1. Sasha says

    It’s like they always feel the need to reassure the straight audience – OK, we’re going to give these people equal rights, but don’t worry, they’ll never have equal dignity!

  2. ggreen says

    The gays just can’t shake the “step-n-fetch-it” brand of stigma can they? This was written by some clueless heterosexual for mass consumption by ignorant moviegoers. Good movie making is becoming fossil media. The plush cushy stadium theaters got adults back into theaters but CGI dominated comic book driven movies will drive them back out. Lowest common denominator movies attract a crowd of date night ass hats that talk on cell phones and yell back at the screen. Who wants to pay $15 for that? Swing Vote with its mostly politically conservative cast and crew looks like it should be a direct to DVD release. Another summer stinker pushed to the last (August Release) in hopes it will attract people trapped in the malls by the heat.

  3. Gregus says

    I long for the day when this crap is as unacceptable as stereotyping any race or religion. As with all of these things, just imagine how unacceptable it would be to (most) people if you replaced the punchline with another stereotype, say of black people, Jewish people…take your choice.

  4. says

    JOHN IN MANHATTAN beat me to it. But also, Dennis Hopper and Kevin Costner (more moderate) are ALSO Republicans. And Nathan Lane is the dick who ridiculed (as opposed to just not liking it, which I have no prob with) BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. This movie and those guys can suck it.

  5. acho says

    Has anyone considered that this may be a spoof precisely on stereotyping? After all, it´s a video for the campaign of a fictional caharacter, It could very well be considered in poor taste in the movie itself. It´s not the trailer.

    Just sayin´. It might be too early to judge the whole thing.

  6. MikeP says

    I think Matthew is right. There’s one from the other side about abortion (with Dennis Hopper) out there too.

  7. KJ says

    Settle down kids! It’s a “political ad” that is supposed to be clueless from the movie “Swing Vote” in which the Democrat nominee and Republican incumbent are doing anything they can to get the literal, one, swing vote that will win them the election. The commercial is supposed to be appalling. Mission accomplished.

  8. Paul says

    So I read all the previous comments before I watched the clip and I was already starting to get pissed at this movie…then I watched it was like “Huh? So?” It looked kind of funny to me. But then I’m not one of the vocal majority in America who just search for things to bitch about a la the Family Research Council. Btw, Kelsey Grammer spent many years on the gayest sitcom of all time, completely surrounded by talented gay people (who made him a fortune), I don’t think he’s anti-gay. That’s really not a requirement for being a Republican.

  9. anon says

    It’s confusing. Not sure where they are going with that one. Looks like a farce. August release dates are generally for the worst summer movies, so the distributors don’t seem to have high hopes for the film.

  10. ggreen says

    No Paul you aren’t “one of the vocal majority in America who just search for things to bitch about a la the Family Research Council.” You seem to be someone with the delusion that Kelsey Grammer is someone you know personally because you used to see him on TV every week and feel you know him well enough to speak for him and the “talented gay people (who made him a fortune)”. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

  11. paul says

    And how well are you personally acquainted with the “clueless heterosexual” author and his or her motivations, GGREEN? I stand by my previous comment.

  12. Ted says

    I’m with Paul on this one. I’m 4 degrees of separation from Kelsey and I don’t think he’s anti gay. If they really wanted to offend [or make us laugh, depending on perspective], they would have said “back door” instead of “open door” initiative.

  13. nic says

    PAUL and TED,

    you are way too forgiving for my tastes. notwithstanding the obnoxious punctuation to this vid, it makes little difference whether kelsey grammer (et al) likes gays or not. social liberalism is completely negated by fiscal conservatism. what, in god’s sake, are good intentions without any funding? it is the same old story with him and his type: oh, i can work with you gays (or you poor, you undocumented, you wretched refuse) but the money i made with your help is mine; your troubles are yours.

    this bloated, self-satisfied, clown has supported “dubya” and his war effort and is now campaigning with mccain. nevermind that he had his own drug troubles and trouble with the law, nevermind that he was accused (and probably guilty) of statutory rape of a 15 yo girl. he’s made his fortune. his prime endeavor is to protect it.

    yet many oblivious, candy-assed queers are coming to his defense.

  14. Phoenix says

    It doesn’t matter how many gay people are actors in the film, or how many of them have gay friends, or straight but had a gay experience. This trailer is stereotypical and rude. ACLU would be all over this if they had a Black Male saying “Yesem, Masta President” on the trailer. Besides, it also shows how much the gay community is considered unacceptable until you need a swing vote or our gay money. If this film is anything like the trailer, or any minority group, it should be direct to the trash can rather than DVD.

  15. says

    @NIC and @Phoenix, I’m with you. KG is a putz. He’s anti-gay by virtue of his big status and very active campaigning for the GOPher party. There are no Republicans who are not effectively anti-gay because their party is anti-gay. They fund it and vote for its candidates and help it pass its laws. There is no such thing as a Republican who is good for gays, even gay ones. All of them, ALL of them, are effectively anti-gay. There are also anti-gays in the Democratic Party, but those are individuals while the Party is pro-equality. The GOPher Party hates, despises and is revolted by gay people, and will continue to do everything “it” can to make sure we remain marginalized, disenfranchised and discriminated against without recourse to equal justice under law. KG sucks, poorly. I now change the channel every time that TV show comes on. I used to enjoy it. KG is still getting paid for it, and using that money to fight against us. I pray to Christ that he gets hit by a truck and dies today!