNN and practicaly everyone at MSNBC.

    I do not believe Clinton herself is trying to mislead people.

    I do believe though that her horrid campaign staff (they really did loose this for Hillary)are shielding her from a lot of facts due to many reasons. Chief amongst those being to somehow salvage their messing up of an almost unbeatable brand = The Clitnon name, connections, and money.

    I wish a staffer who is honest while also being brave (being both is rare) would present actual facts to her which I know she would accept and understand but is currently shielded from such, sadly.

    Anyway; the caveats are

    4 caucus states who did not publish their popular vote tallies (all 4 of which obama won) are not in the math

    guam, America Samoa, the Virgin Islands, and Americans abroad pop vote number tallies are not added into the math

    When all those caveats are added into the math. Obama is ahead almost 200,000 in the popular vote

    I strongly believe that Hillary herself does not know these facts because her horid campaign staff have not presented this info to her for a miriad of reasons.

  25. rudy says

    Jim’bo, You assume that Hillary would be receptive to bad news, or any news that does not fit her pre-conceived notion of “reality”. That assumption is belied by the repeated experiences of anyone who has ever worked even tangentially with HRC.

    I have personally witnessed Hillary’s verbal knee-capping of more than one naive staffer who dared to differ with her during the infamous Healthcare Reform debacle. Hillary goes straight for the jugular, has one of the most filthy vocabularies that I have ever heard, and does not relent until the staffer is reduced to a quivering mass.

    Public humiliation, nee debasement, is Hillary’s management style. That is merely one of the reasons that her campaign was so badly mis-managed. Her staff did not lose it for her, they performed heroic feats on behalf of “3Dub,” (i.e., “Wicked Witch of the West”–Don’t you go and bring me no bad news), her whispered White House nickname outside of Hillaryland. Yes, she has many enemies who have worked tirelessly to bring her down but her creation of a cadre of Yes-women who dare not even suggest that the Emperor may not be fully dressed, much less without clothes, is the primary reason (bad pun noted but not corrected) that her campaign has been on life-support since February. That and a refusal to comply with the rules that her staff themselves established for choosing the nominee.

    Hillary did not have a “horrid” campaign staff imposed upon her. She chose each and every one of them very carefully. She wasted a substantial lead and the support of the entire Democratic Party machinery with her own hubris and refusal to acknowledge anything that did not fit her own pre-determined scenario akin to a re-coronation of the Clinton monarchy. HRC’s staff are molded in her own likeness. In this case, the fish truly does rot from the head.

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