Damien Hirst Unveils New Formaldehyde Menagerie


Damien Hirst is holding an auction in September of more than 200 new pieces at Sotheby's:

"The auction is predicted to raise £65m, comfortably setting a new world record for the artist, and blazing a trail which other artists will watch with interest, of bypassing the gallery and dealer system and going straight to auction."

The auction will feature many of his trademark natural works in formaldehyde, including The Dream (above) a white foal with a long slender horn, in white framed tank, The Kingdom (below) a tiger shark in a black framed tank...

"The top lot, estimated at up to £12m, is The Golden Calf - a title continuing Hirst's interest in religious themes, referring to the false idol set up and worshipped by the Israelites before an enraged Moses berated them for idolatory. The piece is a tank made of glass and gold-plated steel, holding a real calf with solid 18 carat hoofs, horns and golden disc on its head."


Two more shots AFTER THE JUMP...


The Immaculate Heart – Lost, a bull’s heart split by a dagger, and The Incredible Journey, a zebra in a white framed tank.


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