Heckler Calls Gay Bishop Robinson a ‘Heretic’ at Sermon in the UK

Robinson was banned from Lambeth so that he would not become a focus of the event. As the AP notes, that strategy has backfired.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu over the weekend pleaded for unity within the Anglican Church, calling it a “mistake” for the Church to exclude Robinson form the conference. Said Tutu: “The Anglican church prides itself – and this is one of its greatest attributes – it prides itself on being the church that is comprehensive, meaning it includes all kinds of points of view. One of the sadnesses about the current crisis is that we seem to be jettisoning this wonderful inclusivity that is a characteristic of our church.”


  1. what says

    Back in my days of going to church, you wouldn’t wander in wearing a Triumph motorcycle shirt… There used to be some decorum.

    Not surprising though for an asswipe such as this.

  2. Nonplussed says

    The heckler is an asshole but the Bishop is a self-serving zealot, deemed a sinner by his own chosen superstitions, who would further deem as sinners all who do not subscribe to the same superstition that condems him.
    The selfishness and flawed logic of that man is bewildering. He really wants to have his cake and eat it but if you eat off a different menu he’ll say you’re going to hell.
    They’ve only recently agreed on women priests, they’ve barely addressed female bishops; that club has rules, he knew what they were when he joined. His authority rests on his membership and his acceptance of those rules to achieve it.
    He’s a hypocrite. I think he should resign.

  3. JR says

    The best part about that post is the pic of the Triumph t-shirt. Rock on brother!!!! LOL!!!! Maybe he’s just STILL pissed that Rob Halford turned out to be a homo.

  4. Sportin' Life says

    I don’t think Robinson subscribes to an exclusivist creed of christian superiority, nonplussed. (Though I don’t really know for sure.) It is all a load of superstitious bullshit, true, but I think the bishop has handled himself extremely well.

    “Self-serving” doesn’t describe him at all, in my opinion. He’s been honest, shown integrity, and has come out to be a voice for all of us gay folk, christian or not.

  5. Brett says

    I don’t really get the slow clap. Were there that many people in the audience that agreed with the heckler? Was it a slow clap to get him thrown out?

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    First, fuck you Nonplussed, and not in the good way! On a happier note, coincidentally, I finally got around to renting “For the Bible Tells Me So” over the weekend, which documents much of Bishop Robinson’s life, among others, and I urge everyone who has a friend or relative still having trouble making that leap of faith to accept them to buy a copy and send it to them with love.

    While now a happy card carrying athiest, having been reared a Holy Roller I know all too viscerally that there are many whose brains have become so hardwired against us, their hearts turned to stone, that NOTHING will open either. But there are many other believers in the middle who could not help but be touched by this remarkable documentary.

    Robinson’s history is particularly fascinating because, contrary to the New England Episcopal A-Gay he now manifests, he came from a small town in Kentucky, the son of very poor and religiously conservative parents who, after making their own long emotional and religous journey, now embrace him entirely. His mother believes God “made him this way” and put him on earth to help lead the progress in the church as he now is, declaring in her Deep South accent, “If anybody’s going to Heaven, Gene is.”

    His parents did not just attend his induction as a bishop [along with his former wife and two daughters], but together at its height put on him his symbolic new robe. [Underneath it all he was wearing a bulletproof vest due to all the death threats he’d received; many of the written ones shown in the film.]

    Then there’s remarkable Jake Reitan and his remarkable parents who, together were arrested stepping onto the property of the rabidly homohating, multimillion dollar “Focus on the Family.” Another mother and father who attended the same demonstration, having become religious pro-gay activists after their lesbian daughter— whom they’d denounced based in large part on FOF teaching—committed suicide.

    The BEST gay documentary of the many I’ve seen.

  7. Nonplussed says

    You may have left the church Bedwell but the church sure hasn’t left you, stop living vicariously through the man it’s unhealthy.
    His history of serially expedient dishonesty is incompatible with his continuing position as Bishop of the Episcopailian Church.
    I don’t doubt that his family love him and I’m sure that his God has personally forgiven him for somewhat misleading the wife and kids, but the man is no hero however smug his piety.

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