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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #311

MICHELLE OBAMA: Her appearance on The View.

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: A sneak peak at the upcoming series Sordid Lives.

EGG: First-ever video of human ovulation, to accompany these shots from last week.

GIVE IT 2 ME: The "making of" of Madonna's latest video.

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  1. Maybe it's because I'm an MSNBC junkie and don't bother much with the other networks, but I can't remember a single time where I said "God, they're being so sexist to Hillary". And I'm normally very sensitive things like that, be it about someone's gender, race, orientation, ethnicity, whatever. I'm sure someone, somewhere said something to or about her during the campaign but I can't recall ever hearing it.

    SIDENOTE: Sherri Shephard is a fucking idiot. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt after the "flat earth" thing but she's proven over and over again she's the least competent person they've ever had on the panel.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 4:18:30 PM

  2. So they have forced Michelle Obama to act sort of nice and play up the Hillary Clinton female thing to try and get her
    supporters to vote for Barack. Not very sutble though.

    Posted by: whatever | Jun 18, 2008 5:05:20 PM

  3. Chas, I don't think the sexism is as obvious as racism often is. I think the general reaction to many of the things Hillary did were very much rooted in sexism simply because you would never have heard them go on and on about many of those things if she had been a man. The constant references to Bill and his infidelity as somehow a reflection on her as a wife and woman are misogynistic any way you look at it. The tone and levels to which commentators took discussions about her were often to places you would never explore if she had been a man. I just think the way many, MSBNC especially, handled her generally was very different than they would have handled it had it been a man running against Obama. They are starting to do similar things with McCain because of his age. Every time he says one thing that is off, it's because he's old and incapable of handling the job. Yet, no one bats an eye when Obama makes comments like Afghans speaking Arabic or "President Malaki" instead of "Prime Minister Malaki." I agree that sexism was not as obvious but I do not agree at all that it was absent.

    That said, good job on Michelle for speaking so kindly about Hillary. Considering she thought she wasn't fit to be President because of her failure in managing her marriage to Bill, that's pretty nice of her to give props to Hillary.

    Posted by: Banne | Jun 18, 2008 5:10:52 PM

  4. Michelle Obama is only saying positive
    things about Hillary how because her husband will never choose Clinton as his running mate and they still want her supporters to vote for Barack.

    I'd rather have McCain in 2008 and Clinton in 2012, than Obama now.

    Posted by: trasparent bullshit from Mrs. Obama | Jun 18, 2008 5:29:57 PM

  5. CHAS:

    It's odd that an MSNBC junkie like you did not notice the sexism often deployed against Clinton, especially since MSNBC's Chris Matthews was the most misogynist of the lot. He was even forced to apologize after saying, "the reason she's a U.S. senator, the reason she's a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around. That's how she got to be senator from New York. We keep forgetting it. She didn't win there on her merit."

    Eric Boehlert's column on Media Matters is a pretty good look at Matthews and his ilk:

    "On that front, of course, the Hardball host has not been alone. This election season, we've seen a cavalcade of white, middle-age men express their deep, personal contempt for the first serious female contender for the White House. Contempt, of course, that has nothing to do with Sen. Hillary Clinton's policies or her beliefs. Instead, it's been an oddly personal disdain dressed up as political analysis.

    The way Mike Barnicle on MSNBC said Clinton "look[ed] like everyone's first wife standing outside a probate court." The way Bill Kristol on Fox News said that among the only people supporting Hillary Clinton were white women, and "[w]hite women are a problem, that's, you know -- we all live with that." The way CNN's Jack Cafferty likened Clinton to "a scolding mother, talking down to a child." The way Fox News' Neil Cavuto suggested Clinton was "trying to run away from this tough, kind of bitchy image." The way MSNBC's Tucker Carlson announced that "when [Clinton] comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs." The way Christopher Hitchens on CNBC described Clinton as being "sort of alternately soppy and bitchy.'"

    Even Keith Olbermann made a fool out of himself by denying the sexism displayed against Clinton, then suggesting she should be beaten up to get her out of the race. (

    Posted by: Landon Bryce | Jun 18, 2008 5:30:57 PM

  6. @Transparent Bullshit

    You certainly are.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Jun 18, 2008 5:42:03 PM

  7. Way to take care of those lesbian rumors, Olivia (heh heh heh! You go, girl!

    Posted by: KJ | Jun 18, 2008 5:45:22 PM

  8. LB, while I do really, really appreciate your response, I have to disagree with you about Chris. I don't believe he's a sexist or a misogynist. Some see it as a problem while others see it as a gift, but the man has NO filter between his brilliant but brusk mind and his mouth. To put it frankly, he's fucking BLUNT and honest to a fault. I don't think he was being the least bit sexist when he said that about Hillary. The Lewinski scandal worked wonders on Hillary's public image and made her extremely sympathetic to many people who had been hostile to her before. If you don't think that played a huge part in winning her her Senate seat in a state in which she didn't even live, I'd advise you to think again. That's not to take anything away from her as a brilliant legal mind and tenacious politician, but it did, indeed, help.

    As for the FOX commentators/pundits--c'mon! Would you expect any different from those pigs? I wouldn't.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 5:48:44 PM

  9. Whatever (MJJ),

    According to the results of unusually large large Quinnipiac polls released today, Obama is leading McCain in Pennsylvania (+12 points), Ohio (+6), and, for the first time ever, Florida (+4). So it appears as if the majority of Clinton supporters (you and Davey excepted, of course) have coalesced around the Democratic nominee.

    All those must-win big states where Hillary won primaries, and where her campaign raised doubts about whether Obama could win in November? Except for Texas, Obama's currently leading in ALL of them, in most by comfortable margins.

    Posted by: 24play | Jun 18, 2008 6:04:20 PM

  10. Soulbrotha: Maybe President Obama could replace English with Ebonics as our national language. The word is brother!

    Posted by: proud to be a cracker | Jun 18, 2008 6:05:27 PM

  11. 24play: So you must be the person who writes this blog since you know the email addresses of those who post resposes, but you don't identify yourself as such when you post responses that appear to be written by readers of this site. That's pretty damn shallow. Time to find another gay blog that isn't so obviously slanted.

    Posted by: what the ? | Jun 18, 2008 6:09:39 PM

  12. Dear, mjj, Cracker, What, etc.:

    Anyone who reads the site can see your email address, ya frickin' moron.

    Dear Chas:

    Huh. See, your response seems a little sexist to me. So you may not be quite as sensitive to sexism as you think.

    Posted by: Landon Bryce | Jun 18, 2008 6:24:36 PM

  13. LOL at!

    Racists have never been very bright, have they?

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 18, 2008 6:27:09 PM

  14. I just had to say that Olivia looks and sounds as beautiful as ever.

    By the bye, is it Racist Pride as well this month? Maybe some of these commenters could be on the float!

    Posted by: GBM | Jun 18, 2008 6:29:31 PM

  15. Dear Proud to Be What A Transparent Bullshit Cracker,

    Would your little head explode if I told you every reader on this blog (or at least all of us using Firefox on a Mac) can see the email address or URL commenters use to log in? I bet it would. (So much for your belief in cracker supremacy.)

    Trust me, if I were Andy, I'd post as Andy.

    Best of luck finding another gay blog! (One that's sympathetic to your attitudes about race.)

    Posted by: 24play | Jun 18, 2008 6:31:15 PM

  16. LB

    What I basically meant was that the wronged partner/spouse/whatever is always viewed with more sympathy by the public. Look at Justin Timberlake. Would he be half the "superstar" he is if Britney Spears hadn't cheated on him and essentially jump-started his solo career? I highly doubt it.

    Bill humiliated her in front of the world on several different occasions and she stuck by him, God knows why. People admire that IMMENSELY, women especially. Combine that with the fact that Hillary's a tough, determined, capable politican and BAM! What d'ya get? A Senate seat and frontrunner status in the Democratic race for the White House. I'm not sexist, I'm realistic.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 18, 2008 6:38:19 PM

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