1. EatTheRich says

    Gentle readers, the solution is indeed
    simple. Take their guns, dress an equivalent
    number of human friends of polar bears
    in polar bear costumes, and
    then have them use the guns to send the original perps to extinction. In fact the perps bodies should be unrecognizable after the justice is exacted. Then give the poor bear a peaceful final resting place and take the remains of the perps and feed them to the fishes.

  2. says

    Holy crap. I can’t bring myself to watch the vid. Iceland has always been a Utopia in my mind; apparently that is not the case. Reality sucks.

    People are so stupid.

  3. Yeek says

    Any of you horrified posters who have a gigantic, fuel-inefficient car or enormous fucking house should go fuck yourselves. The rest of you – I agree. It sucks.

  4. Matt says


    While this is a sad story, the correct classification of the Polar Bear is Vunerable. On May 14th 2008 the Department of the Interior listed it as a threatened species only under the Endangered Species Act.

  5. peterparker says

    I hate to admit this, but YEEK is right–this is a tragedy that was caused not solely be the numbnuts with the guns, but by everyone who contributes to the warming of the planet by driving fuel inefficient cars.

  6. Mark Swanson says

    There must be a website everyone can bombard with outraged e-mails. The Icelandic police? Government? The town council of Bunghole or whatever. Give me e-mail addresses please! Somebody must know.

  7. noah says

    We all know, as Bush and McCain believe, Global Warming is a myth. The polar caps aren’t really melting, the oceans aren’t rising.

    BTW, I think Lex Luthor had it right, the new oceanside property of the 21st Century will be Nevada! Let’s just hope Superman doesn’t show up and fly counterclockwise around the Earth and mess up what could be a great real estate prospect for the western Vegas suburbs to be the new Malibu.

    Go McCain!

  8. crispy says

    Actually, Matt, if you’re going to be a stickler for terms, the correct classification of the polar bear is “threatened” … which is not the same thing as “vulnerable.” It’s a step beyond.

    In any case, the polar bear is protected under the Endangered Species Act as you mentioned… so endangered is a fair term.

  9. crispy says

    My gawd, Noah, you are a retard. You don’t even have your conservative talking points right.

    Both Bush and McCain believe global warming (or “climate change” as some like to call it) is occurring. No one disputes that anymore. In fact, McCain has made global warming a big part of his platform. The argument now is whether it is man-made or a naturally occurring phenomenon.

    Ya know, I could actually respect your conservative views if you knew what you were talking about. But you’re just an idiot.

  10. bosie says

    Thank you Andy…..BASTARDS, If we could only shoot asshol*s That pose a threat also, i would be shooting nonstop….What an idiotic excuse….PIGS PIGS PIGS, they deserve jailtime

  11. says

    Though Iceland’s large population of redneck hillbillies tearing up pristine landscapes in giant SUV’s and shooting guns, drunk off their asses, does make it *feel* like the US sometimes, technically, it’s a different country, so the Endangered Species Act does not apply.

  12. Christopher says

    Here’s the email I just sent the minister of the enviroment:

    I’m appalled that your ministry authorized the unnecessary and cruel killing of an exhausted animal that just swam 200 miles after its home melted from under its feet. Yes, I’m an American and yes we cause the majority of global warming and are responsible for holding back international efforts to curb emissions. Yes, I’m part of the problem. But in the meantime, can’t we all just exercise a little humanity in dealing with the effects of global warming on the rest of the planet?

  13. Charles says

    Why do you call them pigs? Would pigs do this kind of thing?

    The ones guilty of this despicable act – and so many others – are humans.

  14. Andy says

    Wow! Isn’t there a single thinking person on this board? Polar bears are some of the most amazing animals on the Planet. They are also probably the most perfect killers. A starving Polar Bear is no “poor puppy” but a ferocious carnivore that can kill a grown man in seconds. The Iceland Police did what they had to do to protect people. Would you want an extremely dangerous killer walking around in your neighborhood? But the photo posing was really bad taste, I agree on that.

  15. I before E says

    I think it’s pig hunting season in Iceland. Their typical habitat/hideout: multi-color cars with sirens & flashing lights on top. Often they’ll have guns and badges, but little intelligence and humanity.

    Shoot to kill.

  16. says

    Andy said it perfectly: This is so sad.

    Our treatments of animals, as humans, is the one thing I am most ashamed of. When I see bears in the Western Mountains being killed because they got into somebody’s garbage – when I think about the cats and dogs that get abandoned and put to death – when I see how farmers treat non-free-range chickens – when I hear stories like this, it all makes me so, so sad. I guess it’s a reflection of how we often treat each other.

  17. Andy says

    Let’s not insult pigs. They are actually sweet animals – much more intelligent then these things.

    These creatures are savages, barbarians, and living waste material that should be destroyed.

  18. Kyle says

    That sh*t pisses me off! Shoot the damn bastards. I wish the polar bear would have worked up a good appetite before the shot went off.
    Proof positive animals are many times more civil then human beings.
    Sick f8cks! posing for the picture as if it’s something to be proud of with their old war horse geezer smug smiles.

  19. Banne says

    There’s an email address at the beginning of the video:

    While I tend to agree that everyone has contributed to the phenomenon that led to a polar bear even having to swim 200 miles to reach Iceland and while I do agree that they are dangerous animals, it seems there were alternatives to killing it. And what is worse is the terrible marksmanship that required two shots to down the animal in the first place. I realize the level of crime in Iceland amounts to Bjork beating up paps in the airport, but you would have thought he could have tried to get a little closer to kill the bear if he was that bad of a shot. Worst case would have been the bear would have eaten him then not been hungry and they could have then sedated it before it killed anyone else.

  20. says

    Holy crap. I’m actually in Iceland on vacation right now, and a friend just sent me this link. Our tour guide told us about this story this morning, and it sounded like such a remarkable tale of a polar bear’s survival… until the guide shared the terrible twist ending. I had no idea this would be international news, but I’m glad it is. I was horrified when I heard it, and I’m glad to hear others are, too.

  21. Rey says

    I’d like to see Bjork go off and kick their asses like she did that reporter in Asia.

    She could probably enlist the help of the remains of the Sugarcubes and Gus Gus as well.

  22. paul says

    There are between four and five times as many polar bears today as there were 40 years ago. People may choose to call them endangered for their own political goals, but the facts tell a different story.

    If this had been a tiger in Asia or a lion in Africa and the people doing the shooting had not been white, I am sure that you would not all be saying such judgemental and hateful things about them.

    Killing an animal is very sad to me also, but as I’m not a vegetarian, I find it difficult to become overly hypocritical about the matter. What would you be saying if the bear had eaten a child? Is that as sad to you? I bet that it’s not for most of you.

  23. Eric says

    (as if you can put a figure on the last few polar bears remaining)


    THE ESA IS ONE LITTLE “PIECE OF PAPER” (as George Bush refers to things like the U.S. Constitution!) that is LITERALLY and BARELY KEEPING MANY SPECIES HERE ON THIS PLANET!!

  24. alicia says

    No, they’re tracking polar bears better and keeping a few more in captivity, but their natural habitat is changing and is ever more limited. That is the fact.
    Hence, this bear has to swim 200 miles (?!) to find land. They are not fish, BY THE WAY!!!
    There is no excuse for shooting down a bear in cold blood that was not a present threat, especially in a country that has relatively few human occupants anyway… Call in the Veterinarian, not the goon squad.

  25. says

    “Well, I guess Americans aren’t the only ones with a “NRA mentality”.”

    Thanks for the unnecessary slur. This isn’t an “NRA mentality”, this is a violent murderous domination, a senseless brutality mentality.

    A true sportsman like most NRA members DO NOT KILL FOR PLEASURE. A true sportsman respects the environment, the ecosystem, and his prey, and does not kill indiscriminately, but only – ONLY – for food.

  26. crispy says

    Holy WTF, Batman! How did someone get from shooting a polar bear to charges of racism?

    I’ve seen some fucked up comments on this site over the years, but that one takes the cake.

  27. tc says

    I just wrote a post about the beautiful cone-nose rays off KEY WEST….and then this…I though I would NEVER live to see it..cancer-AIDS didn’t get me yet!…NOPE…a fucking helpless,beautiful polar bear ends his life in front guns…we are, as a people, fucking disgustingly hopeless….I hope the people of planet earth listen up to this one incident…PLEASE!!…kleenex plz!

    I am sorry Mr. polar bear for what we did to you


  28. James Sullivan says

    How can these bastards pose so proudly in this photo! Sadly this photo simply sums up the overwhelming attitude mankind has toward the environment. So Sad..

  29. Oscar says

    Boycott Iceland.Go skiing someplace else and let them know why you are going someplace else and not to Iceland.Son-of-a-Bitches.Their island should blow up with the volcanoes under them and that will not be even enough for them.

  30. paul says

    That’s right, Oscar. Everyone in Iceland should die in an explosion because someone shot a bear. And what should happen in the USA where there are murders of humans and bears every day? You also do realize that the polar bear kills other animals every single day, right? Get out of your left-wing cartoon world people.

  31. Caligula says

    The main problem here is loss of habitat for the polar bear. They frequently swim this long to find land nowadays. Blaming these people is just, but a deeper problem exists here. Iceland is a small country and not many people life there. It’s capital is not a major city. If a polar bear wondered into your neighborhood what would you do if you happened to be in the street at the time and not in your home. I’m from Athens and have been swimming all my life and the occasional great white will show up and nobody waits for animal rescue workers. The fisherman go after it immediately. Iceland still hunts wails and eats rotten shark, whatelse can you ssy about my fellow Europeans. As an animal activist, I leave them alone. There are worse offenders out there at the moment. Iceland for the most part is an amazing country. Very progressive and very innovative.

  32. Thorir says

    Ok, let’s get it out of the way, I’m Icelandic! And let me tell you, that stupid decision of shooting that polar bear was as contraversial in Iceland as anywhere. Don’t judge a whole nation by the judgement of a few people. Just as I won’t judge you by the decisions of your president…
    And I’m not even going to go to that place of “polar bear being hungry and dangerous after a long swim”, it’s true but no reason for a kill is there.

    And as for you (a lot of you by the looks of it) narrow minded gay (?) Americans, look at the video on page one on this website now (a human being being hit by a car and left there…as an animal) and you will find all about what’s wrong with America today.

    Look a bit closer people.

  33. says

    This is very sad. The effects of global warming will soon reach us all in ways most of us have never imagined. Just like this poor Polar Bear exhausted and hungry after his long journey, many of the poorest people on the planet will pay the ultimate price as a result of global warming. Its really sad that gas had to hit $4.00 per gallon for us to finally realize that we need to drive more fuel efficient cars.

  34. Richard Corbett says

    It hurts to have one’s heart broken so early on a Sunday morning. Truly, I like the meanest animals more than I like the nicest people.

  35. Hephaestion says

    This is very sad, but every country has some assholes in it. Overall Iceland is a great place, but yes it has some trigger happy assholes in it just like we do in America. But this incident pales in comparison to the countless thousands of innocent people killed by America’s ill-conceived war in Iraq or the countless thousands suffering and dying daily here due to our barbaric health care system.

  36. Caranney says

    Just had to comment.Polar Bears eat fish/seals/walrus;not humans,not Icelanders etc…etc..I live near “Churchill.Ca” where signs post “Do Not Feed the Bears!!!” I think those signs should read “Please Feed the Bears”!!! quote – unquote.Just for example: How would you like to swim 200mi.+ and someone shoot you down-2 shots to be exact and die starving and wounded etc…?This is absolute insanity and (the killers) of these endangered bears should be treated exactly the same way…This is to me extremist and the only proof that animals are smarter than humans – quote/unquote!!!!

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