Roberto Cavalli: I Have Never Been Homosexual


Designer Roberto Cavalli tells Style magazine that even though he sheds a tear occasionally, he’s not gay:

“I give into my emotions all the time. I cry easily, whether at a movie, music or vulnerable young animals, and I could never trust anyone who didn’t do the same. Love is central. I have never been homosexual, and I never could be. What I love most is the amazing soft skin of a woman. She doesn’t even have to be naked to excite me.”


  1. rudy says

    Great, let the other team keep him. I could tell he was trying to be straight by the fugly clothes he “designs”.

  2. crispy says

    Of course he’s not homosexual. He’s clearly bringing the woman behind him to orgasm just as that picture was taken.

  3. kujhawker says

    I would like to state right now that I am NOT a hetrosexual.

    I am sorry why do people feel they need to declare what they are not, rather than what they are?

    Plus the fashion industry is probably the one place that it doesn’t make a difference, heck you might get more points for being gay, so I don’t see the need for the declaration. Unless of course it was personalized homophobia and he hates the fact that someone might think he is gay.

  4. says

    thank gawd that crass heap of crud ain’t gay.
    his work is so foul, in comparison it makes Dolce Gabbana seem like quality.

  5. Bnajiboi says

    He looks very greasy. I glad he’s not gay, thank you. We already have uberdouche Tom Ford to live down.

    @ CRISPY

    Just stop it!!! :-)

  6. MiKEM says

    Wow! what a f….d up idea of ‘homo-sexuality”.., as if having emotions was the big indicator. Does he think we’ll buy into this? oh wait, most of america already does.. never mind.

  7. says

    I was trying to come up with a clever replique to “…She doesn’t even have to be naked to excite me” but the grease on his face kept distracting me! Oh well!

  8. pickles says

    I can vouch for Roberto and … for better or for worse, I, for one have never had gay sex with him.

    He does make some ROCKIN’ tranny shoes -In San Francisco it’s becoming quite de rigeur for trannies of a ‘certain age’ to wear Cavalli heels.

  9. Giovanni says

    Vulnerable young animals?!! Is this Peta Hall of Shamer kidding? Has anyone seen his house of horrors livingroom?

  10. Luis says

    Of course he’s not, he’s just a little bit poofy. I’m the only gayyyy in the villaaaggge!

  11. mike says

    Please! Ms. Cavalli has never NOT been gay. Somebody needs to put that tired old queen out of her misery.

  12. says

    Great. Given, he’s the only thing we’ve ever been thinking of, cuz he’s just so hot what, with his mini-mall name and cache, hise dreamy looks and c-list gay icons–i now feel like I can sleep at night knowing this leathery old man doesn’t want me. Whew. So glad, Gramps cleared up the issue for all of us.

  13. says

    The interview probably ended abruptly after the reporter said “Bitch please!” to him being straight.

  14. Alex Samuels says

    As a woman, why do gay men get so upset/ hurt/ angry when say they are not gay? Gay men always go on about how they find women disgusting and make jokes about ‘fish’ and ‘breeders’. And yet, when someone makes a comment about gays they get their knickers in a twist.

    Au revoir, ‘ladies’

  15. Caligula says

    I’m a model from Greece and have been in the business since I was 4 years old. After Gianni Versace was killed I began to work with Roberto Cavalli. He was one of my first major clients. He is a great man and I really care for him. I don’t know if he is gay, but I do know that he is crazy for women. He is a huge womanizer. He recently booked one of my countries top pop stars to be his muse and this was a big headline in Greece. Sometimes we go overboard with being a bit to harsh with somepeople. Roberto Cavalli doesn’t warrant such ridicule. Viva Roberto, la dolce vita. Se agapo agori mou.

  16. Vi Agara says

    Everyone here, stop right now, and tell me why the hell anyone in their right mind cares if this guy is gay or straight? I mean who give a sH.t? Really I am questioning why I am reading this blog lately. Later, Im going back to my life which I do have,for a fun Saturday night with homosexual men, who don’t know or care who this person is.