Spore’s Intelligent Design Leads to Plethora of Phallic Species

Honestly, nature is above all sexual, so I can’t imagine that they didn’t expect people to veer immediately in that direction. Check out more here.


  1. davefromtampa says

    I played all 4 videos at the same time, interesting visual and audio for the mind to wrap around. Not sure what a spore is but interesting story.

  2. Chas says

    Twenty bucks says all four were created by allegedly straight guys. I swear, on average, straight boys are ten times more obsessed with cock (and anal sex) than any fag could ever be. Repressed homosexuality is peculiar and wonderous thing.

  3. Scott says

    Oh please, this has nothing to do with repressed homosexuality. It’s pure childishness, which both straights and gays often exhibit in spades.

  4. says

    You mean not *every* straight guy is $100 away from doing a Sean Cody video? :o|

    (NB: I don’t know why I put “Chas” in the name field the first time. It must be love.)

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