1. Chas says

    That child is as beautiful as his music. I <3 Jay x1000.

    I already have the track (he has an EP available on iTunes) but thanks for the offer, Andy.

  2. Alex says

    Jay is such a sweetie. He was the entertainment at my opening night party last year.

    And he’s so pretty I wanted to crawl under a rock. LOL.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, he is exquisite. Did y’all watch the “special feature” section on the DVD of “Short Bus”? Well, the actor who “tossed salad” on Jay while singing “The Star Spangled Banner” said that all Jay was concerned with was that his booty smelled ok. I thought that was so adorable…and considerate.

    Actually, it might have been the director who mentioned that. Well, anyway, I’m glad Jay’s career continues to bloom. Another brave openly gay artist.

  4. JX says

    I’m a big fan of Jay, love him and his music.

    That said, I don’t care much for the production on this track. The violin solos are too deliberate and blue-grassy. This track, at least its original version, is fragile, insecure, reckoning. The acoustic guitar work is delicate and echoes that mood, the violin takes away from that.

    I think this track best stands naked with just acoustic guitar and vocals

  5. Austin Brower says

    I would like this version but for the violin. JX’s comment is spot on, but I can live with the bass, it gives good depth to the song.

    Can’t wait to buy this!

  6. jbb says

    half-boyfriend or housewife – i would fill either of these roles..i am in love with the soulful sweet spirit that is jay brennan

  7. jbb says

    …of course, as his half-boyfriend, i would spell his name correctly….jay brannan, you are superb

  8. clayton says

    hes my favorite and i can’t wait for the album, i already bought housewife as a single in on itunes.
    however, i agree that the violin is too much on this song. jays lyrics and voice are powerful, and dont need to be weighed down.
    Love you Jay!

  9. Parker says

    As an avid ‘Shortbus’ fan, thanks for the heads-up on Jay’s upcoming release. Some shortcomings, but all-in-all he’s got a beautiful, soulful voice.

  10. says

    Thanks Andy for posting this. I have yet to see Shortbus so I’ve never seen this cutey. I love his voice and will buy his album. Out and Proud on top of it…..we’ve come a long way baby.

  11. says

    Rich: When Jay is over 30, over 35, and over 40, Andy’ll post about him. Maybe it’d be helpful to suggest some people who might be appropriate?

    I love Jay’s music. There’s a sweetness and gentleness to it that’s intoxicating.

  12. Id says

    Jay is an awesome artist. I love him. I too like the originals but then that is the beauty of admiring an artist as he grows. I have been fortunate to hear him when it is so simple; just him, his words & his beauty.

    Come back to Vancouver soon Jay.


  13. jack says

    i have been following jay’s career since finding him on youtube a couple years ago. i still haven’t seen shortbus, although i very much want to, but i have gotten to know the man, and he is as sweet and unassuming as they come. he answers his own fanmail, for cripes sake.

    may he finaly become comfortable in his own skin, and BELIEVE all the good things he hears about himself, because they are all true.


  14. says

    “Housewife” is quite and nice song, music.
    Lyrics are so cute and beautiful.
    I discover that’s song on “face book”.
    Now I’m waiting for his album to buy in FRANCE. I hope it will be sell in FNAC music store or in other shop of music !