1. Rad says

    And none of this “6-pack Abs”, give me the full KEG abs!

    Nice to see someone on the catwalk who isn’t afraid to visit Wendy’s and order something other and lettuce and water.

  2. Rad says

    Though, Jeff, I gotta side with you; these guys have that “dead behind the eyes” look. Nice to see meaty, non-waxed men, but otherwise, they just do nothing for me, either.

  3. says

    Obama: As my partner (who is Italian) and I are wont to say: “Every culture has its ‘guido’. They may not be Italian, but they are still guidos.”

    It wasn’t the body size that put me off. Its nice to have a man with a little meat on his bones. No, rather it was the vacant look, the clothes and the all-too-guido-ish “bling” that I found offputting.

    But, hey, to each his own.

  4. Tread says

    Actually, Obama, the model is going for the heavily Mafia connected Montenegran or gypsy, with the gold chains and such.

    Aside from that, holy hotness. Let’s hope this is a new trend in fashion.

  5. banjiboi says

    Ummm. Nice ‘n beefy. Woof!

    Now that’s what a real man looks like. And he’s not afraid to help himself to an extra serving and mad dessert, cuz he’s gonna work it back off at the gym anyway.

    Go dad!

  6. Tread says

    Ah, so I was right in my “gypsy” depiction. In fact, they’re actual gypsies!

    That said, I’m glad that Vivienne Westwood had the courage to feature these men as models. They’re an overlooked part of European society that could use some exposure.

  7. wetcnt says

    Obama, what do you mean by ‘Muslim”? Indonesian? Arab? West African? Persian? African-American? Muslim is not a look, or a race. It’s a religious belief.

    Sorry to be so picky, but it’s annoying when such a diverse group is narrowed to mean ‘Arab’.

  8. LD says

    Quite right. One could be Muslim and be blond haired and fair skinned. I once saw a film listed as being shown with Hindu subtitles. No, the language is Hindi.

  9. says

    Vivienne Westwood is known and respected for doing edgy stuff. If her use of a more ‘beefy’ type starts a trend, I think she’d be surprised as I don’t think it was her intent.

    That said, I hope the trend DOES continue. Hells yeah! Mix it up on the runway and depict the diversity of body types of men who love fashion. From a financial standpoint, any line that starts to include others than the ‘WeHo’ tweaked-out-skinny puppy-look types will benefit from a new customer.

  10. Charles says

    Great, fantastic and about time. If I have to look at one more 10 pound kid shuffling down a run way I will puke.
    Oh, I’ve been doing that, now I don’t have to.
    My Hats off Ms. Westwood!

  11. johnny says

    It’s not just the beef.

    It’s the HAIRY body.

    When we men start accepting ourselves as the REAL men we should be instead of the waxed, hairless clones that Madison avenue wants us all to be, the world might finally wake up out of this Starbucks-Ipod-MySpace daze we’re in.

    (no offense intended to any lovers of the above brandnames.)

  12. GEOFF says

    Well i’m glad a lot of other guys agree with me, these bigger men are hot, manly, hunky & humpy. That’s the kind of men i like to be with, have sex with & sleep with. Hope this trend continues.

  13. JTG says

    Hot looking guy for those who like the beefy, hairy type, but let’s be honest, the guy doesn’t look like he eats lots of extra desserts either, not and maintain a body like that.

    As much as I’d like to hop this guy and go crazy, I have to agree with the earlier poster who said that this is like replacing one exaggerated body type with another. Either way, this is not what most people look like, either.

    That’s part of the problem with bear culture, IMO. At its origins it was supposed to be about a more accepting, open subculture within the larger gay culture, where “hairless twink” would not be the idolized type for a change. Nice so far, but basically they mostly took it and made it into an idolization of guys like this model… hot and hairy and sexy but still with an unrealistic body type for most to attain.

    It just became another snooty clique at some point, the whole bear thing, albeit with different entry criteria than the hairless, buff circuit twink set.

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