McGreevey Owes His Partner $250K, Denies He’s Dependent

Jim McGreevey is in a world of debt, according to testimony in the divorce trial yesterday.

McgreeveyThe NY Post reports: “Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey yesterday said he owes a quarter-million dollars to his boyfriend, but wants to pay child support for the daughter he has with his estranged wife, as well as for his first child. The nation’s first openly gay governor denied, however, that he is financially dependent on boyfriend Mark O’Donnell. ‘I want to pay child support. I want to fulfill my obligations,’ McGreevey told a state judge during his third day of testimony in his divorce trial. ‘Unfortunately, I have had to bankrupt myself to pay legal fees upon legal fees.’ McGreevey said O’Donnell has lent him much of the legal costs, as well as the $3,000 that McGreevey is charged monthly for living in O’Donnell’s Plainfield mansion.”

The former New Jersey governor received a job offer from a talk radio station after testimony in the divorce case described him as “radioactive” in terms of employment following his “I am a gay American” speech.

New Jersey 101.5 FM offered him his own show, saying, “Gov. McGreevey has claimed that he is ‘unemployable’ and the management of New Jersey 101.5 simply does not believe this to be true.”

McGreevey replied: “Thanks for the gracious offer, but I don’t want to destroy your image.”


  1. says

    Exactly HOW is this man unemployable? He’s healthy and relatively intelligent. Isn’t there a company or law firm out there who needs someone with his connections? That’s stupid bullshit.

    If he really IS unemployable, maybe it’s less because he’s the “gay American ex-governor”, and more because he’s smarmy and untrustworthy.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    He’s being lent money by his boyfriend that his boyfriend is charging him 3k monthly to live in his own boyfriend’s home? Uh, what’s THAT sayin’?

    *sympathy defenestrated*

  3. JTluvr says

    While I do believe largely Mark O’Donnell’s contributing way more of his money than Jim, I don’t believe McGreevey’s being truthful about his finances.

    And neither is Dina Matos McGreevey. Why does she need alimony on top of child support? She’s a working woman with a very good hospital admin job. Greedy on both sides.

  4. Strepsi says

    LOL Giggolo!
    Plus… If you’re paying $3000 a month to your boyfriend, to be your boyfriend, um… he’s not really your boyfriend.
    *cough* Whore! *cough*

  5. JTluvr says

    That’s not true. McGreevey and his bf seem genuinely in love. It’s just that as a financier and businessman, O’Donnell makes a lot more money than McGreevey (who’s now in seminary school). Haven’t you ever suppported your bf/partner for awhile?

  6. David D. says

    Didn’t this creep have a job before becoming governor? What’s wrong with going back to that?

    And it sounds like he needs to get a few other things in order before hiding his ass in a seminary school.

  7. FunMe says

    When he said “I am a gay American” it was all so Hollywood. I think HRC or some other G&L group helped him how to “market” his coming out.

    I used to like this guy, but the more I think about it, he perpetuated the closet because he was more concerned about his ascent to power. How politician of him.

    Sad – most of them are corrupt, straight or gay.

  8. wangdang says

    Yes JTLUVR I have supported my bf at times. What I did not do BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE is keep a tab and say “you owe me $3000 a month”. That’s not what people, gay or straight, do when they are in a committed loving relationship. That is what people in a business relationship do.

  9. anon says

    His statements are strictly for the purposes of the trial. He has to claim poverty to deny his ex-wife alimony and claim that he isn’t dependent on his bf to avoid the transfer of liability to him. He was previously the mayor of Woodbridge and in the state Senate or Assembly.

  10. Vi Agara says

    Uhh, to all the critical queens, so if your bf lives in your house and does not want to buy a joint residence. He has a job and can pay, you all think he shouldnt pay a monthly rent? Why should one person pay all the expenses and the other live for free? I tell you, a lot of you on here are nuts.

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