Will Lance Bass Get a Male Partner on Dancing with the Stars?


Lance Bass is reportedly set for the next season of Dancing with the Stars but his sexuality has apparently presented producers with a question.

The NYDN‘s Rush & Molloy report: “Lance Bass is locked and loaded for the next season of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ says an insider. But we hear network execs are already fretting over whether or not to pair the openly gay pop star with a male or female dance partner. A gay ballroom dancer? Color us surprised!”

How about Mark Ballas, who’s said he’s comfortable with stereotypes?

Of course, then comes the battle over who will lead.


  1. Charles says

    I sincerely hope that Lance Bass does get a male partner because well, that is his reality he would dance with a man.

    It is a fun show for many of the performers in addition to being a lot of work therefore I say, “DANCE”!

  2. JJ says

    They won’t give him a male partner. The show is too popular. The network won’t want to rock the boat and risk getting the wing-nuts all whipped up.

  3. Mike says

    While I have never seen this show, I do wonder is America ready for him to be who he is and dance with a man? Will the religious zealots stand by, or do what they do best, spew hate and threaten the sponsors with a boycott?

  4. Ben says

    They’ll pair him with a woman, saddling him with the additional challenge of generating ‘chemistry’ with her in the dance. If he succeeds, he’s more praised than if he smolders on the floor with a guy.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    Will bet my entire deluxe set of Astaire-Rogers DVDs [the one trimmed with the ice blue ostrich feathers] that he’ll never cha cha cha onto that dance floor period. And, if he does, bet my entire bootleg tapes of Yma Sumac’s 1955 concert tour that he isn’t paired with another man. Two OUT queens would never be the hand to win approval to be on this show.

    BUT, one of the many reasons to hope it does happen is the stroke it would cause that ancient bitchy British poof judge to have as well as the next major flood: Reichen drowning in his own green tears.

  6. Chris says

    I doubt he will be paired with a man, simply because in both ballroom and latin dance, almost every visually interesting or challenging dance movie is performed by the female partner. Taking away the female partner, drastically reduces the amount of actual dance that can be peformed.

  7. jason says

    Gay men dance with women all the time, so it would be just as appropriate if Lance were paired with a woman. But I’d prefer it to be a man simply because it’s fairer to Lance and it bucks the tiresome heterosexual stereotypes we see everywhere in American culture.

  8. says

    I agree with Chris. Also, there’s rarely any beauty with two males dancing certain styles (at least any I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen gay ballroom, tango, and other types) ~ it just looks silly. I much prefer to opposite-sex dancing ~ it’s more thrilling. Of course, that’s just my opinion. To each their own.

  9. BusyTimmy says

    I don’t think it’s an issue and he should be paired with a women. Like there aren’t gay male ballroom dancers dancing with women? C’mon. I’m more inclined to think he has a great advantage given he IS a dancer, as opposed to some uncoordinated sports star.

  10. jack says

    oh for pete’s sake… its called DANCING with the stars, not DATING with the stars. who he dates, or personally “smolders” with is irrelevant .

    a large percentage of pro ballroom dancers are gay and are among the top ranked.

    there IS a place for same sex ballroom dancing, but this type of show ain’t it.

    and for the record, some of you would be amazed at how much drama and contrast that same sex ballroom CAN have.

  11. Tom says

    I agree with the previous posters who feel that a woman would make a better dance partner for Lance. We’re talking about ballroom dancing here, not dating or sex!

  12. says

    In the Australian version, they have had three gay men, who have all been paired with women. I was a little disappointed with the first pairing, but now I’m not fussed. The expressions in dance descend gender and/or sexuality.

  13. marco says

    I think he should dance with a female. It’s just a better dynamic in this type of dance – male/female.

    Just because he’s gay, he needs to have a male dance partner? This isn’t a f*cking date!

    keep with the opposites!

  14. anon says

    Danger: I think you meant “transcend” not “descend”.

    Anyway, this is a talent showcase, so he needs to match the arrangements of the other dancers. I also find male-male pairings in these formal dances a tad odd too. It’s a style thing, as men can certainly dance well together!

    What goads, however, is that this show is something of a modern version of “Love Boat” for failing or flailing careers and Lance should find a better niche for himself.

  15. says

    Well it should be obvious to us that he should be paired with another male dancer. Who knows what the show is thinking though. All I know is that I will be disappointed if he isn’t paired with a guy. In fact, I might be a little mad!

  16. Michael Bedwell says

    Unless one of you twittering about the supposed limits of couples dancing without a female partner can identify which moves involve a vagina or uterus you might want to buy a calendar. Surprise! It’s not 1952!

    The “pop” dancer still considered the greatest of all time, Fred Astaire, choreographed virtually all of his legendary movie/TV dance numbers including the timeless breathtakingly romantic AND sensual “Cheek to Cheek” from “Top Hat” with….wait for it….a MAN dancing “the woman’s” part—”lifelong bachelor” Hermes Pan. Then Pan would usually switch “roles” to teach the steps to Astaire’s on-screen partner, the most famous, of course, being Ginger Rogers of whose famous accolade the second half probably did not apply to Pan”

    “She did everything the man did but backwards and in high heels!”

  17. Jimmyboyo says

    Chris and jerrychrist

    Have eithe of you ever danced more than 2 bodies gyrating on a dance floor?

    1 male partners takes the lead and the other can do all the “stunning moves” you mentioned only females could do. If you atched 2 males not doing such then you were just watching horid dances.

    1 takes the lead the other doesnt lead, where is the problem with doing those “stunning” ballroom and moves?

  18. says

    I’m no fan of Bass. When he “came out” he made a huge point of being undetectable or “straight acting and appearing”. As if. He seems to be an alpha attention whore. Remember the “I’m going to be the first Queen in space” period?
    I don’t see why he would be paired with a man. It sorta adds what might be an unfair advantage/disadvantage into the competition. Also, the show is still doing well, it’s a little early to jump the shark. Besides, when it’s time for that hopefully, Sanjaya will be ready to come out.

  19. Jimmyboyo says


    so many guys with f’d up views on male on male dancing

    2 well trained male dancers can do better than a mae female combo.

    WTF is up with you guys?

    Seriously think twice about why you have isses wth male male dancing. Do you have innner issues? Hold over brainwashing from the homophobes?

  20. says

    Btw, I’d kill for a copy of those bootleg Yma Sumac tapes! Any of you just out kids who don’t know who she is, download her now! She’s your first music for your first apt. Play her while you assemble the Ikea casual chairs and mix your first Martinis!

  21. Jimmyboyo says


    LOL Michael bedwell on the moves needing a vagina


    I have danced male male combo and not one of them were dates. Therewas the mae lead and meand we had fun and 1 lead in particular spun me around the dnce floor so much and so well that it felt like my feet never touched the ground.

    It is all in / on the lead. A Good lead can get the other to do all kinds of amazing and spectacular moves

  22. 24play says

    Speaking of Reichen….I wonder how he’s faring in the vetting process?

    Obama/Lehmkuhl ’08!

  23. paul says

    As others have said, it’s dancing not screwing. It’s also a contest, and if the other pairs are all made up of male/female duos, then the most fair and even way to judge one against another is to start on a balanced playing field of teams with the same make-up.

    If they have a bisexual contestant, would you expect them to have two partners, one male and one female, with three people dancing at once? It’s just a ludicrous jump to suppose that you have to match dancers up with someone they would (theoretically) want to have sex with.

  24. Chris says

    Im sorry, but its common knowledge that the male dancer has an easier time of it. That is why that Kristy is the only real female winner of Dancing with the Stars (season 1 was a farce and everybody knows it). The male stars get to almost just stand there and do nothing while the female pro dancers do all the work. The female celebrities dont have a chance unless they already have some dance/athletic training.

  25. nisro says

    Shouldn’t be a problem.. EVERY other contestant has been male/female.. if Lancey wants on the show, then he will dance with a female like EVERYONE else does.. If not. .then dont do the show.. (and as little as he actually DOES, he WILL do it)

  26. anon says

    Do you really think Lance will be the first gay man to participate in ballroom dancing?

  27. Jimmybyo says


    You know nothing aout danng.

    The lead (ale) does all the work. The follower (female) and thesupposed “chemistry” is just TRUST in the lead to not drop them, to not let go, to not cause them to fall ect.

    All the work is on the lead. The follower just submits. All of the “specacular” moves are just a the follower submitting to the lead. The lead is doing the work.

    Try taking a nace class once and let go of your hold over homophobic brainwashing

    Male Male combo is the best and is what Lance should do.

  28. Michael Bedwell says

    Hey, Vegas Guy!!! Bless you for knowing the Great Yma!!! LOL.

    For newbies, see link below to two of the TWO HUNDRED & FORTY-EIGHT Yma-related YouTube videos, the first one demonstrating her incredible five-octave range and the second her unbelievable concert “drag.” Madonna who?

    Went to one of her concerts a decade or so ago and though most of her voice was gone there was enough left to believe that she had been capable of it all at one time.

    As for the persistence of the sexist, homophobic nonsense about man-female dance partners [what next, marriage is only for one man one woman?], isn’t it time for the passengers of the small yellow bus to get back on the hoi polloi highway after having detoured onto Towleroad for lo these many weeks?

  29. paul says

    They aren’t dancing for entertainment or recreation…it’s a contest. Those come with regulations. If he wants to peform in Atlantic City or on Sabado Gigante or something, then great, dance with whomever he would enjoy dancing with.

    If you don’t understand the difference between a competitive forum and a solely entertainment-based forum, perhaps it’s you who should be on the “small bus”.

  30. says

    I would like to see Lance Bass on DWTS, be it with a female or a male partner. I would like, however, to see Lance with a male partner. It would be a major change of pace and expose America to a different dynamic in ballroom dancing.

  31. Jimmyboyo says


    A competition? Ok, lets pretend that DWTS is a real competition and not just some studio shlock to sell commerical air time while keeping the masses enertained.

    The Gay Olympics has ball room dancing as a competitive sport.

    2 males dancing is not just entertainment.

  32. heist says

    Speaking as a ballroom dancer, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter whether it’s male/male or male/female. What matters more is height differences and dancing experience. Since Lance Bass has a lot of dancing experience, all he really needs is a partner of the right height to look good. And whether the partner is taller or shorter, of course, depends on if he/she is leading (taller) or following (shorter).

    Although… I don’t like watching DWTS because all the male stars dance like women and all the female stars dance like men. (This isn’t a gender-biased view — I think it’s just because they’re taught by their professional partners, so they only know the other-gender’s style. It doesn’t work because the dance moves and styles complement each other, so male/lead moves with female/follow style doesn’t work.) But I guess people don’t watch DWTS for the dancing.

  33. paul says

    Jimmyboyo, I’m not having a problem with the idea of two men dancing together….why I’ve even danced with men myself. 😉

    As you said, assuming that DWTS is a competition, it is only fair that all teams are evenly matched – 1 woman and 1 man…or else all 2 men or 2 women. Having a different team make-up would be like having a man with a woman competing against two women in pairs tennis. They’re not starting at the same level.

  34. leenydeeny says

    This is utterly ridiculous.

    In the first place, I don’t believe it.

    And lastly, it isn’t true.

  35. Jimmyboyo says


    I can kind of agree with you there. 2 males would be far stronger than a male female team in my opinion.

    Add in lance has some dace training with the Back Street Boys, he would enter the competition with a head start

  36. kybarsfang says

    I hope that regardless of who he dances with, he dances well. He was almost kicked out of N’Sync because he was such a horrible dancer, but the other guys refused to let him go. I’d love to see his smile as he goes out there and shows how much he’s learned. :)

  37. Chelsey says

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So because he is gay they want to pair him with a male dancer???? What, they think he will barf in the middle of a dance because he is repulsed by women? This is so stupid.

  38. Hephaestion says

    Of course they will find a male dance partner for Lance. It would be absurd for them to force him to dance with a woman. Dance is ALL about romance and sexual attraction. If they match Lance with a woman, it will seem ridiculous and phoney, and he’ll be voted off the show in no time. With a male partner, he could be stunning.

  39. Glenn says

    Why not pair him with a drag queen? Then it could be male on male, but with a fabulous sequin outfit thrown in for glitter and fun… lol… can’t believe you queens didn’t think of it earlier 😉