Spice up Your Life with Neil Patrick Harris


Not only can Neil Patrick Harris convincingly play a heterosexual womanizer on TV, he can also hawk traditionally macho brands to consumers. Harris appears in a really great ad for Old Spice antiperspirant in this month’s GQ (p. 47).

The ad references back to his Doogie days, reading, as he’s pictured placing a stethoscope on a patient’s nose: “Body odor protection recommended by former TV doctors, like me.”

It also reads, in the small print, “Take it from me, I used to be a fake doctor.”

(AfterElton also spotted the ad in Entertainment Weekly)


  1. yummers says

    I saw this in print, and that peek of chest hair makes that ad completely hot. I’m a new fan of the grown up Doogie.

  2. PJ says

    Although I love my NPS’s good sense of self-deprecation and I always sit up when he speaks, I would like to believe that he would never have tolerated such bad grammar had he been allowed to proof-read that punch line first. Use a semi-colon, people, and stop the run-ons!

  3. Larry says

    Man that picture is massively airbrushed. In real life he looks like a withered troll. Gross.

  4. Patrick M says

    Larry, doth the lady protest too much? “Withered troll” indeed. Looking in the mirror, are we?

    NPH is hot, funny, smart and endearing. The world would be better with more like him

  5. patrick nyc says

    Glad to see coming out has not hurt him getting endorsements, are you listening closet cases?

  6. Harrison says

    There are so few people in the world who make me as giddy as a five year old upon sight. NPH is one of them. The more of him we see, the better.

  7. Madam Pince says

    It does look like ASH, but what would have made it even more of a scream would have been Hugh Laurie on the gurney.

  8. Happy says

    I love me some NPH and Old Spice… love the smell.. Can I smell it on him?? slurpppp