Ted Haggard ‘Restored’ to Colorado Springs

Though various reports have been published on the whereabouts of deposed megachurch pastor Ted Haggard — that he had moved to Arizona and that he had “quit” a “spiritual restoration program” he had agreed to undergo last February — current New Life pastor Brandon Boyd said Haggard had moved back to Colorado Springs where he was in “private business.”

TedhaggardHaggard was forced from his position as the head of the megachurch following his admission of “sexually immorality” after escort Mike Jones came forward saying the pastor paid him for sex over a period of three years. Jones also said Haggard bought methamphetamine, which Haggard admitted he bought but didn’t use.

Said Boyd: “They have moved back and they live in the original house that they lived in for many years.”

The Gazette of Colorado Springs attempted to contact him personally:

“‘I can’t talk to you. I am forbidden from talking to the media,’ Haggard said Saturday evening after answering the doorbell at his home on Old Ranch Road in north Colorado Springs. He declined to elaborate. Haggard and his wife, Gayle, are still listed as the owners of the five-bedroom, three-bath home, whose market value was assessed at $715,000 earlier this year, according to the El Paso County Assessor’s Office. It sits behind a gated entrance on 5.1 acres two miles from the 14,000-member megachurch Haggard founded in his basement…Haggard’s gate stood open at the time of the visit, about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Water was burbling from an electric fountain in the front yard, and five vehicles sat near a multi-car garage, including two motorcycles and a cream Cadillac Escalade.”


  1. Danny says

    Have you ever noticed that “restored” things are never as good as the original? Photographs that are restored are not quite as sharp as the flawed original.

    Guys that try to “restore” their foreskins…well, better, but not quite as good as before the clipping.

    Haggard should recognize he doesn’t need to restore his spirituality. He needs to accept himself as a gay man and only then will he be able to finally be an “original”–a spiritual man who accepts homosexuality.

  2. kujhawker says

    I am so glad that he has been restored to his old self and moved back to Colorado Springs now the escorts and drug dealers will have another source of income during these tough times.

  3. gregory brown says

    Five vehicles, including an Escalade: no taste, none at all. The man ought to trade those in for a Hummer.