1. says

    I have yet to understand English people’s contempt with anything anal (or sexual for that matter). Almost all of the vilest insults(redundant, i know) in the english language have a sexual connotation to them. Is it subconscious obsession or what?

  2. banjiboi says

    So, I suppose the critique was since he already has the broomstick stuck up his ass, it would be really great if he just “relax a little bit more” and just “get down into it”.

    Hmmmm. I guess that’s hot.

    But was the initial comment even necessary? The majority of the audience, most of whom I assumed was straight, seemed to agree with me.

  3. Dan says

    While I do think it was a bit rude, the comment really was meant to illustrate how stiff and straight his back was during that performance. I don’t agree with the simile he used, but the criticism was warranted.

  4. jack says

    thanks for making a point of that. i enjoyed most of that show… except the judging which i thought was highly manipulative. and matt surprised me by being one of the MOST character projecting of the dancers. i hope the sleaziness of that comment influences his votes upward rather than down.

  5. jack says

    and in rejoinder to the previous poster, matt is 6’3″ if i recall. if he is going to have any proper back line at ALL he is going to present a long straight line. AND his partner was 5’9″ herself, just shy 6″ in heels. the show, and nigel in particular, has a problem with classically trained dancers.

  6. Zeke says

    I agree with Dan. The comment was off color and perhaps rude but I don’t think it was meant to be in any way malicious, insulting or homophobic. He was attempting, POORLY, to give constructive criticism by making the very valid point that the kid was too stiff and upright through his performance and needed to loosen up and relax.

    As for the other couple featured above, WOW, just WOW! That was absolutely AMAZING. Brought a tear to my eye.

  7. Sebastian says

    Andy, you are the best at keeping us posted by the slurs of these vile cretins, be they the alleged ‘cute’ ones like Lebeof or as ‘foul’ as this thing. It never ceases to amaze me how they can say trash like this and keep a job, but, the last group to be freely insulted are gays, as long as the person doing it can make some money for someone.

    Thank God I don’t own a TV if this is the tripe that they put on it.

  8. Leland Frances says

    Lithgoe has his kinder moments but, inevitably, his true self—a pig with about 47 teeth too many—emerges. It’s another sad commentary on the dumbing down both intellectually and morally, as it were, that American TV viewers have come to so tolerate the latest species of broadcast villain: the British asshat whose schtick is to often be as cruel as possible. I stopped watching this show’s audition milking once it was clear that, even worse than Idol, a certain amount of time was invariably devoted to mocking the mentally challenged who dared show up.

    While I’d certainly believe that he was a fag in more ways than one in whatever Brit boys school he was shipped off to by his unctuous parents, and, when drunk, could possibly be coaxed into revealing what Joe Orton’s cock and Quentin Crisp’s bum tasted like, he competes with his fellow Brit reptile Simon for Idol for the most shameless homophobe on reality TV. Why the fuck is SAAD er GLAAD out, repeat OUT, there protesting them, shutting the shows down with their bodies [forget pressuring sponsors] rather than simply sending the occasional e-complaint?

    One does sometimes see some spellbinding dancing and choreography [rare in a culture still dominated by retardation er rap], and some fine male and female bodies [a spectacular dancer the first season who got 86ed because of his insufferable attitude nearly melted the screen with his sizzling sensuality], but at the price of putting up with blatant, uncompromising homohatred and more literal sexism. Though they’ve toyed with male-male pairing, the only way we’d ever see ROMANTIC male couple dancing on this show would be over Lithgoe’s dead, possibly anal wart-infested body.

  9. crispy says

    That guy creeps me out for some reason. It’s like he watched American Idol from behind the scenes all the years, but always yearned to be in front of the camera. So he just made himself a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. He’s like one of those bad, foul-mouthed contestants during the try-out phase of Idol.

  10. bob says

    lythgoe is a creepy dirty old man… have you ever noticed how he leers at the hot young women that compete on the show? it’s really disgusting and obvious, which is why i hit the mute button whenever he opens his pie-hole. what an idiot.

  11. my2cents says

    the fact that this show isn’t live, and the comment could/should have been edited out, says something.. one would hope mary had a few words with nigel after she tried to mend the fence with her comments on the performance. matt deserved extra credit for be able to hoist his partners weight into the air and spin her around. thought their both tall, they’re not a physical match which will probably lead to both of them having an early exit from the show.

  12. Richard says

    I agree with Dan and Jack. This is common slang for a dancer that is dancing too stiffly. However most of the audience wouldn’t know that, so I understand how people are put off by it. While this might be appropriate feedback in the rehearsal studio, Nigel showed poor judgment in using it on TV where it would certainly be misinterpreted and embarrass the dancer as well as his friends and family. While I don’t believe Lythgoe was being mean-spirited, he should apologize for any embarrassment caused by his remark.

  13. John says

    Oh, come on. Talking about having a broomstick up one’s ass has long been common slang to describe someone as stiff and uptight. It’s no big deal.

  14. anon says

    These shows could be a lot fairer to the contestants, but they are basically designed to humiliate for our entertainment. It’s not the judges who are cruel, it’s the audience at home.

  15. paul says

    I think it was just a fancy way of saying “you have a stick up your ass” which just means people are rigid or inflexible, as if they have a wooden spine. It’s not an anti-gay slur.

    My problem with Nigel is his long feathered hair and hideous outfits. He really is from the same school as Simon in that they are raking in mountains of cash and they let themselves look like complete shit while doing so.

  16. Alan says

    Don’t get it.

    And this is a gay issue why? Don’t straight people have anal sex, too? And isn’t it true that anything shoved up the rectum without fanfare can cause pain? I don’t see the slur, or even shades of one.

    As long as we continue to get our backs up (pun intended) about these sexual references, we’ll only be defining ourselves the way our stereotypers see us.

  17. FizziekruntNT says

    Cheers, Leland 😉

    To the “British asshat’s” credit however, I’ve heard him be equally genteel in his judgements, and after a period of hours observing the mentally challenged masses I can’t say I blame him at times. The show itself is a reflection of televised mediocrity, but I suppose to otherwise video what is in reality, some of the most boring shit in the universe without the accompanying juvenile character assasinations, would be an utter failure. You can thank Jerry Springer for the cultural phenomena. What I simply cannot tolerate and my reason for refusing to watch, is that zaftig snickering hyena sitting on the panel. Have a painkiller, honey. I know I have to in order to listen to that screetching.

  18. Sebastiani says

    So sad that this asshole has so much power and influence on what we watch. It’s disgusting the way he salivates over the sexy young female dancers and how he is automatically against any of the poor guys who he brands as effeminate. I also noticed that Mary Murphy has also become more obnoxious and mean-spirited this season, perhaps under Nigel’s horrible influence. I wish he’d just leave Americans alone. What a nasty, miserable, homophobic asshole.

  19. Sebastiani says

    So sad that this asshole has so much power and influence on what we watch. It’s disgusting the way he salivates over the sexy young female dancers and how he is automatically against any of the poor guys who he brands as effeminate. I also noticed that Mary Murphy has also become more obnoxious and mean-spirited this season, perhaps under Nigel’s horrible influence. I wish he’d just leave Americans alone. What a nasty, miserable, homophobic asshole.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    Weren’t these the same tired wenches(including the two female judges) who ruthlessly lashed out at that beautiful Italian stud, I mean, dancer a few weeks ago? SOUR GRAPES!…half the folks over the age of 50 suffer from SOUR GRAPES. Enjoy the YOUNG and the BEAUTIFUL! you old bitches. Is that ageism? Ask my fifty year old ass do I care?

    SOUR GRAPES!( like Jo Van Fleet yelled at Anna Magnani in “The Rose Tattoo”).

    SEBASTIAN: what happened with your name? SEBASTIANI? I love it. You turned into an Itlalian stud too?

  21. silverskreen says

    …and tonight he’ll probably make an apology for it, the schmuck. With so many other ways he could’ve said it, he chooses such a poor and tasteless example; at least on-air.

    Ok, now as for the clip; I LOVED it when I watched it last night, and I LOVED it this am.
    By far the best of the night. I was very, very surprised that it was a “hip hop” routine because usually the routines on the show that I like the most are the Mya Michaels ones. She’s amazing! But these guys really stole the show.
    How in the world the couple that did the Tango one got as much praise as they did, is beyond me. They didn’t deserve the praise for that dance.

    And guys, if you haven’t taken the time to watch the above clip of the dance…it’s worth the time.

  22. says

    Talk about an over reaction. All he meant was the guy was to stiff. There was nothing homophobic about it. Sometimes it’s like a witch hunt around here, as if Joe Mccarthy was hunting commies.

  23. Leland Frances says

    50, Derrick??? Possum, you’re still chicken to moi. LOL.

    Michaels, indeed, has been the soul behind some of the best dances over the years.

    What I hate equally to Nigel, who still should be playing Fagin in a two-bit stage production of “Oliver Twist,” is that, like no other show I’m aware of, we are forced [in this sense of if we want to enjoy the positives, too] to watch obvious young gay guys having to pretend to be straight. Within the dances themselves is okay. But yet ANOTHER Western Swing dancer with “girlfriend”????!!! Is this one Mormon, too?

    It’s like watching squirming insects impaled with needles by Dr. Nigel into display cases. Sad.

  24. Rikoala says

    He made a comment awhile back to a guy in drag that was something like “you’re the reason fathers don’t let their sons dance.” I think he has real issues with any male who displays an ounce of feminine characteristics. It’s too bad he has that kind of hatred inside of him.

  25. Droo says

    Actually, what most of you don’t seem to realise is that Nigel Lythgoe was a judge on the UK show “Popstars” back in 2000/2001 and was dubbed “Nasty Nigel” by the tabloid press. When Simon Cowell judged the first “Pop Idol” later in 2001 it was widely assumed he was copying Nigel (not the other way round).

    In any case, the comment is not homophobic in any way. It gets a bit dangerous to try to find homophobia everywhere otherwise the real cases can tend to get overlooked or marginalised.

  26. Nonplussed says

    That’s just descriptive, there’s no anti-gay slur there.
    Rude yes, but “anally violated”? Hardly.
    Sometimes it gets a tad too ploddingly literal here..

  27. ICONCUR says

    Oh my goodness. It seems like everytime I read a gay blog there is some hysterical post about how somebody famous used a gay slur or made a comment that could be construed as homophobic. And then the comments are filled with matronly tsk tsks from fellow watchdogs. Being gay is definitely not the cool, outlawish thing I wish it was. It’s more like a coven of insecure fat girls.

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