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Becks on the Beach for Armani


This is apparently one of the new David Beckham images that he'll be unveiling today at a ceremony for Emporio Armani at San Francisco's Macy's this evening. Enjoy.

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  1. OK, fine, David--YOU WIN! I'd fuck you in a heartbeat, metrosexuality, hairless body, stupid tattoos and all! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! Thanks for breaking my will AND the zipper on my jeans.

    Just when I though I was out...he pulls me back in...

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 4:37:13 PM

  2. I just hope he doesn't hate fags too much.

    Posted by: Ty | Jun 18, 2008 4:42:43 PM

  3. ^Are you serious? Heterosexuality not withstanding, he IS a fag.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 4:44:22 PM

  4. Looks like he's got a baseball cup jammed down there. That CAN'T be all him.

    Can it?

    Posted by: Joe | Jun 18, 2008 4:48:02 PM

  5. Judging from how I've seen his baby maker bounce around on the soccer pitch and how tight those briefs probably are, I'd say there's a very strong chance that's all him, JOE.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 4:52:01 PM

  6. hmmm - that bulge looks suspiciously non-anotomically correct. Even if he's hung like a tractor pipe I would still expect to see a little knuckle on that moose. It looks a little too uniformly curved - like a photoshop bulge enhancement.

    Posted by: kipp | Jun 18, 2008 4:53:55 PM

  7. I guess Vicky is right, he does have the right stuff. I wonder if he is uncut, now that would be hot.

    Posted by: davefromtampa | Jun 18, 2008 4:57:56 PM

  8. They look like that when they're large and uncut, miss thing.

    Posted by: Ty | Jun 18, 2008 5:00:51 PM

  9. Actually uncut is slightly stinky, too sensetive around the head, and no friction in the va-jay-jay.

    Posted by: Ty | Jun 18, 2008 5:03:21 PM

  10. The only sexy character this brand of underwear possesses is Beckham's image itself.
    He is totally neutered by such pissy, crass and precious over-design.

    Posted by: A.J. | Jun 18, 2008 5:05:02 PM

  11. It's real. Y'all just don't want to believe an Englishman can be that gifted. Maybe his family's from South Africa and somewhere along the family tree, the men got gifted.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jun 18, 2008 5:06:16 PM

  12. DAVE, uncut is pretty much the norm outside of North America.

    KIPP, I dunno...they probably have professional junk adjusters on hand for stuff like this. Now imagine having THAT job.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 5:06:58 PM

  13. I don't care if he is hung like a baby. There's lots I could do with the rest.

    Posted by: Marco | Jun 18, 2008 5:10:05 PM

  14. I do sit-ups in my underwear too!!!

    Celebrities, they're just like us.

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 18, 2008 5:10:34 PM

  15. OFF TOPIC (Sorry!): I just watched Luke Russert speak at his father's funeral and I think I'm officially in love with him. The composure and good humor with which he's handled himself these last few days has been nothing short of...well, I don't even know the word for it but it's definitely a good one. Were I in his position I'd be a big puddle of raw nerves and grief. Tack on to it that he's awkwardly handsome and a model student and you've got husband material at its purest.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 5:35:49 PM

  16. Chas, does he have more than one son? The son that I have seen in the media may be somewhat eloquent (somewhat) but dude is hardly handsome and is pudgy to boot!

    is there a second son?

    just asking

    Posted by: Dave | Jun 18, 2008 5:48:49 PM

  17. LOL DAVE...It's the same guy. And I did say AWKWARDLY handsome :p I think he's gorgeous when he smiles; his whole face lights up. Then again, the guys who do it for me are usually acquired tastes.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 5:58:00 PM

  18. Chas- If he's crosseyed with zits and fat bulges you KNOW he will be a much more attentive and loving husband! Good for you for figuring that out about men!!!

    Posted by: Ty | Jun 18, 2008 6:06:48 PM

  19. He usually doesn't do it for me but this picture is very sexy. Of course, after reading an article about how thoroughly almost every celebrity and model image you see has been photo-shopped, I wonder what the original picture actually looked like.

    Posted by: David | Jun 18, 2008 6:11:58 PM

  20. Sorry. Un-uh. This man does not do it for me no matter how they photograph him. I'm not into the "Look at Me-Look at Me!" type.

    Posted by: Biffy | Jun 18, 2008 6:23:29 PM

  21. TY

    I kinda just go for guys based more on personal qualities than physical qualities. Sure, I like looking at hot guys as much as the next ho'bro, but if I don't see anything IN them that I can appreciate and respect, it's like "MEH". For example, I still think Shia LeBeouf is an exceptionally handsome guy, but I'll never crush on him the way I did before "that" video because I lost so much respect for him.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 6:27:03 PM

  22. Now THIS ad will move some underpants! Much better than that last one.

    Posted by: Michael | Jun 18, 2008 6:27:37 PM

  23. Now THIS ad will move some underpants! Much better than that last one.

    Posted by: Michael | Jun 18, 2008 6:28:30 PM

  24. Now THIS ad will move some underpants! Much better than that last one.

    Posted by: Michael | Jun 18, 2008 6:28:40 PM

  25. isn't he staring at the fluffer that just walked away?

    Posted by: little edie | Jun 18, 2008 6:58:20 PM

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