Clip Reveals Moon Transiting Earth from 31 Million Miles Away

NASA says that this will help them process the observations of worlds in other galaxies: “‘Nevertheless, planet-characterizing space telescopes under study by NASA would be able to observe an Earth twin as a single point of light — a point whose total brightness changes with time as different land masses and oceans rotate in and out of view. The video will help us connect a varying point of planetary light with underlying oceans, continents, and clouds — and finding oceans on extrasolar planets means identifying potentially habitable worlds.’ said Seager.”

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  1. davefromtampa says

    That is so cool, we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are but a small planet in the scale of the cosmos.

  2. Garst says

    So is the image clear enough to confirm or deny the existence of the man face that’s susposedly on the other side of the moon? Because I’ve heard rumors that there is one similar to the one found on Mars.