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road.jpg Killer of Daytona Beach cross-dresser sentenced to life in prison.

Sharpieroad.jpg Becks is a Sharpie in new print campaign.

road.jpg Gay Syrian Jojo Jako Yakob to be deported from Scotland: “It has now emerged that an immigration tribunal has turned down his request to stay in the UK, despite accepting that Yakob is gay and that Syria criminalises and represses homo– sexuality.”

road.jpg He came out shirtless: Matthew McConaughey has a child.

road.jpg Kenyan bishop threatens to quit over gay marriages: “The Reverend Thomas Kogo, a bishop at the Eldoret ACK Diocese, has issued the quit notice, saying he could not support a church that condones homosexuality. Kogo, who has just returned from a pilgrimage in Israel, said the faithful must uphold the sanctity of the Anglican family. He said those advocating for gay marriages were driven by desire for money and wealth. ‘God recognises marriage between man and woman, and there is no way we will accept homosexuality and gay marriages. The Bible is very clear on the matter,’ he said.”

road.jpg Boy George speaks to Newsweek about denial of visa: “I am hardly a threat to national security. I am just a performer trying to do his job. I have called America home at different times in my life. I love America, and the American people have always treated me with love and kindness since I went there as a 19-year-old boy with my band Culture Club.”

Wrestlingroad.jpg Turkish oil wrestling!

road.jpg SAS Scandinavian Airlines launches dedicated gay website: “The website is unique in its personalised aspect, providing a ‘gay’ counterpart to the popular SAS crew tips, offering tips from SAS’ own gay crew members on the best offerings in Stockholm and Copenhagen.”

road.jpg Gay and lesbian Christians to protest Pope Benedict’s arrival in Sydney: “The protest, calling for equality for gay and lesbian followers, will take place at the Pitt Street Uniting Church this Sunday, coinciding with Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival in Sydney. Catholic writer and educator Michael Kelly said gay and lesbian people had been marginalised and condemned by mainstream churches, particularly the Catholic Church. He labelled the ‘version of Christianity that is coming to Sydney’ as propaganda. ‘We call on gay and lesbian Christians … to join us in standing up for the goodness of being gay, and not allow right-wing religious propaganda to silence our faith, hope and love,’ he said.”

Baleroad.jpg Batman refuses to work with Robin.

road.jpg Brothers and Sisters‘ Luke MacFarlane interviewed at the Rome Fiction Festival.

road.jpg L.A.’s Outfest film festival begins tomorrow. Here’s the official site. It’s opening with the gay hockey film Breakfast with Scot. Also, here’s a new piece from indieWire on the state of queer cinema

road.jpg Indian actor walks off talk show after being asked about sexual orientation: “What sort of a question is that Sajid? First you call me for your chat show, and then ask me such stuff!”

road.jpg American Idol‘s ‘gay stripper’ David Hernandez spotted sucking female face in San Diego.

road.jpg Seattle Opera announces three LGBT nights for upcoming season: “At these designated performances, patrons may pay $100 for discounted main-floor orchestra seating, private intermission receptions (with wine, hors d’oeuvres and desserts) and admission to preshow lectures. The inaugural event — an Aug. 22 presentation of ‘Aida’ — will be hosted by Seattle Opera trustee JJ McKay and Washington state Sen. Ed Murray. Tickets for the evening are on sale now.” (site)


  1. thin mint says

    The Scottish tribunal in the Syrian’s case used the same homophobic argument as that MP a couple of weeks ago, that Yakob may avoid future beatings and jail time after returning to Syria if he simply learns to be “discreet” about his sexuality.

    It breaks my heart. Country after country in the West signing away human rights to accommodate some bigoted ideology or for political convenience.

  2. Chas says

    “A witness had testified that Villazano was trying to pick up another cross-dressing male outside a dance club that catered to a homosexual and cross-dressing crowd. Villazano was refused and opened fire, missing his intended target but striking Mosqueda in the back of his head.”

    Jesus Christ! That’s one butch fag who CANNOT handle rejection! Definitely an “O RLY?!” situation. Dumbass.

    Matthew McConaughey–possibly THE hottest straight actor in Hollywood–just had a son with a Brazilian model. If that boy doesn’t turn out to be the sexiest thing to ever set foot on God’s green earth….

  3. the queen says

    toodles, kogo, and don’t let the door….

    but boy george dahling you ARE a threat… to young american males masculinity… you don’t think the hetties want their darling little butch boys to grow up and be a homo do you?

    ah turkish wrestling… don’t get me started… or maybe you did… where’s my bottle of olive oil?

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    BRAVO for the Australians!!! Do only gays living outside the US still have balls? Where were the mass LGBT demonstrations against Pope BeneDICK when he recently visited here as there were against Pope Joanna Paul in 87?

    “Two thousand whistle-blowing, drumbanging,
    screaming protesters were among the
    125,000 people who turned out Friday to greet the pope. In the largest and noisiest opposition the pontiff has encountered in his U.S. visit, they marched outside [San Francisco’s] 196-year-old Mission Dolores
    on behalf of gay and feminist causes. … demonstrators carried signs saying,
    ‘Gay, proud and still going to heaven’ and
    ‘Curb your dogma’. ‘We are a moral people! We will do everything we can to make this world a better place. We are letting our love and voices be heard’, said Leonard Matlovich, an AIDS patient who was
    discharged from the Air Force in 1975 because of his homosexuality. ‘I am not intrinsically evil’.” – Associated Press, Sept. 18, 1987.

  5. Chas says

    The U.S. government made a conscientious decision to protect American hustlers from Boy George. They couldn’t have him hogging and enslaving all the hot D ‘n’ A (Dick ‘n’ Ass) for himself.

  6. James P. says

    He’s too cute to be sent back to a medieval society. I hope we can keep track of him and maybe give him some protection by being well known. If something does happen to him, it will be on Scotland’s back.

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