Missouri GOP Congressman Attacks Rival Over ‘San Francisco Values’

This idiotic ad from GOP congressman Sam Graves (left), whose seat is being challenged by former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes, is a lowbrow racist and homophobic attempt to smear Barnes by calling her out on her “San Francisco Values”.

GravesPathetic anti-gay scare tactics are all Graves has left, apparently. Barnes’ response to the ad is on the right.

The Graves campaign refuses to apologize for the ad, and additionally trying to connect Barnes with the California same-sex marriage ruling. They told the local FOX affiliate: “The same week Kay Barnes was in San Francisco for a fundraiser, the California Supreme Court issues the most sweeping liberal, activist, pro-gay marriage ruling in the nation.”


  1. Paul says

    So Kay Barnes’ mere presence has the power to create pro-gay court rulings? We ought to have her tour the country until she can get us equal rights in every state! And was Barnes in MO when the earthquake struck? It was clearly connected to his presence in that state!

  2. Sean says

    So..what? Like she had something to do with the CA Supreme Court decision because she was in the state?

    She was mayor here in KC for years…she wasn’t THAT influential.

  3. Paul says

    I’m sorry, I meant that Graves was the cause of the earthquake. The Devil tried to stop me from writing that the first time, but luckily Jesus showed me my mistake.

  4. davefromtampa says

    Her response was spot on, calling him out as pathetic. We can expect a lot more of this since the rethuglicans can’t run on any record. Just scare, hate and scare some more.

  5. John says

    I love how the nutjobs keep on suggesting that San Francisco should secede from their precious ‘Murika. The implication being that the place would simply collaspe without the benevolent gudiance of the Republican Party and Uncle Sam.

    Of course, it is a particularly ironic statement to make when we consider that little San Francisco and its suburbs actually has a higher GDP than the entire state of Missouri.

  6. Acolyte says

    Missouri has no shortage of reprehensible GOP politicians but Graves is truly the most despicable asshat to seek office in the state. Last time around, his opponent had once worked for a marketing company whose subsidiary had Penthouse as a client, so naturally, Graves said that his opponent worked for Penthouse. He is the slimiest of the slimy.

  7. Joe says

    This post made me go to her website and donate money. And I live in L.A. I would urge anyone who can afford it to do the same. Then I went to his website. I bet most people don’t realize that you can’t e-mail a congressman unless you live in their district. That’s how cowardly they are.

  8. nic says


    is that true about the gdp of s.f. and subs compared to mo.? wow! no surprise when one considers that the economy of ca. ranks sixth among the top national economies in the world.

  9. Yahaira says

    wow. I can’t believe anyone would spend money to make such a crappy ad. I love Barnes’ response add though…AMAZING! At least her campaign ad focuses on the real issues.

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