Three Men to Appear in Court for Sacramento Anti-Gay Assault

Three men — Micah Jontomo Tasaki, 21 (pictured), y Lee Winfield, 20, and Robert Lee Denor, 19 — are scheduled to appear in court today for a gay bashing that occurred in Sacramento just hours after the Supreme Court handed down its same-sex marriage decision on Thursday. It’s not known whether there is a connection between the two events.

Tasaki“The Thursday evening incident at a Sacramento gas station came just hours after the California Supreme Court issued a ruling overturning a state ban on same-sex marriages. A 23-year-old Sacramento man was sitting with another man in a car near the station’s restroom when the three suspects asked if he was a homosexual, Sacramento Police Officer Michelle Lazark said. The man said he was. When he got out of the car, the three men beat and kicked him, Lazark said. He did not require medical treatment. It was not immediately clear if the suspects were reacting to the court’s ruling, Lazark said. ‘It’s a gay-bashing. Gay slurs were used before they commenced to beating him,’ she said. ‘I don’t know if these guys were looking for someone or are just ignorant.’ … The victim of the Sacramento beating, who police would not name, identified his attackers, who were arrested near the gas station. Their cases are being reviewed by Sacramento County prosecutors, spokeswoman Tanisha Worthy said.”

Tasaki remains in jail after being unable to post $85,000 bond. Winfield and Denor both posted bond and are currently free.

Above, a photo of Tasaki from his Black Planet profile page.

Sacramento men arrested in what police say was ‘gay-bashing’ hours after court decision [ap]


  1. says

    So frakin’ sad that a black man needs to put down and beat another oppressed person [gay]. You’d think people would learn from their own history. But I guess human is as human does.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    Since when has “Tasaki” been a predominant african american last name?

    Not all brown people are African American. In fact most of the world is made up of brown people of differing shades where as non brown people come from a very very small section of the earth.

  3. David T says

    So, it’s 3 guys attacking 1, as usual. Cowards! This won’t stop until judges start giving serious sentences to the scum. In the meantime, anyone bothers me, well, let’s just say that we have special rights in Texas when it comes to defending yourself.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, ROBOCUB,

    you’re right and you’re wrong. Somebody else can explain–I don’t have the energy.

    But yes, all gay-bashers are cowardly trash(whether black trash or white trash). I’ve experienced almost all of my gay-bashing assaults (verbal & physical) from black trash, but I’m sure there are white gay folks who’ve received their bashing from white trash.

  5. Matthew Wayment says

    I’m really bothered that I actually live in Sacramento and this is the first I’m hearing about this incident. Typical. The morning news here DID however report on the location of a gay nude beach about 40 minutes East and on a trannie who robbed a Burger King.

  6. John says

    Unfortunately, this reaction isn’t all that surprising. The Central Valley is a whole different universe from the coastal cities. Which is why it actually matters a great deal that the California Supreme Court sits in San Francisco and not Sacramento.

    At least two of the Republican justices that voted for same-sex marriage (George and Kennard) has stated in interviews since the ruling that seeing same-sex couples getting married in 2004 from their chamber windows (even though it was ultimately illegal) had a profound impact on them.

    In order words, had California followed the tradition of having all branches of government in the state capitol, the outcome probably would’ve been very different. Most of the rurally based courts have either ruled against same-sex marriage or only favored civil union. The other two pro-gay marriage high courts?

    The Massachusetts SJC is based out of Boston, and the Hawaii Supreme Court is based in Honolulu. Urbanity does matter.

  7. says

    Ugh! He describes himself as a caring and compassionate person but yet he does this?
    Yeah JIMMYBOYO he says he’s Pacific Islander, Asian and Black. So I guess that makes African American. Are people actually serious when they link blackness to homophobia? Or are they just trying to be offensive?

  8. Paul R says

    I seriously wish they would relocate the state capital. Having it in Sacramento makes zero sense.

    And for the people quarreling over his race, I would venture that most people posting their photos on a site call Black Planet consider themselves African-American.

    If three dudes came up to me at a gas station and asked if I were gay, I’d say no. The victim here is either brave or stupid—and I mean no offense by that. Maybe he thought they were going to congratulate him on the ruling, but even still.

  9. Jimmyboyo says

    Paul R

    I can understand the desire for self preservation, but in my case I would say “Yes”

    But I am huge proponent of mandatory martial arts training/ self defense for all gays and lesbians. :-) Bash the fuckers back if they come up to you. Though my Akido training mandates me to state that a victory is in NOT resorting to violence.

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