1. davefromtampa says

    I’m with George, way too spoiled to care for a child. I cared for my ex long enough, it is me time now.

  2. Meg says

    “What is it about me that women seem to ignore the fact that I’m gay?”

    Gay men lust after straight men, and straight men might lust after lesbian women. He’s pretty conceited to think its just him!!!!

  3. Mrs Patrick Campbell says

    we heard that Miss M rimmed three stage-hands after her recent show. One of the stagehands then corn-holed her!

  4. Feebee says

    Meg, GM was answering Cuomo’s question about all his female fans still going nutty for him at his concerts… he wasn’t being conceited. His full answer explains that.

  5. Chas says

    “MEG”, it’s like this:

    Gay men lust after men in general, regardless of their orientation. An attractive straight guy isn’t any hotter than an attractive gay one, at least not to those of who aren’t struggling with internalized homophobia.

    Straight men lust after women in general, be they lesbians or not. I doubt there’s a straight guy out there who’s turned off by lesbianism. There’s no “might be” about it.

    For those of us who are bisexual–well, I think you can see where I’m going with this.

  6. Mezsa says

    Yes, Chas, but is there a TRUE bisexual?
    do you consider youself one…? is it even possible?

  7. DKNATL says

    He’s lived a ridiculously free life – in the park restrooms, Hampstead Heath and countless slings. Why would he want to give all that up fro a kid? I sure as hell wouldn’t, but then again, I’m selfish – I take all my trade to the house!!!

  8. says

    “I do understand [women], unfortunately” WTF?! What is so unfortunate about understanding women? Women make up a good 70% of his fanbase (the rest being 25% gay men, and about 5% straight men). We are some of his most loyal supporters, although with comments like that, I sometimes wonder why.