1. vineyarder says

    for the first time since ’68 we have a candidate who can really change the world and some idiots can’t see it – do i feel sorry or what?

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    Are you a log cabinite or a dem

    Please preface such announcments with your background. If a log cabinite = good ridance

    If a dem then may I recomend you think about what kind of supreme court you want


    Everyone on the freaking planet is a half breed. No human being alive today is pure anything

  3. says

    You know, I just don’t get it…

    Obama is MUCH more gay friendly than Hilary. He supports the FULL repeal of DOMA as well as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    In practically EVERY speech he has given he gives specific mention to gay rights. Yes he isn’t for “Marriage” but he does support FEDERALIZED CIVIL UNIONS which will give EVERY Federal “Marriage” benefit EXCEPT for the word “Marriage”

    Hillary on the other hand wants to only re-write certain portions of DOMA (Her HUSBAND’S creation) and give half hearted support for the repeal of Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell (AGAIN HER HUSBAND’S creation!)

    For the life of me I can’t see the support that the gay community has given her when you compare her stances on gay issues compared to Obama’s!

    Do we need another 8 years of the Clintons? That would then mean 28 years of this country being led by TWO FAMILIES! A husband and wife and a father and son!!

    I wish that there were more people like VINEYARDER who can see past the mask that Clinton wears and how she is willing to pander to every and any group to win and in the process split the Democratic Party in the Process.

    Remember McCain is a Bush follower (and in some respect even MORE CONSERVATIVE). IF Hilary divides us and costs us the election, then CANADA, HERE I COME!!!! I DON’T WANT ANOTHER 4-8 years of a party that hates us in power!!!

  4. Rafael says

    I agree, this entry was nice, but it didn’t blow me away. While it is compelling to its target audience, it didn’t have a wow factor.

    On “Gay Marriage” vs. Federal Civil Unions, the later if anything is a step forward, and in reality it is up to us what we make of it.

  5. Kellek says

    Thank you Kevin. I don’t get the big gay support for Hillary. I guess the rest of you are doing economically better than me. I have other concerns like health care and my about to be foreclosed on mortgage that I don’t have the luxury of letting Hillary be crowned president. I can’t afford her, sorry. Listen, this thing has been over since FEBRUARY. It was apparent then that Hillary can’t win it. Get over it, move on, Obama is the nominee.

  6. Michael J says

    I viewed and voted on hundreds of the entries in the MoveOne contest, and I found this winning entry to be somewhere between the majority that were utterly lame (many had lots of children talking about how they believe in Obama) and the few that seemed inspired. Even though this video fetures a Republican, it basically preaches to the converted. It asserts that Obama can bring us together without enlightening us as to how, and it fails to give us any indication of what he will bring us together over.
    I would have preferred a video featuring a Republican who explained why he or she was so disappointed in his own party’s leadership, and why he or she thought Obama offerred the best alternative. Obama was not my first or even second choice among Democratic candidates, in part because I am not so interested in the “bring us together” theme. I am more interested in someone who lead us away from the values and policies of right-wing Republicans that have dominated US politics for too long. I wish that Obama would more clearly articulate his alternative, and I can understand the skepticism of many who regard his campaign as one big show.
    But I can’t understand how anyone who doesn’t share right-wing values (social conservatism that features homophobia, economic policies favoring a wealthy elite over everyone else, American military dominance of the world, business interests over human rights, etc.) would ever want Clinton to be President. Sure, I would vote for her over any Republican in order not to lock in a right-wing Supreme Court for the next few generations. But like her husband, Clinton ultimately doesn’t stand for much more than herself. She doesn’t lead — she looks to see which way the political wind is blowing and condescendingly panders to it, whether it means referring to 9/11 in voting to invade Iraq, in spite of knowing better; pushing a cheap gimmick like a gas-tax holiday as something that would benefit Americans; or referring to gay people only when she’s in front sympathetic crowds, while minimizing her mention of the word “gay” (and avoiding “lesbian” altogether) in public, and while tapping into homophobia in front of other audiences with her continual referrences to Obama’s comments at a “San Francisco fundraiser.” (There’s also the many appeals to racism by her, Bill and other campgain surrogates.)
    Obama’s show may be highly scripted, but it is more consistent and principled, and more willing to challenge the audience, than Clinton’s, which is constantly being re-written to her perceived political advantage.

  7. says

    Obama is going down like a kite in a tail spin. Fortunately, sane people still outnumber lunatics with zero common sense or the ability to judge character and experience of which Obama has little to none.

    Hillary’s victory tonight in West Virginia coupled with her wins in major and swing states show conclusively she is the candidate of choice to lead this country and beat McCain. She is the only one of the three who is qualified to be President.

    Obama is also tied to a gay murder probe in his church which is headlined at every grocery store checkout lane in the USA. Last week they spoke to his limo sex ride with Larry Sinclair.

    Add in “Rev.” Wright the maniac and the militant wife and all that is left is one big loser of a candidate.

  8. kellek says

    Johnny Lane, what PLANET are you living on??? I think you are not even real. I think you are a Republican shill. You are typing Republican talking points. The race is over. Tell me how she can win at this point? Give me the math.

  9. nic says was established to help bill clinton survive impeachment. it evolved to help liberal democrats beat repugs. then recently, to my dismay, they became involved in internecine democratic politics. the fact that they whored out to one dem (obama) over another (hillary) cost them my support, and i would like to think, the support of other fair-minded dems. how dare them use my donations against a dem? fuck them!

    we really have to reassess things. the move-on hacks and the dailykos dip-shits are not helping to address the patent problems within our party. it seems that the adults in these organizations have left the children in charge. oh wait, markos moulitsas zúniga (kos) has never grown up.

    hillary keeps trouncing obama in heavily white, working-class swing states, and obama handily beats her in heavily black states. there is a huge elephant in our living room, and it is not the repug one. why is it that blacks go 92% for obama and whites 65% for hillary? why did hillary beat obama by close to 70% in we need to resolve this issue.

    the fact is that hillary cannot win the presidency without the black vote, and obama cannot win w/o the working-class white and latino vote. we need to serious up. the irresponsible, biased, so-called liberal groups like move-on and others make me ill. they are antithetical to liberalism. their hijacking of democratic principles is no better than the religious right’s hijacking of the republican party, and they will lead us to perdition. ideologues are ideologues, whether right or left. i am ashamed that kos is latino.

  10. Jimmyboyo says


    You are making a logical argument for a joint ticket. Logic and politics don’t mix often.

    Sad to say :-(

    Johnny Lane , RACIST Johnny Lane

    Dude, LOL

    Larry Sinclair FAILED 2 lie detector tests.

  11. says

    Kellek – What none of you understand is that the Super Delegates who have committed to Obama are not locked. They can jump ship at anytime, up to the convention or until one candidate drops out, whichever comes first. The Democratic rules committee meets at the end of the month to finalize a plan to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan. The numbers will all change and the delgates needed for nomination jumps higher. And there are five contests to go which will show just how damaged Obama is. The math that the cable networks are presenting is fuzzy math at best as they obviously have orders from the Time Warner / NBC boardrooms to push Obama. This was absolutely confirmed when Time prematurely put Obama on the front cover with the headline – “And The Winner Is”. Time Warner / NBC is betting that Obama will lose to McCain and they won’t see a tax increase personally and on their corporate tax returns. This is about money first and what is good for the country second.

    Obama is fatally damaged as a candidate. White voters and sane people of ANY color want nothing to do with him, his associates or his militant wife. He has clearly demonstrated through his actions who is alliances are with, which are in no way Presidential qualities.

    Yes, it is possible that Obama will get the nomination if the Democrats are hell bent on losing this election. Just watch the rest of the contests and specifically watch the exit poll numbers. Nobody in their right mind wants anything to do with this guy and that was evidenced by the results in West Virginia last night.

    You simply cannot ignore the fact that Hillary won all but one of he major states. Obama carried Illinois, only because it is his home state. Hillary is taking the swing states. And you must remember that most of these primary votes were cast long before the most damaging information came out about Obama.

    If all of the Primary contests were redone, Obama would have resigned his candidacy long ago.

    Obama can’t win the general election as the damage he has caused himself is irrevocable. Watch and learn.

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