1. David T says

    Well, what a dick. FOX deserves him. And he’s not even very bright.

    We have a theory in my business: Many people are dicks to cover for their intellectual shortcomings.

  2. says

    well, at least it was over something important 😉 sting is the devil in disguise!

    somebody needs some remedial kindergarten to learn about appropriate public behaviors.

  3. alguien says

    i laughed so much i was in danger of spraying all over my computer screen.

    i’m impressed that he was able to go from deranged freak from hell to smooth tv host without as much as missing a beat.

    his improvised closing remarks were actually better than the ones he was reading.

    other than that, i agree with everything else that was posted.

  4. Caligula says

    That is well before his Fox show and I hope his puritan fans get to see this man who seriously has a problem. Now at least when I here of him saying something outlandish on “The Factor” I won’t be as surprised. Someone should send this to CNN, they would love it. So would Rosie or George Clooney.

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