1. John says

    I can tell you now that Hagee is a Zionist and adores the state of Israel. In fact, he’s been there several times. If this is to portray him as anti-Semitic, then someone needs to look further into his sermons and understand the connotations of his words. He is far from anti-Semitic. He has a respect for Judaism and teaches the traditions of Jews to his congregation so that they better understand their own faith of Christianity.

  2. the queen says

    dear john, hagee is fuckin batshit crazy and let’s hope that these old fuck old fart fundamentalists will die out soon… the new crop of “jesus wants you to be rich” preachers are far preferable though no less reprehensible — now did i spell that right you english majors? like woody allen said in hannah in her sisters, if jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up…

  3. Jimmyboyo says


    Hagee has also said “Jews have DEAD souls”

    Please explain how that pro-semitic


  4. soulbrotha says

    Will all the people who went apeshit over Rev. Wright’s comments, please step forward?

  5. Vi Agara says

    Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.
    Seriously, McCain is D.O.A. with this Hagee baggage. Its like Obama getting the endorsement of the old Black Panthers and supporting every word they said. Still time to save the campaign if he jettison’s this nut now by way of a televised speech. Its a shame because I believe McCain is better for GLBT than Obama will be. He is black and churchy, which is negative toward gays.

  6. borut says

    What’s the big deal? The Bible is full of stories of genocide for the greater good. Those who want to live by the Book should accept the fact that Jehova likes to wipe out a nation from time to time.

  7. Eric says

    Mr. “Vi Agara”:
    McCain is better for gays than Obama? What are you smoking? But you give the game away. You are an admitted racist.

    As for Lieberman, he once again shows his true colors, in typically revolting fashion, by defending Hagee. These “Christian Zionists” “love” Israel so their lunatic prophecies of a Holocaust of all Jews who do not accept Christ can come to pass. And corrupt, extremist, right-wing Jewish groups embrace them.

  8. duane Harris says

    Hagee is smoking something strong to be so disillusioned with reality. Come back to earth man.

  9. theo says

    Eric hits the nail on the head. This is more about the fundamentalist belief in the massacre of Jews than his love or respect of Judaism.

    The fundies love to preach about the Jews… cause they can’t wait for them all to die, thus hastening the end of days.

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    Exactly Eric and Theo

    This so called “love” is for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only

    The conversion of Jews to xtianity and the supposed return of jeebbbuss

    If you ever listen to xtian radio (Yikes) they constantly go on and on in praise of violence between the Palestinians and Israelis. Never wishing for peace but wanting war.

    I even heard one comment once “Halalujah, the more violenec there just means jesus is coming back sooner so more violence more violence Halalujah”

    Conservative Jews embrace these nuts but eventualy it will bite them in the ass.

    The pressure from being surrounded by enemies and percieved enemies and the money the nuts like to toss hand over fist is tempting. But conservatives in the Kinesset need to realiz these nuts are dangerous for the long term peace, stability, and survival of Jews in the middle east.

  11. Paul R says

    Whenever I think I’ve heard the craziest shit in my life, some religious zealot comes along and surprises me all over again.

  12. Vi Agara says

    Hey Eric, not a racist, maybe a realist. Churchy blacks are virulently anti-gay, more so than some hickabilly preachers. Its a fact. Lest I remind you of the last Demogouge err…
    Democratic President Bill Clinton and what he did to the cause by bending over for DOMA? You think because they are Democrats they are going to support GLTB? What are you smoking?

  13. Vi Agara says

    add on to my response to ERIC: Forgot to remind you that the CA Supreme Court that approved gay marriage are mainly Republican appointees, under a Republican Govenor, (who says he’ s for the decision), under a Republican Prez. What happened under Democrats? Uhhh, DOMA.
    Ya’ll need to get yer heads out yer assez.

  14. Vi Agara says

    My observation from reading and participating in this blog over the past year is this: The problem with most of you here is that you are addle-brained leftists. Its not your fault though, thats what you were taught in school. How to be a left leaning, wealth destroying leftocrat. The deal with the devil you signed up for is you all must think its cool to hate and destroy capitalism in America first, make it a good EU style socialist economy and the great demosocialist party will say “We support gay rights!”. LOL. Right. DOMA anyone? Don’t ask, Don’t tell? Obama? Like I said, deal with the Devil. One day you are either all going to wise up to this game or be in a bread line.

  15. Jeff NYC says

    This would be a big deal except it’s 10 years old and he apologized long ago to the Jews about it.

  16. Jimmyboyo says


    Get on topic with the thread

    That said,

    Europe has a longer life expectancy, better standard of living, better health care, better education, many European countries offer 3 months paid vacation, etc

    Socialism in America goes back to the begining. Many charters of the early colonies on record in museums detail point by point the COMMUNAL/ socialistic sharing of 1 iron skillet etc between every member of the colony

    Look up the Rural electrification project where the wealthy north was heavily taxed to provide a lot of FREE electrical wiring and power plants to the poor south. Without which the south would probably be getting electricity about now.

    To be true to your comments you must not accept your Social Security benefits when you retire. You have never paid in the amount you will get back in SS checks and medicare so that is socialist and you must renounce SS when you retire.

    Just a few things to show you that you are way off base

  17. Jimmyboyo says

    Jeff NYC

    9 years 1999

    But he has said quite a bit more since then. for example “Jews have DEAD souls”

    That was more recent. He has never appologized for it.

  18. Mattia says

    I don’t really see why the left would even want to bring this up. If we’re trying to say that Hagee:Wright then it’s a losing battle.

    First, Obama’s association with Wright is much stronger than McCain’s with Hagee, and second, and probably more unfortunately, a greater percentage of the population would agree with Hagee’s remarks than those made by Wright.

    Leave it alone.

  19. Craig says

    I’ll preface this by saying I’m very much what the right wing would term a “leftist” considering myself a social democrat (little “d” there fellas). To a certain extent Vi Agra is correct. The Democrats gave us DOMA and DADT; however, four of the six votes that struck down Colorado’s Amendment 2 on the Supreme Court in 1996 were Republican appointees and 4 of the 6 votes for striking down Texas’ anti-homosexual sodomy law in Lawrence v Texas were Republican appointees. Likewise 3 of the 4 votes in the majority in the California case were Republican appointees.

    Now, I’d never suggest the Republicans are better on gay rights than the Democrats, but it is incontrovertible fact that some of the most important gains in the GLBT rights movement have come with substantial Republican involvement. Principally it has been in cases where ruling against gay rights would require one to be a frothing at the mouth rapid, homophobic right-wing wingnut. The reason the Democrats are utterly and embarrassingly horrible when it actually comes to actual action on gay rights (as opposed to talking a good talk on gay rights) is the confluence of two factors: 1) they are mostly timorous and spineless in their tepid support of gays with an obsessive, irrational fear that being gay friendly will result in a permanent fanatical KKKhristian theocracy and 2) since they are perceived to be the party for gay right have a vested financial interest in dragging the struggle out as long as feasibly possible to milk gays of every last dollar in contributions they can. Their gay money well will dry up substantially once gay equality becomes a reality, so they play a despicable balancing game between placating gays and killing the cash cow.

    …Which is why I’m no longer a Democrat. The choice between “Democrats” and Republicans has become the same sort of choice blacks would have faced between a pro-segregation party and a pro-slavery party. In reality it is hardly a choice at all being confined to those choices. The “Democrats” are only slightly less evil in their utter ballslessness on gay rights but that’s no excuse to hop into bed with them. (Note: you couldn’t pay me enough to vote for 95% of the Republicans out there, or 99.9% of the ones that run for office here in Texas, so no I am NOT voting for John McSame.)

  20. Zeke says

    JOHN, nice try at selling that mule for a horse. Unfortunately for you, I happen to know that side of the religious debate ALL too well. I was marinated in it and lived it for years.

    Here are the facts:

    The reason Hagee is a Zionist is not because he loves Jews, it’s because his fundamentalist, evangelical “End Times” beliefs require certain events to take place in the State of Israel to bring about the “End of Days”. He has “prophesied” all these things in his video taped rants (you know, like the one where he called the Catholic Church the “Whore of Babylon (which by the way is modern day Iraq) and now he is working feverishly to bring them about. This whole Iraq debacle fits perfectly into this “Revelation” styled, end-time vision that he and so many people believe in. That’s why so many of these supposed “Christians” from the fundamentalist right-wing are such huge supporters of this war; as opposed to following Christ’s Sermon on the Mount where He proclaimed, “BLESSED are the PEACEMAKERS.”

    NOTHING would make these people happier than a nuclear attack on Israel because THEY feel that that would bring about “Armageddon” and “the Rapture”.

    Hagee doesn’t give a sh*t about Jewish people. He’s just living in a delusional fantasy word and stroking his own bloated ego.

  21. Craig says

    Zeke is correct. That is the only reason Hagee supports Israel. He is under the deluded proposition that Israel will bring about the end times and hasten the rapture. If you look closely at his record, Hagee has shown a substantial amount of disdain for the Jewish faith and people as heathen non-believers who will be damned to hell just like Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, gays, abortionist, et, etc, etc…pretty much all people who are not fundamentalist, heterosexual white Anglo Saxon Protestant evangelical Republicans.

  22. mcQ says

    So Hagee represents “a lot of people in this country”? So, the deranged, cretin segment of the electorate finally have someone to speak for them. “…particularly Christians who care about Israel”? So the deranged, cretin Christian pro-Israel lobby has a spokesman in Hagee. And a candidate in Lieberman.

    Mazel tov!

  23. Ken P. says

    Hopefully this election won’t come down to who has the worst preachers behind them. Otherwise, Obama might lose.

  24. Jimmyboyo says


    Well said

    I must apologize that I usualy end up lumping all chritians together. There are sane and rational christians like yourself who are vastly different from the right wingers like Hagee.

    I will try harder in the future to be more distinct in my mentioning of christians (like yourself) vs xtians right wingers (Hagee etc)

  25. soulbrotha says

    Mattia, what the hell are you talking about? So now it doesn’t matter WHAT the preacher says, its who has the stronger association? Um, have you even LOOKED at the polls, dear? And what Hagee has said IN CONTEXT is worse than any of Wright’s words IN OR OUT OF CONTEXT.

    @Ken P: put the pipe down, honey.

  26. says

    Perhaps the world be a better place if so many voters didn’t put so much stock in a book written by authors who lacked, at the least, a basic grasp of the mechanics of rainfall.

  27. says

    Again you miss the point. He got endorsed by the nut yes but did not sit in the front pew lapping up everything he said all the while nodding his head in agreement for twenty years.

  28. Jimmyboyo says


    You miss the point

    McCain actively sought this guys endorsment for over a year.

    Either his vetting process is completly incompetent (boads badly for a presidential administration) or they knew all about everything and just didn’t care.

  29. noah says

    “Its a shame because I believe McCain is better for GLBT than Obama will be. He is black and churchy, which is negative toward gays.”

    Uh, this is utter tripe. Obama’s Church was pro-gay marriage. Do your research instead of spreading stereotypes.

    There is no one big “black church.” There are Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Apostolic and other kinds of Christian churches.

    As for McCain being better for GLBT Americans, are you whacked? Just what kind of people do you think he’s going to appoint to the Supreme Court? He just said that he doesn’t believe in gay marriage or civil unions. McCain voted against ENDA.

    You’re letting your bigotry get in front of the facts. Stop making stereotypical judgments about millions of people. You don’t like it when people say that all gays are child molesters or worse, African-Americans don’t like to be similarly slandered.

  30. tommy says

    …As a trained physical therapist and licensed counselor, I look at Hagee I see the same bloated, gluttonous face of the late Jerry Falwell. People who allow their bodies to bloat up from too much
    food intake are deeply troubled.They have problems that we can only imagine. Their obesity really tells the tale.He will likely pass on from his indulgences, just as Falwell did. What he needs to do is quit cramming food in his mouth and hit a treadmill.
    His followers share a remarkable trait. Take a look sometime at his “fans” and you will see what I mean. Really sad.

  31. Zeke says

    VI AGARA, in the words of your greatest hero, “There you go again!”

    Having been a participant in the comments here at Towleroad for years I can’t say that I’m in the least bit surprised by your ignorance filled comment above. Frankly I’ve come to expect them from you.

    Let me set the record straight. Barack Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ. I will readily disclose that I am a member of the UCC as well. The UCC is the MOST supportive mainline denomination in the country. In fact we are, in many ways, more supportive of the gay community than the MCC even though the denomination is 95%+ straight. We were the first mainline Christian denomination in America to ordain a gay man in 1973 (in addition to being the first to ordain a black person and the first to ordain a woman). Our church has OFFICIALLY supported the FULL spiritual, social, cultural and legal inclusion of gay and lesbian people since the early seventies. In 2005 our general Synod in Atlanta OVERWHELMINGLY passed a resolution calling for FULL spiritual AND LEGAL marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

    Obama gave the key note address at our 2007 Synod in Hartford, CT last year where he specifically spoke about how proud and supportive he is of HIS churches stands for justice and equality for GLBT people.

    That hardly sounds like an anti-gay, churchy, black man to me.

    I know it’s hard to shill for the Republican Party on gay blogs without twisting facts or outright lying but as long as I’m around you can bet that you WILL be called out on it.

  32. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Zeke. Some people don’t want to listen or read the truth, they just want to talk stupid.

    I wish Roman Catholic leaders would speak on Hagee calling their church “The Great Whore”. What does that make Baptists? The Little Pimps?

  33. jeffrob93 says

    I’ll take churchy black liberal over churchy neo-con war-mongerer N. E. DAY.

    Yay, leftism! I hope the bread line has marble rye. That’s my favorite.

  34. anon says

    I know some people who know Wright and say he’s a great guy, but his tongue gets away from him.

    Zeke is correct, but I would add that by fundamentalist Jewish theology, the holocaust was an act of G-d to punish his chosen people for their sins. The latter point has been debated as a large faction of fundamentalist Jews argue that only the coming of a messiah can allow them to re-enter the state of Israel, thus dooming the current state. Now, as to the sins that were being punished, only G-d can say, and he doesn’t have to. Unfortunately, fundamentalist Jews tend to spend so long debating points that they are still arguing over sabbath and kosher rules from the middle ages, so it will be a while before they can fully address the holocaust.

  35. says

    Thanks, Zeke and others, for putting both Hagee and Vi agara’s insanity in their proper places. I’m glad you beat me to it, saving my leftist addled brain the trouble.

  36. Jimmyboyo says


    Have you heard the one about the group in a concentration camp who put Hashem on trial for what was happening and found him 100% guilty. Afterward they began their prayers.

    Anyway; I am sure the orthedox would not debate the issue of “Jews have DEAD souls” that Hagee has claimed

  37. FunMe says

    I really hope there is no media coverage on this … YET.

    Now that the Wright “controversy” is over, by the time Obama is going against McSame, this whole Hagee FIASCO will help bring McSameCain down even more.

    I present to you President Obama!

  38. Zeke says

    Not so fast JIMMYBOYO.

    Hagee said, “You can’t fire me, I QUIT!”

    Hagee just rescinded his endorsement of McSame. This is getting good!

    Oh, and now there’s new unflattering video coming out starring Rod Parsley.

    McSame is caught between a rock and a fundamentalist hard place here. He was desperate for fundamentalist Christian endorsements and now the only two major ones he could muster he’s having to renounce. The fact that he renounced these nuts will piss off the fundies while the fact that he took so long to finally do it will piss off the Catholics, Jews and Muslims. Forget the gays. Those who support Bush III at this point in the game (ie GayPatriot.comers) would support him if he declared all out war on the GLBT community.

  39. anon says

    JB: good point, though mainstream Jews tend not to believe in an afterlife. (Baptists don’t believe in an eternal Hell, either. Rather, the souls of sinners are burned in Hell to a state of non-existence–a kind of double-death.)

    McCain, having cleared the nomination, is moving back to the center for the general election. Hagee no longer served any further purpose.

  40. Benjie says

    Per John Hagee, God used Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans because of its Gay sin. Then, in essence, God destroyed Rev Jerry Falwell because of his sin of gluttony – the Bible very clearly addresses the sin of eating too much. And, thus goes the hypocrite Hagee, who cherry picks what he chooses to believe from the Bible. He is grossly obese; therefore, God must destroy him too. Be patient, be watchful; Hagee’s hypocrisy will catch up with him just like it did with Rev Ted Haggard, who beat up on Gays from the pulpit of his 13,000 member church, while he snuck around with his male escort, who admitted to purchasing drugs for the Right Reverend. Haggard was kicked unceremoniously from his lucrative church job. Let us pray “Our Heavenly Father, send Rev Hagee to the trash heap to join his brotherhood of religious phonies and take away his reported $1 million yearly salary. Amen and Amen.”

  41. Jimmyboyo says


    Yepp, it is getting interesting


    I am happy McCain and his 2 fundie pastors are splitting, but his total embrace of everything bush is a far cry from going to the center