1. Base1 says

    I’m so glad Garrett is doing better than Chad White. Garrett seems more sincere than Chad when it comes to his selections in modeling. Chad on the other hands, seem like he will do anything to get a pay check. Like, posing for gay magazines and themes…but he is SO straight. I don’t like to see “users” and “posers” make it far. sorry. You ain’t doing shit for gay men by being on OUT.

  2. says

    1/ This guy is completely devoid of sexiness. has anyone seen him being interviewed? 2stones with a brick in the middle.
    2/He’s really funny looking.
    3/Bruce Weber creeps me out. All of his pictures are like the kind an old perv beats off to while looking at teens playing bsketball across the street from his conveniently located apartment. And has he ever fund a minority model he’d work with? The man went to Brazil and published one shot of a black man in his book. BRAZIL!

  3. Paul R says

    Indi, that wasn’t my comment. I know nothing of Chad’s private life but am happy to see his photos wherever they show up. As to the accusations about models going after money or not being all that bright—what a revelation!!

    Vegas Guy, I agree that Weber is a little disconcerting. The all-American type is definitely his focus, but given some of the stuff he’s gotten them to do, I’m not complaining. Sort of like the French rugby players.

  4. Insideguy says

    It has been rummored for years that though Bruce is married to his manager, Nan Bush, that he secretly longs for the men he photgraphs. You have to be somewhat in love with them to get the kind of photographs he does. I say keep going Bruce I need something to look at when I am old (oops, already there) and decrepit (not so much). And exactly what is wrong with wanking to good looking guys?

  5. Leigh says

    I have to say that Bruce Weber may not be homosexual. There is nothing wrong with admiring male beauty. After all, women photographers like Ellen Von Unwerth have made really sexy pics of women and no one thinks she is lesbian! A straight man did do a photography book on men by the same name. We have to keep an open mind.

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