Catholic School Principal to Resign After Gay Backyard ‘Orgy’ Bust

Gabriel de Jesus, the principal of Sacred Heart School for the Arts in Mount Vernon, New York, has been asked to resign after police discovered him and two other men having sex in the backyard of an abandoned home in White Plains.

DejesusWCBS reports: “Authorities said DeJesus, Francesco Autera, 31, of Thornwood and another man met online. The trio allegedly picked the backyard of a vacant Abbeyville Lane home to conduct their group sex. An alert neighbor called 911 after noticing something suspicious. ‘Two men got out and met a third person on the side of my house and they went on that property and that’s when I called 911,’ neighbor Rich Pacheco said. Police found DeJesus and Autera naked and arrested both. They are charged with misdemeanor trespassing, public lewdness and disorderly conduct. The third man ran naked down the street before he could be apprehended, according to police.”

The neighborhood’s Gladys Kravitz was upset she didn’t catch the action:

“Helene Forkin, whose backyard on Rockinchair Road abuts the home where the men were found, said she and her daughter were upstairs, watching television, when she heard police arrive. ‘We heard: ‘Get on the ground and put your hands up!” she said. ‘This threw us completely.’…’Forkin said that, from her window, she saw police with flashlights hold one man on the ground and pull another out of the bushes. ‘I’m saying to myself: ‘He’s not wearing a shirt and he’s not wearing a shirt,” she said. Anna Margotta, Forkin’s next-door neighbor, said she learned of the incident yesterday afternoon. ‘I was asleep,’ she said, laughing. ‘They call me Mrs. Kravitz (the nosy neighbor on ‘Bewitched’) because I’m always looking out the window, except last night. What a crazy world we live in.'”