1. Mike says

    The more I read about this people who oppose same sex marriage, the more it infuriates me… and I just don’t get it! What is WRONG with these people? Why do they care? Don’t the realize how ridiculous they are? They have no rationale arguments except that basically they DON’T LIKE GAY PEOPLE. Well, I don’t particularly like their religious fanaticism, but I’m not out putting initiatives on the ballot to take away their rights. Check out “” and you’ll see just how nutty and obsessive they are. I think these folks are just using this as a bizarre fund raising tool so they can buy a vacation home in Spain or somewhere? Here’s a thought, if religious organizations what to be political, fine, but yank their tax-exempt status. That might put a stop to all this nonsense. This is soooooooooooooooo ridiculous…

  2. SONNIE says

    Mike, those religious fanatics have nothing better to do,when they’re not on television actively conning senior citizens out of their social security checks.

  3. Angelmonster says

    Mike, they are just jealous that lesbians tend to stay together much more then straight couples do and are jealous at the great sex gay men have, even after marriage.

    In all seriousness I stopped caring about anti-gay people/groups. Their beliefs are biased and they only believe what their church/leader/whoever told them that it is wrong for homosexuals to be homosexuals. Never in my life have I seen something that offended me so much as to go out and spat hateful words about it. It just makes me realize how much of a horrible human being all of them are so I have moved on with my life and just enjoy knowing all of them, if there is a hell, will be going to it for being so hateful. Anyone who believes in the bible and actually reads it would realize not all of it can be taken word for word. Otherwise women would still be treated like cattle and we would do so much more that was left back in the dark ages.

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