News: Kucinich, Friedkin, Naugle, Gyllenhaal, Lieberman, McAvoy

road.jpg A second gay candidate joins race for Mayor Naugle’s seat in Fort Lauderdale: “Political newcomer Earl Rynerson, owner of a tile store, joins former City Commissioner Dean Trantalis as an openly gay mayoral hopeful. Rynerson said he wants to polish the city’s image, which he said was tarnished by Naugle. Naugle last summer uttered a quote that was heard across gay America: ‘I use the word homosexual. Most of them aren’t gay; they’re unhappy.'”

Jakeroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal stumbles out in London.

road.jpg Nigerian bisexual woman faces deportation from Canada, fears persecution: “She fears for her life. If she goes back with her children, she has no one there. Her family has shunned her because she is bisexual. She doesn’t have any money and nowhere to go. If she’s arrested [her children] will be without a mother. They’ll already face extreme discrimination because they were both born out of wedlock, and in fact, Samuel has already endured a lot of harassment while growing up there.”

road.jpg ABBA come together for Mamma Mia premiere in Stockholm for first time in 22 years.

road.jpg AUSIELLO: Producers on The New Adventures of Old Christine plan to marry off Julia Louis Dreyfus to Wanda Sykes!

road.jpg The windows to Amy Winehouse’s soul.

road.jpg William Friedkin’s The Boys in the Band to get DVD release on November 11.

3g_2road.jpg Planning on picking up an iPhone 3G on Friday? Here’s a map of AT&T’s 3G coverage in the U.S. According to a Digg commenter, here’s the code: BLUE = Full Coverage, RED/ORANGE = Decent Coverage, ORANGE = Meh Coverage, LIGHT ORANGE = Enjoy EDGE.

road.jpg Church of Ireland may hold gay unions if homosexuality proven to be biologically determined: “If such comes to be shown, it will be necessary to acknowledge the full implications of that new aspect of the truth.”

road.jpg “Dude, look at your pants. Look at your bag. Obviously this is not your kind of place.” Homophobic, or just edgy?

Mcavoyroad.jpg Details attempts to atone for past covers with James McAvoy’s blue eyes.

road.jpg MacBecks: Musical planned about David and Victoria Beckham

road.jpg Hagee YouTube suppression to rub off on Joe Lieberman?

road.jpg East London couple turned away from wedding venue owned by Jehovah’s Witness: “For the past 13 years I have been with my soul mate, I have never been discriminated against or been judged as they did to us.”

road.jpg Jaws: Australian town on alert after sighting of 22-foot Great White Shark in lake with outlet to the ocean.

road.jpg Obama to give DNCC address at Invesco Field at Mile High. SF Chronicle on the rise of the Obamacon

road.jpg Killer of gay porn producer spilled details, sought legal advice from fellow inmate.

road.jpg Honed down: Kucinich to bring single article of impeachment against George W. Bush. “Few in the House of Representatives have any intention of doing anything with the last 35 articles of impeachment Kucinich set before them last month, so the former presidential candidate appears to be lightening the load. Kucinich sent a letter to colleagues Tuesday asking them to support a single article of impeachment, to be introduced Thursday, which accuses President Bush of leading the country to war based on lies.”


  1. leftfield says

    Regarding the “Homophobic or edgy” story.

    I am not a San Francisco resident but I do get up there at least twice a year. I confess. I’ve received more verbal harassment for being gay in San Francisco than any other travel destination and no I’m not a “flamer” (not that that should make a difference) nor do I carry a purse.

    What’s worse, it seems with every visit the homophobic atmosphere increases. Yes. I’m talking about San Francisco, USA.

    Several years ago when I was staying at the Mark Hopkins Hotel
    a hotel workers strike which had started one day earlier was in progress with a picket line and picketer in place.

    I had reservations weeks in advance and wasn’t about to look somewhere else on that short notice,

    As my partner and myself entered the hotel by the specified side door we were greeted with chorus of “faggots” from picketers.
    This door was on a main public street and it was quite embarrassing to say the least as there were pedestrians near bye.

    I didn’t expect a welcome like that from a quality hotel in San Francisco.

    With recent visits this bullshit has become more frequent. What’s the world coming to when gays are not welcome in San Francisco?

  2. phillip says

    This would be a better story: Church in Ireland holds opposite sex weddings until heterosexuality is proven to be biologically determined.

  3. Chas says

    My Gyllenhaal Fatigue is flaring up again.

    Only James McAvoy could get me to pick up an issue of Details. God has definitely smiled on that sexy little Scotsman.

    Naugle’s right: most homosexuals AREN’T all that gay. Most–closet cases and all–are miserable because of assholes like him and their bullshit excuses for bigotry.

    Can we take off the kid gloves and start calling countries like Nigeria and Syria what they are: states of hate and savagery? Those people are no different from and no more dignified than the little thugs who attacked those people in New York, the father-son caveman pair a couple posts down, or those idiot rioters at that staged cage fight.

  4. A Closer Look says

    Honestly, I’m not seeing the homophobia in the bar incident. At the very most, he was being rude but I really feel homophobia is a big stretch. I know this may sound harsh, but it’s always the “tight pin strip, man-purse” type of gays who are always hyper-sensitive about everything. Maybe he was making fun of you because, gasp, here you are in a rough type of bar with your purse and tight pants. And the whole reaction was waaaay overblown. It sounds like “Ryan” was more accustomed to tea parties than beer bars. my impression only.

  5. Chas says

    Actually, ACL, it’s my experience that “‘tight pin strip, man-purse’ type of gays” tend to be far less concerned with how people see them than, say, guys who call themselves “straight-acting”.

    It takes bigger balls to “dress faggy” (“Ryan’s” words) and be yourself than to obsess over being found “acceptable” or “just like everyone else”.

  6. Strepsi says

    @ OSMAN: Yes, yes you are the only one. Now go rent Atonement, and follow it with The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. You’ll be jonesing for this Pocket Scotty Hottie in no time.

  7. says

    CHAS, it takes balls to dress like yourself, no matter how that is – “faggy” or “straight acting”.

    No one gets extra points for being outlandish. Just be yourself.

  8. Chas says

    No go on that one DANNY B. It doesn’t take an iota of bravery or strength to blend in with everyone else. It’s humanity’s default setting. I wear baggy jeans and a t-shirt everyday and never does it cross my mind that I’m really stepping outside the box (attire-wise). Dressing like Joe Average won’t get you harassed, beaten, or murdered unless you’re overseas in hostile territory.

  9. RP says

    Considering the fact that the drummer from Abba died back in March, I don’t know who that fourth guy is circled in the picture (from the link).

  10. what says

    See Dune & Children of Dune as done by the scifi channel. He’s the son and shirtless quite a lot (not to mention Matt Keeslar plays the part that Sting did in Lynch’s version)

  11. OB says

    Chas, no, we can’t “take the kid gloves off” and start calling countries like Nigeria states of hate and savagery.

    Why? First off, who are the “we” you’re referring to? The American government? That’s laughable…actual genocides take months or years to be classified as just that…persecution of gays is NOT at the top of the State Department’s list of priorities. Especially not in an oil-rich nation like Nigeria (5th biggest supplier).

    “STATES” of hate and savagery? There ARE gay Nigerians, and there ARE progressive Nigerians who want to treat people well regardless of their orientation. There are even homophobes in Nigeria who will take others’ children in as their own in times of difficulty, and there are Nigerian homophobes who might work to cull other crime, or improve health care, etc. You know what I’m saying. Those who are homophobic are not completely hateful towards everyone, and that’s why homophobia is hard to defeat, in Nigeria and in America.

    Savagery? Murders and bashings in the U.S. are fucking savage, but I would hate for somebody to say I live in a “STATE” of hate and savagery. It’s too broad and implies something about anybody related to Nigeria, which is unfair.

    Would it be helpful to Nigerian gays if the government was more progressive? Of course! But you won’t get there by trying to shame them into progressive belief, or by using blanket statements. Life in Nigeria for gays seems to be pretty horrible, sure. It needs to get better, absolutely. But arrogance on your part will not engender progressivism on theirs. Progress takes time, and frankly, I don’t expect a government that is STILL known for stealing billions, for letting its income inequality fester, for letting its northern leaders slide as polio sticks around, and for having far too many government officials die in aviation “accidents,” to make protecting gays the top priority, or a priority at all. In Nigeria, and in Syria, and in Iran, and in so many of these regimes with homophobic tenets…there is seriously more important stuff that will have to be fixed before you see GLBT equality. Sorry, my friend. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. True and constant democracy, decreased corruption, social welfare, and wider health care, seem to come before GLBT rights, and frankly, if they have to come in some order, I’ll put the gays at the bottom of that list.

  12. alex says

    Remember, it’s innocent until proven guilty here in the USA. So, perhaps you shouldn’t be calling Joseph Kerekes the “killer of gay porn producer”. What you currently have is libel.

  13. shane says

    How did you (A Closer Look) miss the homophobia in the SF bar incident? What if he had said to a woman “you’re dressed like a whore, you don’t belong here,” or to a person of color, “look at your clothes and hair, you don’t belong here?” So, it’s okay to make comments to “Ryan” or any other gay man because your ignorance makes you think it’s ok? Fuck that!
    The SF Gate should have published the name of the bar.

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