1. Cruella says

    correction: the All Blacks didnt actually play the game. Nor where they the ones doing the shirtless haka. The ones doing the shirtless haka are the sevens team. The All Blacks are the fifteen aside team, and unfortunately they have to behave like nice little boys, but I would recommend looking at a nice man Dan Carter modelling for Jockey. mmmmmm

  2. Scott says

    Cruella is correct on both counts. As an American living in Kiwiland, I know for sure it wasn’t the All Blacks playing the game! As Cruella said, if Dan had been playing naked, half of New Zealand would have turned their TVs on to have a look!!!

  3. Cruella says

    Thanks Scott, I’m a typical kiwi who gets very excited anytime NZ is mentioned overseas but who also gets annoyed when the facts are wrong! I’m actually in Dunedin, wish there had been some more promotion for this, I would have gone and watched it!

  4. GregV says

    Derrick, you have to click on the NY Daily News link to see the full gallery.

    Cruella, isn`t it winter in NZ, including Dunedin? Would they not freeze?

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