1. Paul R says

    I just read an interview with Siegfried where he implied they aren’t gay and aren’t a couple. It took me a couple hours to recover from that. I mean come on.

    They’re promoting this new “singing magician,” Darren Romeo (supposedly his real name), here in San Francisco. He’s cute. Wonder what kind of casting couch he had to lie on.

    Also, I certainly understand how the best way to prevent animals from extinction is to put them on display in a completely unnatural environment. What could make them happier or better expand their population growht? And could the male even impregnate the females, given that they’re different types?

    Andy, your headline really made me laugh.

  2. crispy says

    They’re the same species… a white tiger is the result of a recessive gene. I believe all white tigers now are bred in captivity.

    And I suspect Siegfried & Roy’s animals are extremely well cared for. Old queens love to coddle their pets!

  3. thin mint says

    They are not a species, and it’s meaningless to talk of them “going extinct.”

    White tigers do occasionally appear in the wild when two tigers mate with normal coloration but one copy each of the recessive gene – two copies are needed for the trait to be expressed.

    However, breeding them deliberately in captivity is done through inbreeding – with the attendant problem of more frequent birth defects.

    Five cubs are being presented to the world – it makes sense to ask how many have been bred but culled for defects.

  4. thin mint says

    The beginning of my comment above reads as if I am grumpily contradicting Crispy – in fact his was posted while I was writing, and we are saying pretty much the same thing.

  5. says

    In an interview, Roy said that that tiger was trying to save him, not attack him. They also said they were straight and not a couple. So… yeah.

  6. Paul R says

    They live together in a huge Vegas compound. I didn’t even think anyone thought they were gay; it’s such a basic fact. Sigfried spent a lot of time after the attack talking about nursing Roy back to health.

    It’s just sad. Rock Hudson, Liberace, and so many others. But that was a generation ago. Do they really think they’ll lose some of their precious money by admitting the obvious? It’s pathetic. They should just retire. It would make me angrier if it weren’t so totally ludicrous.

  7. Steven Webber says

    These two old men pay big bucks to collect two things…white tigers and young underaged boys from various parts of South America.
    Wonder why?
    I am not suggesting anything sexual here. But, speaking of sex, if you have seen their farm of tigers, you will see how deeply inner-bred these animals are. It’s a farm of freaks. The reason no one see’s the animals at this compound is because these things with fur are all severely retarded.
    Several zoo’s and national organizations have worked hard to rescue the animals.
    It’s so sad. And there those two old men sit, holding little cubs, kissing them, pretending to love the animals.
    It’s bull.
    And have you ever wonder why you have not seen the video of the tiger attacking Roy on stage? Oh, yes. Attacked. Ripped apart.
    Mirage and these two old men have worked hard and spent millions of dollars to keep this tape secret and have gone to court to keep it out of the hands of FTC and other government agencies that could press to view it.
    It needs to be shown. That way every audience member that not only wasted their money to see their silly magic act would realize they were at risk.
    The class action lawsuit would be in the billions.
    Why are they not allowing justice? Full disclosure?
    Shame. Too bad for these two queens all the magic in the world can’t hide the truth.
    They will have their day in court.

  8. Weezy says

    I heard several years ago that they ‘separated’ in some kind of press release. This was before the tiger attack. That may be what they’re talking about when they say they aren’t a couple. The press release (if I remember it correctly) said they’d still work together but would not longer be a couple.

    p.s. White tigers are albinos and can’t survive in the wild. Breeding them to perpetuate the species is a little silly. What would do more good for the species would be protecting their habitat. Habitat loss is what is really driving them to extinction.