1. Jimmyboyo says

    The offshore drilling thing is such a lie

    The gulf of mexico was completly opened up to drilling in 2002 and oil prices have more than doubled!!!! since then as vs the lie that prices will drop.

    It isn’t supply any more, it is demand.

    China’s industrializing will keep oil prices high and growing higher till the last drop is pumped. No matter how much we pump the demand is increasing beyond human ability to supply it even if we had an oil well in every american backyard.

    Alts and conservation are the only real solution

  2. the queen says

    well that’s all the mcbush and the rethugs have to offer is lies, corruption, and bad gay sex and closeted bad gay sex at that…

  3. says

    Speculators on the commodities market like it when we want to drill on our coastlines, it drives down the cost of oil.

    We still need to conserve and use alternate fuel sources. But we still need to exploit the resources we have now to maintain our economy.

  4. says

    So typical. But, I am afraid these kinds of ads seem to work. Remember the John Kerry wind surfing ad? Stupid bullshit appeals to voters. And as with John Kerry, they were saying, “This election is his to lose.” So while most of the corporate media ignores McCain’s stupid misstatements, mistakes, etc., all I hear now this stupid crap that “Obama’s an elitist.” “Obama’s arrogant.” “Obama’s not connecting with the working people.” Maybe I’m wrong, but this kind of thing is stupid and repugnant, but it seems to work.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    was that drilling off the coast of Southern California yesterday afternoon?

    The Republicans are desperate. They may as well resort to “Plan C” now: Barack’s image edited into scenes of the South Carolina Legislature from “Birth OF A Nation”. Why wait until the end of October.

  6. yeahisaidit says

    …i suppose that we all should know by now…truth is NOT as important as PERCEPTION is…how sad…is there ANYTHING that can be done about? sigh, probably not much…

  7. KFLO says


  8. says

    Whoever spends money on research on alt energy and conservation will be the next super power. Bush/Cheney are too stupid to realize this.

  9. Mark says

    Lordy, Lordy… what the McShame campaign team won’t do to keep the ol’ coot in the press and on YouTube.

    Wow, what’s next? Using The New Yorker cover?

  10. ryot says

    I love how McCain’s campaign is entirely centered around Barack, every commercial he airs and speech he gives is about Barack Obama. He sounds more like a crappy pundit than a presidential candidate.

  11. patrick nyc says

    To counter this ad, all Obama ads will now begin with: “It’s Obama, bitch!”

    Posted by: crispy

    Thanks, nice to laugh at the end of a long day.

    This is Obama’s to lose. I have a feeling that when he and McDouche are side by side it will be an Obama landslide.

  12. 1♥ says

    I believe Britney is a Republican. Remember she wanted to perform at the RNC and they wouldn’t let her and her also saying something about how we should all just believe in her president or something like that.