News: Polo, Jeff Gannon, Jerusalem, Sacha Baron-Cohen, Banksy

road.jpg With Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem set for Thursday, Haredim choose this year to avoid public protest.

Lopezroad.jpg Mario Lopez attempts to recreate a classic.

road.jpg VV: Why isn’t anyone fucking anymore? “The city has shut down all but two bathhouses and every known sex club in Manhattan, as well as citing bars, clubs, and private parties where inspectors find any men-on-men action. The few entrepreneurs still out there complain about apathy and different priorities among younger gay men.”

road.jpg Nomination of homophobic surgeon general James Holsinger may be dead: “Sen. Jim Bunning (R., Ky.), a staunch supporter of surgeon general nominee James W. Holsinger Jr., suggested yesterday that the doctor’s quest for the top U.S. medical post is at an end. During a telephone news conference, Bunning said he doubted the nomination would move forward. He cited the Democratic leadership’s blockage of several Bush administration-backed judicial appointments. ‘They are not moving any positions of consequence,’ he said.”

road.jpg May 15: Universal sets release date for Sacha Baron-Cohen comedy about gay Austrian journalist Bruno.

Banksychimproad.jpg Banksy works exceed expectations at London urban art auctions.

road.jpg Washington Times columnist >Wes Pruden cavalier over millions of AIDS deaths: “We were all supposed to be dead now, done in by AIDS, the gift of the gays. After that it was SARS, bequeathed to the world by China. Then it was avian flu, which, to be fair to the alarmists, did in fact result in the deaths of millions. The millions were all chickens, true, but chickens have feelings, too. You could ask the folks at PETA.”

road.jpg Rex Wockner chronicles the same-sex marriages in San Diego in photos.

road.jpg Prince Harry gets in uniform to honor Britain’s fallen.

road.jpg Gay Polo League plays in first tournament ever.

road.jpg Slate: Gay culture war about to turn chemical. “If the idea of chemically suppressing homosexuality in the womb horrifies you, I have bad news: You won’t be in the room when it happens. Parents control medical decisions, and surveys indicate that the vast majority of them would be upset to learn that their child was gay. Already, millions are screening embryos and fetuses to eliminate those of the “wrong” sex. Do you think they won’t screen for the ‘wrong’ sexual orientation, too?”

Cristianoroad.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo and the sweet taste of success.

road.jpg Keanu Reeves frolics in the surf.

road.jpg LETTER: The full letter from The Rt Rev Richard Chartres to Rev Martin Dudley following Dudley’s marriage of two gay priests.

road.jpg Jeff Gannon now blogging at the National Press Club.

road.jpg Germany divided over prospect of gay Lutheran bishop: ” Horst Gorski, a senior cleric from Hamburg, is standing for the post of bishop of Schleswig in northern Germany against Gerhard Ulrich, a senior cleric from the Schleswig area. The incumbent bishop is retiring in September. Gorski is a widely respected theologian and he helped set up a centre for gay and lesbian Lutheran pastors. His open homosexuality angers some Lutheran conservatives who argue his election as bishop would leave many Christians with no spiritual home.”

road.jpg Pittsburgh paper: Rural gays isolated, but still stigmatized.


  1. Chas says

    I couldn’t be less attracted to Cristiano Ronaldo if I were straight. Swollen ass and all, he looks like a Eurotrash porpoise to me AND he’s full-of-himself crybaby. As tired as I am of David Beckham I’d still take him over that douche any day.

    Damn we newfangled uppity gays and our lack of dependence on bathhouses and sex clubs to get laid! Glorious and decadent as I’m sure the Age of the Fuck was, I’m kinda glad the majority of us are past it. I mean hey, get in where you fit in and have at it, but I like snatching dick the new fashioned way: dating.

  2. says

    I don’t know. After I got out of a relationship (really bad, bad, bad breakup), going to a sex club here in NYC (sadly gone now) helped me get over it. I couldn’t really bring myself to date anyone and the internet thing can be frustrating (I live in Brooklyn, and I think I’ve slept with all 4 gay men in my neighborhood). My relationship with my ex did a lot of damage to my self esteem and 86-ed my sexuality and it felt good to be able to go get laid and have fun without dealing with the whole emotional part (which I was dealing with in therapy).

    I think given the time and place, sex clubs and parties can be fun.

    Almost 3 years later, I really have no need for them . . . but I was glad to have had the option 3 years ago.

  3. Chas says

    ALEX, I can see where you’re coming from, buddy. Like I said, get in where you fit in (at whatever time) and have at it.

    I’m just one of those unfortunate creatures who can’t separate sex from emotion. I’ve tried to have sex without “feeling” anything for the guy but it’s pretty much hopeless for me. I’m an emotional person to begin with and relations/relationships only heighten it.

  4. says

    Chas, I’m pretty much the same way. That one time after my breakup was the only time I felt all I wanted was a lot of sex and absolutely no emotional connection. I needed that for a year. Now I’m in the dating pool, which is another can of frustrating worms.

    Thank god I have two cats that like to cuddle LOL!

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    I understand, CHAS, you can’t help but feel something for the guy. Shoot, he better give me something I can feel…but I’m not a size queen, mind you.

    I’ve defended sex in the great outdoors (public parks, public beaches, the White House lawn), but I never was into the bath-houses. THe all night movie theater came in handy in the 90s, but they hated me–I always washed my hands with Clorox Bleach afterwards…the smell was over-powering, I guess. But I’d sure follow Mario Lopez into the bath-house…hell, I’d follow that papi into the outhouse.

  6. Johnny P says

    It’s because the raunchy, uninhibited public sex of the 70’s ,80’s and even 90’s was in defiance of the secretive, hidden, shameful sex of the years prior. We don’t have that shame anymore (as much) and thus don’t have the need to rebel against it.

  7. rudy says

    ‘Attempts’ is the operative term for Mario’s efforts. And I see Cristi is still rockin’ the faux-hawk/mullet combo. Nothing left to do but go have serial anonymous sex (yeah, right, old married man of thrity years). 😉

  8. says

    I don’t know how many people were having raunchy sex in the 80s with AIDS running rampant. The early 90s were odd. I was sexually active for four years before anal sex ever entered the picture. No one did it much then (at least here in the Big Apple). I think the resurgence of sex clubs and go-go boys were a response to AIDS more than shame or homophobia.

  9. Chas says

    Speaking of anal sex, when and why did it become definitive of gay sex?

    I know it can feel good and whatever, but the damage it can do to your rectum (or your colon depending on what goes up there) and the fact that it’s the most dangerous kind of sex you can have disease-wise has always put me off. I’ve never done it and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “when and why did it (anal sex) become definitive of gay sex?

    Well, I don’t rightly know when it became definitive of gay sex, but I can tell you when it became definitive of straight sex: 1978 (Vanessa DelRio, she started it)–that’s all you saw in straight porn. EVerything we do, they follow right after us. Right now, in straight porn, they got women “tossin’ salad” on men. But some people tell me, “that aint nothin’ new.” So, I guess anal sex among men (gay, straight, DL, closet “Larry Craig” cases) aint nothin’ new either.

    If I had to guess, I’d say anal sex became definitive of gay sex about 12,000 BC, probably Olive Oil had just be discovered–just in time!

  11. Chas says

    LMAO…DERRICK, darling, you’re the best. I love that you’re a straight-porn afficianado as well as a gay-sex vet. You’re so well rounded 😉

  12. Sam Gillespie says

    And only one person mentions what a poor re-creation of the Wahlberg picture he has produced?

    I must be the only gay that doesn’t find Lopez that attractive. From what’s picked up and reported in the media, his personality turns me off….

  13. anon says

    I don’t think they’ll have a test for gayness in the womb anytime soon. Genetic testing so far has come up blank. The difficulty is that there are no families where everyone is gay, so isolating the genes would be difficult. That, and pregnancy itself may play a role, which makes testing even more difficult.

    It’s hard to discern present attitudes towards sex if the city makes it illegal. What about Chicago and Atlanta? They still have all those bathhouses?

  14. Chas says

    SAM, you’re definitely NOT the only gay who doesn’t find Lopez attractive. In the twenty years he’s been in the public eye I’ve never once thought he was hot. Too pretty, too cocky, too oily, and way too slick.

    EVAN–no, I don’t care about gay eugenics. I’m not the least bit worried it’ll ever come to fruition. I’m not going to sit here biting my nails when I could be living my life–or drooling over a hot guy, be he gay, straight, bi, or indifferent.

  15. Dan says

    Evan, yes there are concerns about gay eugenics, I hope that by the time they figure it all out, people will have moved beyond the need for choosing sexual orientation. Wishful thinking, I guess.

    What I can think about is, maybe gay couples will want to have gay kids.

  16. Ruddigore says

    The only reason Mario Lopez is posing in his undies is because his A Chorus Line bitch fight with Nick Adams resulted in Mr. Adams getting an underwear modeling contract. Like the 2xist people said about Nick Adams, “He’s younger, sexy, more interesting.”

  17. Paul R says

    Chas, with enough lubrication and patience, not to mention the right partner, you may very well come to enjoy anal sex. And it won’t damage your rectum. I’m like you—can’t have sex without emotion. But I did date a guy for 15 years, and came to enjoy anal sex quite a lot. Oddly enough, for the first few years I was on bottom, then we switched and never looked back.

    On a completely unrelated note, I would like to bitch about the fact that one of my new neighbors knocked on my door at 12:15 last night invited me up for a nightcap. Even though it was a work night, I went—mainly because he was tipsy and I wanted to make out with someone for the first time in way too long.

    Turns out the fucker is straight. Welcome to San Francisco, where the straights act gayer than I do. So annoying. And now I’m tired as hell today.

  18. Chas says

    Thanks for the info, PAULIE. I dunno…maybe I’ll get the guts to try it one day. And you dated a guy for 15 years?! Jesus Christ on bicycle! That’s amazing.

  19. Paul says

    I have 2 comments…1) Mario is hot I don’t care what anybody says. I mean look at that build and he is in his late 30’s. Course most men worth looking at today are older. Secondly, those who put down the bathouses…either have never been or are just prudes. I am in a relationship and every so often, for fun, we go to the bathouse. you just have to protect yourself.

  20. Paul R says

    Paul, to each his own. I could never enjoy completely anonymous sex; I probably couldn’t even perform. I’ve had one-night stands, and threeways with my ex, and other situations where I wasn’t all that close to the other guy…but I had at least talked to them a little while first. And actually, I just remembered I was dragged to a bathhouse by a friend of mine many, many years ago and I hated every aspect of it and couldn’t wait to leave. That said, I’m not judging you, and I don’t think I’m a prude.

    Chas, thanks. These things take time.

  21. Shane says

    Paul R: damn, our dating histories are eerily alike. I ended a 15 1/2 year relationship last Nov. I was 20 when we met and I now find myself “dating retarded” because I am just learning how to date. First guy I dated seriously after the breakup turned out to be a sadistic psychological mess – boy was that a sucky way to start my dating experiences. Anyway, best of luck.

    The Slate article was disturbing on so many levels. It’s like they think we’re a disease that needs to be cured.

  22. Shane says

    What’s the deal with Ronaldo’s pseudo-mullet? God I hope those mullets don’t become popular here – Chelsea girls are hard enough to look at already. 😉

  23. alex from Germany says

    Germany divided over prospect of gay Lutheran bishop

    Neither this story made it to surface nor is Germany divided over it. Be careful with your words andy!

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