No Rings Yet for Knight and Cornelsen

Cornelsen_knight_2Although T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen plan to appear at a symbolic mass “commitment ceremony” (planned before California’s historic same-sex marriage ruling), they will not be making an official commitment to one another at that time , Knight tells Us magazine:

“Mark just moved here from San Francisco. To clarify, we are not having a commitment ceremony and I am not performing a commitment ceremony. Once you are given something that you were never allowed before, you realize how much of a second class person you were before. That is horrible and fantastic at the same time. It makes me want to sob and scream with joy all at the same time.”


  1. Randy says

    I’m going to start calling this one P.R. Wright because he is the only one still spinning his own wheels. Way to milk the coming out for some more (de)press coverage. Imagine having to give a trashy magazine an “exclusive” for every non-decision you make. Guess Grey’s Anatomy ain’t doing so well this season.

  2. yoshi says

    *rolls eyes*

    You can get marriage today. No one has a monopoly on the word or the meaning and no one is trying to break up your relationship.

    What you really want is state recognition of your union. Which is completely separate. I wish more people could make that distinction.

  3. Mitch says


    He really has become tiresome, but then that whole community property thing really is kind of annoying when you tear through boy toys like a warm knife through butter.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    Get off TR’s case, y’all. He’s done more for young gays with his quiet coming out than all you cyber trolls put together. Go back to jerking off to your sticky Reichen calendars.

  5. Paul R says

    Actually, many gay Californians felt exactly this way. It was hard to be optimistic beforehand, and the sweeping decision to allow marriage was very moving—being recognized as human beings was great. So yes, he comes off a little sappy, but his response is accurate for many of us.

  6. Rey says

    Yoshi, I believe more people will make the distinction you wish for only when our heterosexual brothers and sisters stop referring to their marriages as being synonymous with state-recognized marriage.

    You do get that, right?

  7. David T says

    The jealousy and mean spiritedness of our own is truly depressing. They are in love, they are happy, T.R. has been great, and still we have sarcastic shits who take great pleasure in ripping him to shreds.

    You guys suck. Really.

  8. Landis says

    I think it is despicable that TR Knight, just a few weeks/months ago, is saying that they are so committed that they are planning to get hitched. Of course, this is different now – a *symbolic* ceremony.

  9. rouquinricain says

    to yoshi – yes, you can get marriage today. in belgium, canada, spain, the netherlands. but i can’t think of anywhere in america where you can really get married in the federal sense (and shucks, it looks like a lot of those crazy rights that come with marriage operate on the federal level).
    so, yes, as well, no one is trying to break up their relationship. mostly because, they’re both american citizens and don’t have to worry about the sordid details of visas and green cards sans marriage and because neither of them is hospitalised and refused admittance to see the other as family.
    so excuse me while i roll my eyes at your fantasy of self-proclamed marriage, as i know that’s what the taxman, the immigrations official, the hospital administrator will do.
    second-class is right on the money.

  10. Kyle says

    Michael, you forgot to mention South Africa became the 5th country to legalize gay marriage in 2005