1. gregnsf says

    Kudos to the law-maker who pointed out (pointedly!) that divorce is the greatest threat to marriage. I don’t know why this hasn’t been tried before. “What Senator, you don’t want to end divorce? Why are you trying to break down the institution of marriage? Shocking!” Really, what’s their comeback?

  2. queendru says

    CA voters will have an opportunity to enshrine one-man-one-woman marriage in their state constitution in November.

  3. David R. says

    As my father was dying in a hospital in Lebanon, PA (near where he grew up), my husband and I went to visit him and help him through his last days. Donald was introduced to hospital staff as my husband and no one batted an eye (except for the Mennonite CNA who wanted to check to make sure I hadn’t said “brother”). They all treated him as part of the family.

    I hope that PA’s record of personal freedom is maintained for the long haul.