Series of Gay Slayings in Bahamas Go Uncharged

A Jamaican waiter thought to be gay was slaughtered in his apartment in New Providence, Bahamas early yesterday morning. It’s the fourth brutal slashing of a gay man in the last eight months.

Newprovidence“Marvin Wilson, a 31-year-old Jamaican national and reported homosexual, became the nation’s latest murder victim after he was stabbed in the chest at his Collins Avenue apartment in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Wilson’s reported sexuality and the violent nature of his death adds to the concern surrounding several high profile murders that have taken place on New Providence over the past eight months. Well-known anti-AIDS activist Wellington Adderley was recently found dead in his Delancey Street apartment. There was reportedly no sign of forced entry. According to reports, his throat was severely slit. International handbag designer, Harl Taylor and College of The Bahamas dean and lecturer, Dr. Thaddeus McDonald were also both brutally slain late last year. Police have yet to file any charges in connection with those killings. The men’s homes were located in the same vicinity and there was also no sign of forced entry. All three men, like Wilson, were reportedly homosexual.”

Authorities say there’s no evidence yet to suggest the murders are related.


  1. seeldee says

    My fathers’ family is Bahamian and I figured out during family visits as a very young, closeted boy that I’d never keep any ties there as an adult due to the intense homophobia that is so obvious among the citizens of that country.

    There seems to be, in general, a lot of violent crime in the Bahamas that gets covered up for some reason. I am always amazed that the high crime rate within the Bahamas isn’t covered in the news/blogs more regularly.

  2. JTluvr says

    My grandfather’s family is Bahamian, and like many Caribbean cultures, the Bahamas and Bahamian people are pretty homophobic. I love the Caribbean, but as I get older, I want to spend my dollars where I’m welcome and where human rights are protected.

    As part of a homophobic society, gay life is largely closeted and even more on the DL than one can imagine. It means consorting with unsavory characters. It means crimes go unpunished because people are afraid of outing themselves. Perpetrators know this.

    Everyone should be careful who they bring home, even if it turns out not to be the case in this situation.

  3. says

    Not again!! I have a bahamian friend who claims that in Nassau, one can “flaunt” their gay-ness with only little contempt from religious fundies and that the rest of the population is pretty okay with it. Since it’s a top tourist destination. But I guess he’s wrong. May this young man RIP!!

  4. Will says

    “There seems to be, in general, a lot of violent crime in the Bahamas that gets covered up for some reason. I am always amazed that the high crime rate within the Bahamas isn’t covered in the news/blogs more regularly. ”

    wrong. there’s not that much violent crime to report, but in this case, something is up. the Bahamian police force are extremely good with solving murders, but these cases remain largely unsolved, because of the high profile officials who may be involved with the case more than they would like to say.

  5. Sebastian says

    Disgusting, and what in the heck is a reported homosexual? Same as a reported heterosexual?? Do you register who you sleep with in this place or what?? Sound like a bunch of kooks and gossiping old clucks with vendettas getting away with murder. And, yet another place to scratch off the travel list.

  6. seeldee says


    Why would you say that I’m wrong? I hear about this stuff all the time from my relatives. I’m speaking from my own experiences, observations and conversations with family members who I am in regular contact with. Compared to the US and Canada, it does appear that there is more violent crime in the Bahamas.

  7. Will says

    seel, it just like you’re saying that stuff like this happens all of the time. We are no worse than somewhere like Jamaica and especially not worse than the US. There is crime in the Bahamas, which is a problem, yes, but the idea of news being covered up is rediculous. Also, murders in the Bahamas usually stem from domestic disputes or sometimes gang, but the threat of serial killing as this article suggests is extremely rare.

    and i’ve lived in the capital all my life.

  8. Matt says

    Since none of you has the balls to say it, I will: if the Bahamas had a majority white community, not only would this series of crimes against our gay brothers been linked, it probably would have been solved by now. Wherever black heterosexual males have power, all gay people — regardless of color — suffer.

    But I will be voting for Obama in November.

  9. Goober Peas says

    Crime in the Bahamas:

    From the Bahama Journal:

    February 4th, 2008
    All Major Crimes Way Up
    By Tameka Lundy
    “There was an increase in just about every category of recorded crimes committed against the person and property last year, according to new figures released by the Royal Bahamas Police Force, as criminals continued to wage an unrelenting war on communities across The Bahamas. . . .

    According to the figures that were provided, last year’s crimes against the person – which amounted to 1,532 reported cases – increased by 37 percent over the 2006 total of 1,112 recorded cases. Crimes against property went up by 10 percent last year over the year before.

    Last year’s murder count of 79 over the 2006 figure of 60 has been thoroughly documented. Seventy-two percent of the cases were solved, the figures said.

    In 2007, there were seven recorded cases of attempted murder; none was recorded the year before and last year police investigated four cases of manslaughter compared to the one that they probed in 2006. In both instances all of the cases were solved.”

    There may be more homophobia in the Caribbean Islands than in the United States but attributing that to the racial characteristics of the government is too fart a stretch.

    It is a cultural issue, based in religious taboos, imported by the colonial governments that occupied these places. “Homosexuality is legal in the Bahamas and there are no prohibitions on gays serving on the police and military forces” according to Wikipedia, “However, there is widespread homophobia in the country.”

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