Tom Cruise Coming Between Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley?


Jealousy between the male Gossip Girl stars apparently flared at the Met’s Costume Institute Ball when Tom Cruise showered all his attention on Crawford, the Daily News reports:

“The problem? Audiences have gone gaga for Chace. The girls and the gays alike have brought the buzz his way, thanks to smoldering good looks and boyish charm. ‘Penn was supposed to be the show’s break-out star and now it is obviously Chace, and Penn doesn’t like it,’ said one insider. In last week’s episode, Chace got no screen time at all while Penn was featured prominently. But jealousy still reared its head Monday night at the Met’s Costume Institute ball. Both Penn and Chace walked the red carpet, but it was Chace who was mobbed – and (OMG) invited to George Clooney’s after-party at Bungalow 8. To make matters worse, the king and queen of Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, gushed all over him. ‘Tom and Katie went up to Chace to say how much they love him and the show. They didn’t talk to any of the other cast members,’ our spy snitched. ‘Penn didn’t get any love.'”

Gossip Girl Guy: I’m Gay [tr]


  1. says

    First thing is first….

    In what world is Katie Holmes the “Queen of Hollywood” ?


    Anyways, Chace is absolutely stunning, but I have to say that Penn is much hotter to me. Dark, smoldering looks win over a super pretty guy any day IMHO. And I’m kinda ashamed to say this….but I would totally hook up with Ed Westwick (Chuck) and not tell anyone. Something about him just screams “hot, rough, dirty sex”.

  2. BusyTimmy says

    I have to be honest and say the Chace kid is a little too pretty for me. Penn wins in my book… although there’s something about his teeth I don’t like. God am I shallow.

  3. Steve says

    This is a stunningly vacuous post – how much more information on “Gossip Girls” will we suffering readers of Towleroad be exposed to?

  4. voodoolock says

    penn was my favorite at the beginning, but that whole deep-voiced, responsible teen thing is really starting to bug. i mean whenever a father/son relationship gets to the level of the teenaged son giving advice to the dad, i immediately want to puke. these things only happen on television. it’s chase all the way, imho.

  5. Jimmyboyo says


    I thought the same thing.

    Tom and Katie were begining the brainwashing “We can help you deal with those gay rumors. get you married off to a good scientology girl that won’t ever talk, etc”

  6. JTluvr says

    Chase is just the person Scientology wants: Up-and-coming young star, sexually “ambigious” but mostly likely on the Hollywood DL, dogged by rumors, and lots of disposible income. The grooming is just beginning.

    And besides, I’m sure Tom would like to personally “tutor” him. He’d make a nice little plaything.

  7. hollywood mo's says

    But what about Clooney stealing Chase off to his afterparty. I think Georgy boy is a bigger homo than Tommy boy is. Clooney had his hands all over cutie E! host Jamie Kennedy in an interview a month or so ago. He likes those young boys! Yummy!

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    Hollywood Mo’s

    The rumor is Clooney is an S/M top dom who likes them super young (barely legal) and likes to hurt them bad.

    If Chace pops up with lots of bruises then yeah, Clooney was all over him.

  9. Gossip Gurrrrl says

    I’m sure Tom was just doing a little bonding with a fellow sister. Eyewitness reports have it that Chace is not only gay, but he’s not very discrete about it either.

    I don’t see the appeal, he’s too girly looking, probably a screamer in bed. Penn is a million times hotter, I’d do anything to have a roll in the sack with that boy.

    Of course of the show’s ratings get any worse, none of that will matter because they’ll both be forgotten in record time.


  10. Bojo says

    Tom Cruise twice in one day is two too many times in any given period of time. Sorry, but I have NEVER like Tom. Tom is not cute, not handsome, not an actor, not anything.

  11. Chad says

    Penn is SO much hotter. No contest at all.

    And PLEASE, enough with Tom Cruise already, it’s bad enough he was on Oprah last week. Who cares about him? Hasn’t the world had enough of his craziness? He makes Britney look normal.

  12. MarkInLA says

    “….the king and queen of Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes….”

    Most certainly, a typo…didn’t you mean “the clown and his jester”…

  13. ato says

    Well for all you guys know, its chase and Ed Westwick hooking up…PHilton got lots of shot/photos where the two are so lovely dovey off cam….

    the two are literally a couple and hot one too!

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