1. 1truBob says

    sorry to quibble, but, for the record, Bourne’s Swan Lake is not all male. The swans are (all) male, and of course it’s they who are seared into our minds. The production also includes some female roles — The Queen and a purported girlfriend of The Prince, as well as ball guests, maids, etc. — which are (at least usually) danced by women. see .

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Bourne does with Dorian. I can’t imagine how an ad campaign will age and be hidden away like the painting did. But I’ll buy a ticket to see, and be ready to suspend disbelief.

  2. jugomono says

    Hmm…Dorian/Pact with the Devil starring Malcolm McDowell and Ethan Ericson. Interesting but not a great movie with same plot of male model, blah, blah, blah…

  3. Jason in the NYC says

    I’m sorry …is he suppose to be attractive? Ribcages looking like they are about to burst out my screen and poke my eyes out. Is that suppose to be cute? Toned is one thing, but malnourished or overly muscular? no thank thankyou. Give me a beefy man built like a football player who can carry some weight any day.

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